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New York, USA — 24 July 2007

Flew to NYC from Florida for the 3rd Summer in a row to see Toto at BB King's. I was not expecting to hear "Bottom Of Your Soul" live and I certainly wasn't expecting it to be performed so brilliantly!! The fact that song is not a hit in the USA speaks volumes of how out-of-whack the radio and record industries are today. But I digress...
Greg and Lee are perfect fits and you can tell they enjoy being in that band. Steve continues to rack up the most "highlights" of the night but all the guys are spectacular. Simon's solo was off the charts...
I'm making plans to see the Indio, CA show now.

Incredible! On July 24, 2007, I had the distinct pleasure of witnessing, for the fifth time, a live TOTO experience. The venue, NYC's B.B. King's, I've seen TOTO at B.B's three times of the five times seeing them. I caught the late (10:00) show. Nonetheless, I think they're actually getting better, if that's at all possible. The testament of such a possibility can only be derived from the class, depth, and dedication of the musicians who find themselves as 'band members' of this incredible group of musicians, temporarily or otherwise, Taking nothing away from David Paich or Mike Porcaro in their absence from the group (I love them both), the band really sounds great; the TOTO legend continues. Lee Sklar is definitely holding down the bottom, while Greg Phillinganes is 'Fillin-big-shoes' in Dave's hiatus. Imagine Dave and Greg together on stage. That would be mega-awesome!

TOTO is more than a band name, it's an idea that not all can appreciate, comprehend or follow. Understandably, all things are not for all people. Greg Phillinganes and Leland Sklar are both of that understand and appreciate the thriving idea TOTO has become. It's only fitting that being devotees of the TOTO idea prior to becoming TOTO members that they are now contributors to that idea in a real way. For true TOTO fans, we also understand, appreciate, and will follow the boys almost anywhere. I'm from the DC area and for the fourth time, I've ventured more than 200 miles from home to experience TOTO magique live.

From the first note, that familiar rush began for me. Whether it was the familiarity of the tune, the electricity of a guitar on steroids, or the sheer fire and thunder emanating from a set of green drums, who can really know, but it was an incredible feeling, an incredible experience, another incredible evening with TOTO. As ususal, I became so wrapped in the set, the sequence of selections during had little meaning at the time. At a concert, I'm generally not thinking in terms of reviewing or recounting the sequence of events, only enjoying the living hell out of the show. I simply allow the music to take me where it will. However, I can tell you what I heard: Pamela, Gypsy Train, Isolation, Caught in the Balance, Falling In Between, Bottom of Your Soul, Kingdom of Desire, Drag Him To the Roof, Rosanna (with prelude), Tain't Your World, Hold the Line (which featured renown bassist Will Lee on vocal), and last but not least, Africa.

I still can't get over the energy of the performance. It was infectious. Relentless! So much so that my neighbor to the right of me spilled her drink in my lap but no harm done. We all had big fun that night.

TOTO individual solo segments are always outstanding. Greg really showed his music depth during his segment captivating the audience with his flare and eclecticism. The guy played everything from motifs from other TOTO favorites to Coltrane's 'Giant Steps' soloing on the changes; a feat usually only associated with the very best jazz musicians. For its demands on the soloist's skill, it's the great separator. I also noticed a piece of Joe Zawinul's 'Birdland' during one of the selections - or should I say jams. Man, it was all so cool, so hot, so electric, so freakin' powerful. I expressed my exuberance through my screams; I could barely speak for two days afterwards. Admittedly, some of the screams were for one of my favorites from FIB, 'King of the World'. They didn't get to it, but I was satisfied thoroughly with what I did hear.

Well onward Knights! I look forward to my next TOTO siting, hopefully it will be closer to home. But if not and within 200 miles of home, I will be there again.

As a loyal supporter of TOTO for many years I really thought I had seen TOTO at their very best on several occasions during this amazingly long FIB tour. Ten oclock on Tuesday at BBs blew that theory out of the water. Total brilliance. I think they knew it, the audience certainly did. TOTO knows no bounds.

AMAZING. That is what I have to say about last nights show at BB Kings Club in Times Square New York City. My wife and I had seats right up in front directly in front of Bobby. I got to sing into his mic a couple times and got to shake his hand at the end. He has an incredible voice. Steve was right on with the guitar and Simon was incredible on the drums. The joking around between Steve and Greg was amusing and the signs in the audience (anyone that was there will know what I mean) left the band speechless.

This was my first time seeing the band in person. It was an amazing experience and I hope to do it again someday.

Toronto, Canada — 20 & 21 July 2007

Basicially drove up from NYC to the Toronto area in hopes of getting the full setlist and perhaps bumping into the band and I got much more than I could have ever dreamed of. I did get the full setlist (one hour and fifty minutes) and 'bout 25 minutes less than '06 BUT what an hour and fifty it was, still featuring that powerhouse of a medley which included the rarely played Isolation & Gift Of Faith. WOW!. And the opening of this year's setlist with Gypsy Train is one heck of a way to start a show as well as ending the show now with Take Him To The Roof. It scorched! And a brilliant stroke of genius of the band to play Stop Loving You in its entirety, thus taking care of one of my minor regrets of last year's show by their only playing half of it during the medley. Tony Spinner shines on this song and it was well received at this beautiful venue. I had a 3rd row seat for both nights bascially in front of Leland but was pleasantly surprised at the beginning of the first show to see that the venue allowed us folks to congregate in front of the stage and though I did not take up on that opportunity on Friday, I made the most of it on Saturday by standing in front of Leland for the whole show (and I think getting some bemused looks from the entire band during the first couple of songs for my semi-mosh-pit dancing, LOL! :-))

The band rocked hard both nights. Bobby seemed to have some vocal problems on Friday but was TOTALLY on it on Saturday. Steve sang really well on Friday but might have caught what Bobby had on Friday and carried it over to himself on Saturday but both of them gave it their all both nights and with these guys, it is all about the passion and it was oozing off the stage from the assembled musicians on both nights. How these guys can be so good and have so much fun doing is just a blessing to be able to witness it.

Now for the dreams come true segment: Having seen/heard somewhere 'round 1,300 concerts (living in NYC does have its advantages!), I've thought of whom I might want to meet if I had the opportunity and I can honestly say that on my short list, Toto would be there right at the top of that list and I thought that a two-nighter at a venue might just might be that ticket. And it was! Halfway though my dinner, after Friday's show, Bobby walked right past me. I thanked him for a good show and he responded "Thank you very much, sir." with a wide and appreciative smile. WOW! Then at the end of my dinner, Leland walks into the restaurant and starts chatting with a group of guys (who I had already suspected was their road crew when I walked in), then walks out and hangs outside the lounge across the restaurant. I pay my dinner bill and walk outside and was able to talk to him a bit 'bout some of the shows (Jackson Browne '76 and Phil Collins '85 or '86) that he was part of the touring bands and he was most gracious about recalling those tours, as well as talking about various subjects. WOW! I also got a word in with Luke and after mentioning that I had bascially come in from NYC to see the shows, he genuflected and gave me a hug. WOW! To be blown away by their humbleness would have been enough for one night but on Saturday I got lucky again after the show, running into Leland just sitting down for dinner as I was walking out from finishing my dinner after the concert and he remarked that he saw me having a good time at the show. I wished him well on the rest of the tour and he remarked that our paths would hopefully cross again in the future. WOW! And, last but not least, as I was going towards my hotel room on the second floor after a great night of dancing my ass off to the tunes I caught Steve out of the corner of my eye going into the lounge and I did an immediate 180 and sat down onto an empty seat next to him and was regaled by his story-telling and answering question for quite a bit of time before going out for a smoke than coming back and sharing a drink with the small group of appreciative fans. WOW! All the time, being as polite as you could possibly be.

So thank you, Toto, from the top of my heart to the bottom my soul for a weekend of musical and magical memories of meeting up with some fellow human beings (who just happen to be the best a their craft!) that treated me as nicely as I could have ever asked for. I will never forget this great weekend. And kudos to the crew, too, as this stuff doesn't happen without them.

Alex Cruzeta

PS: Personal highlights were Caught In The Balance, Stop Loving You and Bottom of Your Soul as well as the entire medley. Rock on!

Saw Toto at Casino Rama outside Toronto on saturday and they put on an amazing show!! Luke was amazing as always just rocking. Greg is a joy to watch as he seems to play without any effort and having a great time doing it. Bobby using that god given talented voice of his was great. Simon is one of the best drummers around!! Leland, standing in for Mike, is a true professional and fantastic. And Tony is a great talent who we got to hear sing lead!!
Going thru classics like Rosanna with a funky intro to Hold the line, the rockin Gypsy Train and the beautiful Bottom of your soul (which I got to hold the love of my life during) where amazing!! The intro to Africa, which is a personal favorite of ours, was better that I can actually put into words to do it justice!
Truly, another AWEsome night with the boys and we look forward to many more! Keep on rockin' guys!!

I'm going to take this opportunity to talk not only about the concert itself, but about the few hours that followed the show. The show itself was dynamite! Toto let us know right away that we were in for a rockin' night by taking us for a ride on the Gypsy Train. It was great to get to rush the stage right away. In 2005, I recall having to wait for a few songs. It was great to see Tony singing Can't Stop Lovin You. He is a big part of the Toto live show and deserves big props. Bobby had a fabulous night. Great feel and tons of big notes throughout the night. Greg simply blew me away. I think that most would agree in 2005, Greg's solo was solid of course, but you felt that it was Greg playing Dave's solo, at least in part. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but it was just a pleasure to hear a pure Greg solo. Simon kills me every time I see him with his phenomenal playing. It's the subtle things he does I think that sets him apart. And Luke, what can anybody say about him? He has something you can't teach. I'll just say that he is the whole package on stage. The blazing guitar work, the great vocals, and the magnificent stage presence. I can now add hell of a man to that list after having the opportunity to spend some time with him after the show. Somewhere around 45 minutes after the concert, Luke showed up at the Casino bar and sat down right beside me. There were about 6 - 12 of us in the immediate area, and Luke was quick to get us a round of drinks. Many of us took our turns asking questions, etc. (although there was one individual who was under the influence that probably had a little bit too much to say), and I must say that Luke was extremely accomodating considering all the people trying to talk to him. There were also random people coming in with things to sign, and Luke signed them all and thanked all of them. At one point, a couple had a drink sent to Steve, and he got up right away and walked over to thank them. For my 2 cents, I told Luke that I loved hearing the "Kingdom of Desire" songs in the show and still remember playing that cd back and forth when I first got it. I was happy to hear Luke reply that "Kingdom" was one of his favorite albums and that he thought it was a great rock and roll album that stood the test of time. There are probably more rock stars than not that would never come out to the venue bar after a show, and certainly wouldn't be as kind and accomodating as Steve was. This really stands out to me and will make me an even bigger fan. Luke/Toto could make a whole cd on a slide whistle and the bagpipes and I would buy it based on the way Luke treated us all. I have to mention that Simon came down also and was also very accomodating with autographs, etc. He seems to be an F1 racing fan (at least the crashes).
Anyway...great concert, great band, check them out at any cost...Its worth it!
Congrats on Luke's upcoming Cd and baby!

Like the last gentleman, I also saw the band at Casino Rama in Orillia, Ontario. I traveled from Saint John, NB. just for the concert. 16 hours of driving. Very brutal but worth every km. Luke you always amaze me with his guitar work. Bobby you can still belt out those notes. Although I was disappointed to see none of the Porcaro brothers, it was great to see Lee Sklar for the first time. Greg, Tony and Simon, you were also impressive. Although, I did enjoy the concert, I believe a few more songs off of Falling In Between could have been covered. That was a bit disappointing. All and all, very good time and I can't wait to see you guys again. Hopefully on the Canadian east coast.


Darrell F.

Great Show! Have seen the boys three times in last 18 months and get the same energy filled performance every time (two in upstate NY and now Canada) for the 27 years I've followed them. Not nearly enough shows in NY. Dig those snappy time sig's that have the audience trying to follow. Would love to see them in a venue that has cool and hip in the crowd so they could get a whole new legion of followers. Let's keep supporting these guys. One of the last few groups with real musicianship

I just had to write something somewhere about Saturday's show. I knew going in how good they were but seeing it up close and personal was something else. This was without a doubt the best sounding show I've ever attended. I heard every single note Simon played and that is rare at a live rock show. You guys are the best rock band I've ever witnessed. Simon, I have wanted to see you play live for many, many years and this was so worth the wait. Unbelievable night. Thanks so much. Oh and by the way, Lee Sklar rocks and as usual you are the man Mr. Lukather.


I just saw two absolutely stunning TOTO shows at Casino Rama, located just outside Toronto, Canada. Both shows were fantastic and the guys were in such fine form as always, Saturdays show was really enjoyable as I was standing with a few dozen other fans in front of the stage for the entire show. The set-list was amazing and included some favorites like Rosanna with a very cool jazzed up intro, Pamela, Gift of Faith, Kingdom of Desire, Gypsy Train opened the show and just rocked, a scorching Falling In Between and Taint Your World with Bobby Kimball and Steve Lukather and the guys just nailing everything, I'll Supply The Love, Drag Him To The Roof was exceptional and so many others.

Bobby Kimball as always was sounding so powerful and hitting those incredible high notes night after night, Steve is a guitar god, Greg's smooth keyboard solo incorporated so many things and Simon's eight arms just kept going and going. Leland Sklar has so much groove on Bass. Tony Spinner was solid singing Can't Stop Loving You. Lukes jokes throughout the night were funny (especially the Michael Jackson impression)

I really feel blessed and am greatful to have been able to see the shows and meet the guys backstage for a chat and a few pictures. They are all so nice, cool and down to earth.

Royal Oak, USA — 19 July 2007

Back in August of 2002, I posted a review on this site of Toto's concert in the Detroit area at that time. I wrapped up the review with this line... "If Toto would come back and play the small club tour here in the states like they did back in 1994... I would gladly pay 100.00 per ticket to see them." Well... the ticket for the July 19, 2007 was only 45.00!!! The concert was a solid two hour event!

Set list:
Gypsy Train
Caught in the Balance
Bottom of Your Soul
Falling in Between
Don't Chain My Heart
Can't Stop Loving You

Greg's solo (included some Dune and end jam from I'll Supply the Love)

Rosanna (first verse and chorus was a jazzy version that ripped into the regular version after that point)

Medley - I'll Supply the Love
Gift of Faith
Kingdom of Desire

Instrumental - Luke, Lee, Simon performed a jam with hints of Don't Stop Me Now

Luke's solo

Simon's solo

Taint Your World
Hold the Line (Bobby pulled an eager female fan from the audience to help belt out the lyrics)
Drag Him to the Roof

After the show, we were able to hang with the band for a bit. I was lucky enough to meet Luke and Larry Carlton at this same venue when they toured many years ago, so I got those pix autographed by Luke.

The band was superb (as usual). They were featured on the local news the day of the show with in-studio interviews, and then had a spotlight follow-up with live concert footage the next day (the local newscaster introduced the band). A real treat was seeing Lee Sklar perform in Mike's place... he was seamless! Greg is from Detroit, so his family including his very young daughter were there.

My only let-down was the fact that my wife was unable to attend this spectacular show due to a prior commitment.

All in all, another top-notch show by Toto! Come on back for another small club tour guys... we will eagerly be waiting for your return!!

AWESOME show as usual! This is my 3rd Toto concert in the past 5 years. This theater is the perfect setting to see my favorite group. Loved the fact they played some of their tunes that don't necessarily get radio air-play. "Gift of Faith" blew me away! Steve's guitar talent is beyond words. Still waiting to hear "99" live! After giving the crowd permission to come up closer to the stage, we were basically in the front row! Little does Steve Lukather know that he made my day by giving my hand 3 squeezes near the end of the show! After the show, Leland came out and graciously took pictures with adoring fans and all I can say is...what a nice guy! Since Toto doesn't tour too often in the states, we are driving 6 hours up to Casino Rama in Canada for their July 21st show. Saw them there 2 years ago this past May. As a HUGE Toto fan, to see this talented group of guys 2 times in 3 days.... well, all I can say is....I'm one lucky girl!!!!!!!

It's been a while since we've seen the boys here in the Detroit area and what a show it was!!! I had my wife with me and all she said after the show was WOW! Well, what to say except, that's why I've been following Toto for all these years.
I was over joyed with the song selection. Absolutely an amazing show.
Thanks Toto!!!

Chicago, USA — 17 July 2007

It's been a while since I saw TOTO live. Last time was in Las Vegas at the Desert Inn. I have always loved and appreciated the musicianship of the Band as I am a bass player myself. No body was disappointed. It was so great to see Steve/"Luke" on stage having such a great time with Bobby back on vocals. Such an intimate venue at the House of Blues...The talent in TOTO is and always has been unbelievable, tasty leads, layered keyboards, solid percussion from Simon and chunky low end from Sklar who is filling in on bass doing a fantastic job. I wish you could have stayed one more night I would have loved to gather a bunch of friends to see you. Your desire and relentless pursuit of perfection Unfortunately, I was able to attend at the last minute myself. Keep playing, Never stop...You are all a gifted

I have waited 15 years to see these guys again, and they sure did not dissapoint!! Luke was in amazing form both vocally and musically. Bobby was outstanding. Greg and Lee are amazing additions. And Simon was Simon, nuff' said there. The set list was different than I thought, less hits and more "deeper cuts", but it flowed very well. Hold The Line was absolutely powerful, and they brought up a friend from Chicago to sing with them who was an absolute monster and hit the high notes with ease (who was that guy?!?!). I can't wait to see them again, and if you have a chance to see these guys and they are within a 3 hour drive DO IT!!!!
You will be blown away!!!!

Well,....they just keep getting better! The guys were all in tip top shape last night at the House of Blues in Chicago, just friggin rocking from the get go, they hit the ground running with Gypsy Train and just kept cranking the intensity up til the last downbeat of Africa. Just FANDAMNTASTIC! What world class musicians everyone of these guys are, just stellar performances from everyone, Luke, Simon and Lee were on fire, Chops, Groove, Tone and VIBE for days. Great, Great show, take note folks, this is how this shit is supposed to be done, work hard, learn your craft and play your ass off! These guys are leaps and bounds above every other single band out there! Keep it up gentlemen! And thanks for the drumstick Simon! Cheers!

It was 28 years in the waiting but i finally show TOTO, it was top form from begging to End, the drum solo was intricate, but it was the others holding the progression for almost ten min. it was dymanic, total concentration kudos to you . the show as all I thought it would be, I even brought someone who didnt bearly know your material, and they loved it . one day Soldier's Field !!!

Rock on Dudes !!!

We saw Toto last night in Chicago and let's just say it rocked! After seeing them on the Toto IV tour, the Kingdom of Desire tour, and six times last year for the Falling in Between tour I can truly say it was one of the best shows. My friend got his Luke guitar signed by Steve before the show which was so cool. Opening with Gypsy Train again was a great taste of what was to come in the rest of the show. Simon was incredible and Greg is always quite the entertainer. There are not words to describe Steve's jams. Meeting the band after the show was really awesome as well. I just wanted to thank the band for coming back to the States to tour. It is sad how underappreciated Toto is here. For those of us that have been there from the beginning and have always loved the music, just know how much we love and appreciate your talents.

Indianapolis, USA — 16 July 2007

A quick note of thanks to the band for the EXCELLENT show last night at the Music Mill! I travelled to Pennslyvania last year to catch the show outside of Pittsburgh and left with my Toto fix unquenched (it was a great show but just too short). But not last night! It was real special to catch you in my home town and it was two solid hours of pure entertainment by absolute professionals. Drag Him to the Roof just about blew the roof off the place! It was great to see everyone having fun up there and giving it their all for the Indy crowd. Come back soon!

Well Toto came to me last night, instead of me having to go to them! What an evening! The band was as tight as I had ever seen them. Is there any bass player out there that is a smooth as Lee Sklar? I think not. Looking forward to Mikey returning but it was a pleasure to check out this 30 year veteran for the first time. All the guys were on it but one in particular always stands out. Luke was outta his mind at some points last night! I also must give a shout out to his guitar tech who I gained a new respect for. As Luke said "These things outta come tuned from the factory!" But he played off the hook last night. Luke plays the same for 55,000 as he does for 500 (as was the case last night). I agree wholeheartedly with my previous concert reviewers statements! What a treat! Don't wait too long to come back to INDY! Thanks guys!.

I was in Indianapolis last evening and considered the evening in this modest club atmosphere to be one of the greatest musical experiences of my life. Simon was phenomenal, (Jeff surely is proud) Luke was as good as everyone said he would be. Bobby and the rest of the guys made it feel like 1982 all over again. Thanks! I Hope there will be a Live DVD from this event.

I left Indianapolis in 1992 but, if I do have a hometown, it would be Indy. After seventeen Toto shows both foreign and domestic, imagine finally seeing them in your home town where, during the Toto IV, Isolation, Fareheit and the Seventh One era, your music appreciation for Toto really elevated to the next level.

Last night, the blitz was on once again where another victim will never ask "what's all the hoopla about" when I mention my favorite band. I drove from Louisville and I picked up a life time best buddy Dave. We boogied all night and after the Toto show, all the way home all I heard was "precision, syncopate, rhythm, jam, clean, stage presence, mix and fun among all the other superlatives that you and I are already accustomed to.

The show itself??? I won't spoil it during their mid-west swing but I will say that I have never heard "Gypsy Train" or "Isolation" in that part of the set list before. The back-to-back Kingdom of Desire and Tambu stuff was absolutely killer.........that's absolutely killer!

G.P. continues to be a keyboard dynamo and Simon's Solo gets better and better and better. Mike has an injured hand as you know so holding down his bass line in substitute fashion was the incredible Lee Sklar. Between him, Tony and of course Luke and Bobby.......... a better time cannot be had.

The intro to Rosanna caught everyone off guard a lot like the band's return home to the USA last December in Santa Monica. It was clearly the best track of the evening opening fire with the now famous Grammy award winning Jeff Pocaro shuffle followed by blistering chops rendering unbelievable energy!

I say this every time......"America - if you are so fortunate to ever have an opportunity to see not miss it! You will never see a finer collection of studio session artists on the same stage anywhere much less, having that much fun while up there! See you guys next time. -je-

Walker, USA — 14 July 2007

I traveled over 300 miles from Bismarck, ND to Walker, MN on July 14 because I knew that Toto was going to put on an amazing show. I'm 16 years old, and this was my first Toto concert. I was at the center of the stage and only one or two people from the front. While the set list was shortened, the show was amazing; Bobby Kimball came down the set of stairs that I was standing by and sang Hold the Line right in my face - it was a great moment that I won't soon forget. Both Bobby and Luke's vocals were fantastic; Bobby sang with amazing clarity and had to drink what seemed like 10 water bottles during the hour long show. Luke's guitar work was nothing short of amazing. The set list as I remember it was Gypsy Train, Caught in the Balance, Pamela, Bottom of Your Soul, Falling in Between, Rosanna, Stop Loving You, and of course Africa. Unfortunately, the Isolation/Hydra/I'll Supply the Love/Gift of Faith medley and Drag Him to the Roof were not included due to time restraints. Toto, thanks for putting on such an incredible show, I hope to catch a longer concert next year; keep visiting the midwest!

Spokane, USA — 18 June 2007

After 22 years I finally got to see the boyz in Toto play again. From the open riffs of Gypsy Train to the final strains of Africa the show was incredible. Luke you were right on the money, and just further proved that you are absolutely one of the very best in the business on the guitar. Simon is incredible and can't be of this world; the way he played the drums was mind blowing to say the least. Bobby sang his ASS off, and Tony played and sang phenomenally. Greg was amazing on the keys and his solo just blew me away. All in all the night was unforgettable. Great set list, great light show, and the atmosphere was perfect. I only hope you guys can make it through Washington State again, I don't want to wait another 22 years to see you guys again. Thanks for the music, and the memories.

Last night I got to experience a dream come true, my wife bought me concert tickets for my birthday so this concert was my birthday present. When I found out Toto was coming to Spokane I could barely keep myself together. The concert was everything I hoped it would be as I've been a fan of this band since back in the day. They started with Gypsy Train, Simon started the song with the big drum intro. When the guys started Bottom of your soul, my wife started crying, this song seems to affect her, so we're right at the stage and my wife breaks down during the song. That's ok though, she had never really heard of Toto and now she's a fan. Thank you guys for an incredible show and humor from Steve L. Come back to Spokane soon and play longer as well, this town is in desperate need of great bands coming through. This show was a great birthday present.

Jacksonville, USA — 16 June 2007

Well.Danm Luke you all were Great Last Night In Jacksonville,Oregon. The set was Short, but I had forgot that the setting for the Concert was in a a resadentual Naborhood and they have to stop at ten oclock (Damn) I thought the Band Smoked we were about 10 feet from you Face. It was great Kinda like having You in my living room.The set list was Great as well,The last time we saw you was Uath in aguust of 06 and Simon was sick Then,He was in GREAT form last night.I loved how he appered at the start of the show with a Giant Mug of Beer, Just wana thank you for Venturing Into my home State and for giving all of us the best 1Hr and 20 min's of our lifes Musicly. God Bles you and all the Guys and safe Travels for the rest of the Tour i think the Crowed was Packed,I know I got the lsat Xtra Larg Tour Tshirt. I have to come see ya when you play Kingdom I have ony heard it once back in 91 at the Ventura theater. Much love and Prayers Carl Ventis

Saratoga, USA — 15 June 2007

Toto Live.....Even though they played an abreviated set starting with Gypsy Train then proceeded to pound out several old favorites it doesn't get any better than this at least in the States. The venue is like having Toto play in your living room. Missed Mike and Dave but Le Sklar was outstanding! Luke and Bobby always seem to be having a blast on stage. Those of you who don't believe there is other intelligent life in the universe have to see Simon live....he is not from this planet. Getting to see Luke and Greg be themselves after their set was an added treat.
They shared the stage with Three Dog Night and watched their set from the side of the stage. Luke seems to be having more fun then the audience. We here in the States have to do something to get larger..longer shows with the 30Th coming up. You guys belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! I guess we will have to save for a Europe trip to get the full effect of the power of Toto.
Thanks for a great show

Santa Ana, USA — 9 June 2007

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: If there's better musicianship on display anywhere else, I've yet to hear it. On Saturday night in Santa Ana, CA, these guys BROUGHT IT. Again. Great harmonies, great peformances from soloists (Joseph Williams was amazing), and of course outstanding instrumental prowess set the tone for another unforgettable Toto concert. Can't wait for the 30th Anniversary tour. Thanks for more great memories, guys.

What an INCREDIBLE SHOW! The boys always seem to give it their all when the play to hometown audiances and tonight was no exception. This was one of their most diverse shows I've ever seen - and I've seen nearly every Southern California show they've played since my first Toto show at the Roxy in 1979! The Galaxy Theater is a great venue with an open floor area infront of the stage and three tiers of dinner seating surrounding the stage. I don't think any seat in the house is further than 70 feet from the stage. Though the show started almost an hour late, it afforded us time for a great steak dinner and time for dessert before the show started. The setlist was as follows:
Gypsy Train
Caught in the Balance
Pamela (with special guest Joseph Williams)
Bottom of Your Soul
Falling in Between
Don't Chain My Heart
Stop Loving You (Joseph and Bobby trading vocals)
Fantastic solo by Greg
Half-hour medley featuring: I'll Supply the Love, Isolation, Gift of Faith, Kingdom of Desire going into a Luke solo, Hydra going into a Simon solo and finishing up with and ASS-KICKING Taint Your World!
Luke introduced the band in typical Luke fashion featuring a rendition of Happy Birthday by everyone in the house for Tony...
Hold the Line (with special guest Trevor Lukather)
Take it to the Roof with Tony handling lead vocals followed by Lukes rendition of "Higher" with some INCREDIBLE guitar work.
The band then said their goodbyes, but returned minutes later with everyone doing the best rendition of Africa ever!

It was obvious that the entire band was really up for the hometown crowd. Luke was as sharp witted as only Luke can be doing a bit of "Sammy" and a touch of Michael Jackson. Greg put his all into a fantastic solo and the precision of Simon's chops was absolutely incredible. Tony's backup vocals and lead on Take it to the Roof were flawless. Bobby belted out his vocals like there was no tomorrow and Joseph sang like he had never left the group! The interaction between Bobby and Joseph trading lead vocals was a real treat to see. Lee Sklar on bass fit the group like a glove - or prayers go out to Mike for a speedy recovery...we miss you! Trevor is a chip off the old block, proving to be following very closely in his father's footsteps. He and dad Luke traded licks like he had been in the band for years! Watch out, Luke! Trevor's gettin' GOOD!
After tewnty-eight years of Toto shows, I can only say these guys get HOTTER with every show! I'm already looking forward to their next return to Southern California...

Agoura Hills, USA — 8 June 2007

TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY! I've been a long time fan since the 80s but always seemed to miss the opportunity to see them live. I was very surprised at just how heavy the band sounded! They had a dedicated rhythym guitarist who really helped to create a fat heavy sound and Lee Sklar was just nailing it! You'd never know this cat played with James Taylor all those years, because he sounded like the baddest, heaviest, but still extremely articulate bass player I've ever seen

The sound was awesome with loads of bottom end and Simon's kit was really cutting through. I also need to say that Greg Phillinganes raises the level of the band to new heights. Of course Luke and Simon...what can you say!! Bobby Kimball is sounding great and it was nice to see Joe Williams who nailed "Pamela" You probably won't see a more accomplished group of players together on stage like this!!

Oroville, USA — 7 June 2007

Last night I took my fiance to her first Toto experience. It was awesome! They are simply some of the most talented musicians I have ever seen. They are great!

I saw them only two weeks ago in Tahoe and it never gets old!

It was a great suprise to see Joseph Williams sit in for the night for a few vocals...To have him and Bobby there was just awesome. What more can a fan ask for? (well, it is a dream to have Steve, David, and Greg all on keyboards on one night, I keep crossing my fingers)

Luke's guitar playing was flawless and Lee is a welcome addition to the band.

I hope one day to be able to meet the band after the concert and let them know how much we appreciate their music. It rocks.

Thank you TOTO!

TOTO is indeed The Hardest Working (and greatest) Band playing today! From the opening chords of Gypsy Train, to the perfect-take-me-back-to-1982 rhythmic beats of Africa, the Boyz put on a spectacular show last night in lil' ol Oroville.
I have been going to TOTO concerts since 1985 (about 6 in all), and I must say that last night's was the best by far. Some highlights include:
- Luke mentioning "a couple of surprises", one being Lee Sklar (who played every inch of his beard off), and, lo and behold, made it up with the band, but Joseph Williams himself! Joe's voice was awesome on Stop Loving You and brought back great memories with Pamela; he also looked like he did some 20 years ago (an inspiration for me, at 40, to lose some of my gut, too!). Joe was simply spot-on amazing "last night".
- Steve's transition from what started off as a new arrangement of Rosanna (to a very close-to-perfect original rendition) to Falling in Between ("This is gonna mess you up and blow your minds!"). Fantastic playing on FIB.
- Very moving Kingdom of Desire and some incredible playing on Caught in the Balance and Gift of Faith. Wonderful Wonderful!
- Luke's joking--he definately should also do some Stand-Up! Theme last night: Paris Hilton, "only 3 days (in jail)?!", a little Sammy Davis Jr., and his teasing the crowd. He was in such a good mood, good spirits, as always--what a magical person
- Greg's solo was out-of-this-world! Very tight and groovy, with all sorts of styles and influences
- Lee never missed a note or beat; he was incredible filling in for Mike (we miss ya!).
- Simon had his chops and the groove down and then some last night; WOW!!
- Bobby sang like it was the 1980s, he hit most of the notes and just sweated and sang his heart out; He was also gracious to let Joseph sing half of "Hold the Line".
Indeed, what a special moment to see Bobby hugging and mugging with Luke, Luke and Joseph smiling and getting along, Bobby and Joseph... it was indeed a magical night (one more thing: LUKE played what, IMHO, was arguably one of his best solos ever--at the end, Steve needed his big towel to wipe off the sweat!).

All in all, the concert was OUT OF THIS WORLD OUTSTANDING!! Best one I've ever seen. Watch out Canyon Club!! California/USA Toto is BACK!

Jackpot, USA — 1 June 2007

Toto performed 4 shows in Jackpot,Nevada June 1st and 2nd. (8:00 p.m. & 10:00 p.m.) I was very fortunate to catch a show both nites. Friday's late show started with Gypsy Train and moved into fast motion with Kingdome of Desire and Stop loving you, before "toning" down with the acoustical side of the show. The band was loose and even though the crowd was few. (much like a Baked Potato setting) The band played their asses off!! I've not heard these guys since the mid-eighties, but not much has changed as far as energy and the fine craftmenship the band brings to the plate nite after nite. The latest version of "Rosanna" is unreal and luke's humor is as always filled with laughter and honesty. They seemed to draw on the younger crowd and thats good. Saturday's show was a different setlist and more toward the Falling in between side of songs. They did not disapoint anyone on this show either. After seeing them play in tighter quarters and watching them on video play before HUGE crowds, im so glad i was able to sit and enjoy toto at it's best.

Las Vegas, USA — 26 May 2007

This was my fifth Toto concert in the past eight years and the best yet! I've long dreamed of hearing songs like Kingdom of Desire, Gypsy Train and Gift of Faith live, but never dared to hope such a thing would happen. To hear them all in one night was more than I ever expected. The drive down from Salt Lake City (my third time to see you guys in Las Vegas!) was worth every minute of the 14-hour round trip.

I guess I should have known we'd be in for a treat when Steve said, "We want to jam for you guys tonight." And JAM they did. Toto gave us a gift, and when the audience voiced their appreciate the entire band reciprocated with the most incredible Toto music I've ever heard.

I've never seen anyone work harder at *anything* than Steve's work on his solos. More than once I thought, "That's going to be Steve's best solo of the night. There's no way Steve can put that much energy into more than one solo." But then Steve did it again. And again. And again. AMAZING.

Bobby's vocals were outstanding. I'm SO glad Bobby is back with the band since the Mindfields album and tour. We really missed his voice when it was absent.

Greg's keyboarding was phenomenal. As an aspiring keyboardist myself, the only thing I can say is, "How does he do it?" His solo was an absolute treat.

Simon's drumming was impeccable and powerful. He brings such energy and precision as a foundation for the rest of the band's efforts. He had to play sick (with flu) at the last Toto concert I attended (Sandy, Utah in August 2006), but he sacrificed so that we could hear him and the rest of the band (thanks, Simon!). At this concert, Simon seemed to unleash more energy than was humanly possible. He certainly was in peak form at this concert. WOW!

I was a little worried when Steve introduced Lee Sklar as the stand-in bassist for Mike (we missed you, Mike!), but I should have known better. You guys would never do anything less than first class, and Lee is no exception. Lee brought his own magic to the night as well. I couldn't believe how in touch he and Simon were. It's like they had their wireless ESP devices on all night. Lee's bass playing subtly altered the overall feel of the band's numbers, but in a way that was perfect for the playlist they chose. Lee really added a memorable dimension to the evening's performance.

I brought my 10-year-old son to the show as his birthday present. I also brought my brother from North Carolina (yes, he traveled out specifically for the show). We're all loyal fans, and you can rest assured that the second generation of Toto fans is just as strong as the first. I hope you're still recording new music another 30 years from now!

Three weeks later, I'm still basking in the glow of this concert. They just don't get any better than this. I'm already looking forward to my next chance to hear you all again!

Warmest regards,

Unbelievable !! This is the 5th time I seen the band and they just keep setting the bar higher. Almost 2 1/2 hours of the most incredible show I've ever seen. Tight and loose all at the same time, some of the best playing I've seen yet having fun and playing around how can you not have fun watching these guys. Great set list, hit it all, old, new and everything in between. Bobby's vocals were spot on and filled with the passion that make him Bobby, Again Happy Birthday to Lee, his Bass playing is incredible, different than Mike's (get well soon you are missed) but a great fit with the band. Tony's playing was as solid as ever though I think he needs a bit of room to show off his chops (he's very good). Greg's solo was out of this world how does he think this stuff up, thought it was Rick Wakeman for a minute. Simon's playing was nothing less than incredible as always he is the consumate professional and just the best damn drummer I've ever seen. Steve was just unbelievable there are no words to describe his solo it was so off the chart they need to create a new catagory for this guy no disrespect to the other greats out there but "Luke" is in a league of his own ("just another lunch meat guitar player" I don't think so). Add in his wit and incredible humor, toss in the rest of the guy's and you've got one of the most exciting and personal shows you will ever see. On top of all that I got to meet the entire band after the show and they were all incredible, nicest guy's you would ever meet.
Do not miss these guys will regret it.
Thanx Again
See ya in Indio !!


When I was brought to TOTO's concert in Sapporo last year by my husband,I were charmed by TOTO from the 1st song. Since that, we were longing to meet TOTO again,and we decided to go abroad.
Then,in Las Vegas,they let me fall in between sound more deeply,deeply,deeply!
Bobby,Steve,Simon,Greg,and Tony,you were more cool and powerful than last year.(I miss Mike...I'm praying his recovery.) Leland,I became a fan of you immediately. In this concert,they played songs which we listened in Sapporo. However,What Performances and Arrangements! I think their passion never stops. Also,we could listen songs which they didn't play in Sapporo. Of course,Those were great!
I'm sure that I'm a lucky woman because my husband is a passionate TOTO's fan. Also I think that they'll be lucky guys if they go together to the concert with their family or friends who are TOTO's fans like my husband. Why don't you go to the concert? LET'S GET A FORTUNATE OF BEING IN MUSIC STORM! Thanks TOTO!!! You gave us spirit and energy! We send GRATITUDE and RESPECT to You.

EXPLOSIVE performance! Just like the first time I saw them in Boston, 1993 I was absolutely blown away and "Hooked" once again. I had the honor of hearing the most talented musicians in the world last night at Boulder Station in Las Vegas for an intense 2 1/2 hour show...almost like watching a great James Bond movie!!
It doesn't matter where and when you see a TOTO concert, just get your ass to one soon or you will never truly understand the fact that some humans are not from planet Earth at all.
Take Steve Lukather for instance...I mean, it is an absolute mind blowing, magical experience watching this guy master every note he plays and feels. He makes his guitars look as if they were left over toys from his 5th Birthday...not to mention he sings his ass off!
This was one of Bobby's best peformances to date. His pitch was perfect. He reached for all his high notes effortlessly.
Somehow Bobby knows exactly how to articulate his voice around every phrase, while singing specific notes within those phrases to create the "perfect tension" to every song.
Simon was kicking on auto-pilot, again!! Melodic, intense, dynamic, focused, and powerful are words which best describe him during a live performance. An "in your face" drumming style, knowing just when to pull back.
Greg's solo was amazing. Creative, creative, creative! A world class musician with a heart of "soul" written all over it.
It's always a pleasure to hear Tony add to the live performances and it was nice to see another class act fill in for the very missed Mike Porcaro...Lee (Happy Bday again Lee!)

Dave, you will always be missed.

Don't stop touring guys. If not from another planet, you have all been blessed with some of the greatest gifts another musician could only dream of...and gifts are for giving.

Stateline, USA — 25 May 2007

I attended this concert at the last minute and go great seats due to a cancellation. I have to say it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. The lead vocalist, Bobby, was great. And the lead guatarist, Steve was fantastic. And the keyboardist was also great. The venue could not have been better. I enjoyed and rocked out on all the old hits as well as the newer ones. The whole place was jumping for "Rosanna, "Africa, "Hold the Line, etc. The lead guitar and drum solo was fantastic. All told it was a great show. Being a Toto fan, this was a great treat to see them up close and personal. I would see them again. ROCK ON!!

It was a magical night. We were second row over by Tony's corner. The crowd was really into it and they were even getting a little rowdy before Toto came out! During the show, some people even came up to the side of the stage and engaged Bobby. At one point, security asked them to stand back a little. Greg came up to the edge of the stage a few times and high fived the crowd. The band was on fire as always and showed why they are the best band ever!
My son took some pics which you can view at
Luke and Simon, thanks for being so cool to my son after the show! God Bless!

Fresno, USA — 23 May 2007

My wife and I had a BLAST at the Fresno Toto concert! Seeing Bobby Kimball and Steve Lukather for the first time in concert was nothing short of a thrill for us! My wife is from the Philippines where Toto is REVERED! She grew up listening to Toto as did her whole family; she NEVER thought she'd actually see them live! I have loved Toto for years and was just blown away at this tour! Steve beckoned all of us up to the stage. My wife and I rushed up there! I shook hands with Bobby Kimball and my wife shook hands with Luke. It was a great night out for both of us! I loved seeing Leland on bass, too! What a legend! Greg and Simon just blew the house away, too! I never knew Luke was such a cut-up jokester! PLEASE DON'T TAKE SO LONG TO COME BACK TO FRESNO, Toto!! You are LOVED here! Forget the big Europe focus, stay here in the Golden State!
The sound quality could have been improved at the show. Bobby's vocals were muddied by the sound system; too blurry and murky at times (not Bobby's fault). The sound was just too loud for the small arena and it seemed to envelope.
But other than some technical issues, the band was unforgettable. I pray they'll come back! What a night! Thanks, guys!!

The Boys are SERIOUS! Just saw the show last night, and as always it was great. They started the show with a dramatic build up, just like the old days! Then into 'Falling in Between' which absolutely ROCKED! It was obvious that they were out playing for themselves, and Luke even said it a few times, that they'd get to the hits, but they came to riff! As a 30 yr fan that owns every US release album and a few imports and seen over a dozen shows, even I thought the set list was digging a bit deep into the vault. That said, they played some songs I feel priviledged to have finally seen live, and they did 3 songs I've never heard before. But the show was indeed awesome, the band smoked as always, and HEY LUKE (in Sammy Davis Jr. voice)- I really dug the jokes and impressions, baby. The joke about Tony's clit was over the top!

The only downs were sound a bit muddy, especially Luke. I could see his hands riffing, but couldn't hear in between notes from the mud. AND FIRE THE GUITAR TECH, had three problems, including his acoustic not working at all on 'Bottom of Your Soul', and on another song he just took off the guitar and sang and danced (which was actually cool to see Luke as a lead vocalist). I'd also love to hear Bobby take things down to a lower key.

All in all another incredible show. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THEM AGAIN IN AGOURA HILLS IN 2 WEEKS!

Toto was last in Fresno on May 29, 1985 with Fergie as their lead singer. Well it was worth the wait. The packed venue proved that Toto still has a loyal fan base in Fresno. Getting to see Bobby Kimball on vocals was a real treat. Seeing legends Simon Phillips and Leland Sklar added to the excitement. I thought the drum solo played over the top of Hydra was very unique and was a high point. Steve's impersonations and jokes were a riot and the audience could tell that he really enjoyed being there. I felt the keyboard solo was a little long, as I saw several head to the back.
I thought "Caught in the Balance" was the best of the night. My friend, who had never heard the song, looked over and said "Wow", when it was finished. I own a Luke Music Man and Steve Lukather's differant styles amazed and showed why he is still one of the best guitar players on the planet. Toto please don't wait another 22 years to come back to Fresno.

Minneapolis, USA — 5 May 2007

I was fortunate enough to venture off to Minneapolis in May with a guitar buddy of mine after finding out that TOTO added a date to the current Falling in Between Tour. Trocadero's Night Club was an ideal setting - a small club with more intimate atmosphere and not filled to capacity. From a business point of view I was sorry it was not the Excel Center but for the appreciative listener and fan, it was perfect. The band was fantastic, tight and tidy! Luke introduced Leland Sklar, of Billy Cobham and Phil Collins bands, filling in for an injured Mike Porcaro. Impressive to see a fill-in singing along with the tunes,( unmiked ) and adding his own sass to the Toto tunes. Leland looked like he was playing these tunes for years. Tony Spinner was added for some second guitar support and fine vocal duties as well. The set list was an excellent mix of new items from the recent CD and reworked big hits that we have heard for many decades but always fresh sounding, however. Many of the reworkings were interesting - some as more acoustic driven arrangements while others were slightly rhythmnically adjusted interpretations.

Instrumentally this is a glorious group of musicians in top form. The evening started and 10 and ended at 12:20 am with no signs of tepid performance in the entire 2 and one half hour set. Some breaks for extended solos - but hey, the rest of the band does need a beer break! The outstanding role of Simon Phillips is hard to measure - the band sails under his driving and pointed playing. A number of times you are unaware of his role becuase he blends in so well as he does not "over play ". Simon then emerges with some tasteful virtuosity which causes you to look at your friends saying and nod, "That was cool". He saved the drum solo feature until the 2 hour mark that evening and displayed no signs of strain or fatigue. Just outstanding.
Steve Lukather has earned a reputation for being one of the most risk oriented rock players, slightly off-centre and always a pleasure to listen to. He did not disappoint. Steve's longer solos and reworkings were punctuated with fine keyboard support.

The special appearance of Fergie Frederickson was a treat - after not appearing with the band for over 23 years! To have two principal singers from TOTO on the same stage was a special treat for the audience and the band had fun sharing this time with us.

A great performance - thanks TOTO.

All I can say is WOW!! This was my first time for me to see the band, but I've been a fan for a long time. They were so incredibly tight. If there was a mistake throughout the night, I didn' hear it. You could tell the Steve, Greg, Simon, Bobby and the supporting cast (Tony and Leland) really ENJOYED being on stage and playing in such an intimate venue. Then to have Fergie Frederikson on stage and singing was an added bonus.

The other reviews posted on the page give the set list, so I won't go into that. Suffice to say, there were few disappointments to the evening. Yes, it would have been nice to have David Paich and Mike Porcaro on stage, but that's life. It would also have been nice to hear "I Will Remember" played. It has become one of my favorite Toto songs from the moment I first heard it.

All in all, those who were at the show had a wonderful time. I can't wait for them to come close enough for me to get to.

Trocadero's and the city of Minneapolis, MN had the pleasure of hosting the World's greatest band this past Saturday night. Trocadero's, holding around 1000, was what appeared to be 3/4 full with energetic, Toto fans. Their energies, as well as yours truly, only grew with what was a magical, typically Toto, night.
The crowd was hit, right away, with FALLING IN BETWEEN and KING OF THE WORLD, from the current and sensational FIB album. PAMELA, with Bobby handling lead vocals wonderfully. BOTTOM OF YOUR SOUL delighted the crowd before my personal live favorite, CAUGHT IN THE BALANCE. The upbeat pace continued with DON'T CHAIN MY HEART and concluded, momentarily, with the song that got it all started, HOLD THE LINE.
Tony Spinner got the acoustic set going with his wonderful rendition of STOP LOVING YOU. The beautiful I'LL BE OVER YOU preceded the energetic CRUEL and GREG'S SOLO, with elements of I'LL SUPPLY THE LOVE, was nothing short of fantastic.
The reworked version of ROSANNA is clever, starting off with a slower, funky first stanza and breaking into the well known, second stanza.
The MEDLEY portion of the show could easily be renamed MEMORIES, at least for me, as Fergie Frederiksen was introduced. I have been a Toto fan since their beginning, but my first Toto show was none other than the ISOLATION WORLD TOUR in Norfolk, Va. in April of '85. It was wonderful to see the positive interaction between Fergie, Steve, and Bobby. Steve and Bobby unselfishly gave Fergie a chance to enjoy the spotlight. Positive vibe and lots of fun. Fergie showcased his singing, handling ANGEL DON'T CRY superbly, sharing leads with Bobby on I'LL SUPPLY THE LOVE, and handling lead vocals on ISOLATION. (NOTE: Fergie stayed on stage much of the rest of the show, handling some backing vocals.)
GIFT OF FAITH kept the party going followed by the haunting KINGDOM OF DESIRE and a KILLER...I MEAN KILLER!!!...solo from Steve. Simon got into the act with a typically jaw-dropping solo with HYDRA elements infused. Bobby and the boys proceeded to kick everyone's ass with a short, but powerful version of TAINT YOUR WORLD.
BAND INTROS led us all into a ride on the GYPSY TRAIN and the ever popular AFRICA with Greg on lead vocals. All good things must end and DRAG HIM TO THE ROOF did so perfectly.
SPECIAL NOTES: To all the guys in the band for simply being the best musicians and nicest guys going. And to Lee Sklar-what a perfect fit into the Toto family. A joy to watch and a class person. Thank you Sonny for your kindness. Great to see you again, Fergie, and for helping me to relive memories of my first Toto show. Get well soon, Mike! Missed my dear friends Steve McVey, Peter and Sally Yablonsky, and Len Ventura.
FELLOW TOTO FRIENDS...Catch a show or more if you can...they never stop amazing!!! God bless.

Just got back from the show in Minneapolis. It was at Toscaderos, a medium-sized club down by the Mississippi. The place was pretty we packed to see the guys play. They hit the stage at 9PM Central. The early set list was:

Falling In Between
King of the World
Bottom of Your Soul

"Pamela" was quite a surprise and fun to hear but it was "King of the World" that really made an impression. For a song that you could tell a lot of the crowd had never heard before, it went over great. My recollection of the exact order of songs after this may not be exact, but they also played:

Caught in the Balance
Hold the Line
Stop Loving You
I'll Be Over You

Greg had a spectacular solo. The man is the very pinnacle of cool behind the keys.

Rosanna Intro / Rosanna
Don't Chain My Heart

Then something truly unique happened. Luke had warned us at the top of the show that there may be a surprise for us later. That surprise turned out to be a doozy. None other than Fergie Fredriksen stepped out of the shadows to sing a couple of tunes for old times sake. Ferg's been living in the Twin Cities with his family for the last 8 years or so, and somehow he and the band talked and agreed to bygones. A look around at the faces near us and I could see that only a couple of people really knew what a big deal it was to have Ferg back and singing with the band. He was in fine voice and it was fun to see the interaction between him and Luke and later, Bobby (Mr. Kimball was particularly gracious and supportive of Ferg, I thought). They did:

Angel Don't Cry
I'll Supply the Love Isolation

Then Fergie left the stage, leaving the band to play:

Kingdom of Desire / Luke's Solo
Taint Your World
Gift of Faith
Hydra / Simon's Solo

Holy cow, did Simon and Steve's solos cook. "Gift of Faith" was a fantastic too. Luke did the intros in that way that only he can, which left only:

Gypsy Train

The guys were then called back for an encore, a particularly smokin' rendition of:

Drag Him to the Roof

It was a pretty special show, the Isolation-era reunion aside, Bobby, Luke, Simon, Greg, Tony and the incomparable Lee Sklar were all world class. It is of course, one thing to *know* you are going to hear musicians from the very top the their fields, but it is very much another thing when you actually *hear* them. Nothing can really prepare you for it. The crowd left pretty pleased. It was an excellent show. Hopefully they don't wait another 15 years to come back. 30th Aniversary maybe? Thanks Toto, you're always welcome back.

Kansas City, USA — 4 May 2007

I would like to say something to the critics (Robert Hilburn) and the musical "purists" out there who think Toto doesn't deserve recognition. Let me tell you something. These guys are among the best musicians on the planet and have been for 30 years!! How many #1 albums and songs have written or played on!! HUH???? This was my third time to see Toto live. I saw them in 1983 on the Toto IV tour and in 1985 on the Isolation tour. I was not disappointed this time. Except for the fact that Luke didn't sign my guitar. :( Thanks to Lee Sklar who sat in for the ailing Mike Porcaro. Lee, you are a legend and you nailed it.
The crowd was fantastic and I hope the Toto guys noticed that America still loves them. If you have never seen Toto, just do it!!

Holy Shit..... I kid anyone not, this is the best display of musicianship I've ever seen, and I've seen them all.... it just doesn't get any better than this... go see this band... No posing, no bs, just great music for all... This is what it's really all about... great music from real players who celebrate real music. What accomplishment.... the vibe is incredible... You will play better just from being in the same room with these guys.... feel the love, you can't help it...

BEST CONCERT EVER!!!! I went there for my 14th B-day and it was the greatest night of my life. TOTO is the best band EVER and I saw them. I met Lee Skylar, Tony Spinner, and Kerry Livgren for "Kansas" came by to watch and i met him too. Bobby was amazing on the vocals as always (especially on Falling In Between) Greg was amazing on his keyboard solo and his voice is beautiful on Africa. Simon- congrats on being a new daddy you are one of my favorite drummers and up just teared it up at the concert. Tony is amazing on Stop Loving You. Lee was amazing!!! he is such a tremenduos bass player. He is such a big infulence on me as a bass player. Luke is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! He plays so flawlessly and with grace yet he can play with such furry. TOTO thank you so much for a amazing concert and giving your heart out to us. Keep on staying the same and rocking forever!!!!!

p.s. R.I.P. Jeff Porcaro you were and still are the greatest drummer ever!!!!!


The Band was absolutely incredible! Without being redundant, as the other reviews were very accurate, I'll just say: "They left the audience in Kansas City speechless!" To put it another way, if Toto announced another show next week, I'd try to be first in line to get tickets! The solo performances were stunning and the show was nothing short of perfection! I have seen nearly 200 concerts (major performers) in my lifetime, and this one honestly sits at the top of the pile!! The instrumental abilities displayed on the stage that night were phenomenal. I hope the guys have the opportunity to read these reviews because I truly appreciate your time after the show. You are all a class act, both on and off the stage! Luke treated me like he was my big brother (who coincidently also played the guitar) when I told him I have been a Toto FAN since I was 11. It is now 4 days after the show and I can't get enough Toto! I keep watching the Amsterdam Live DVD and my kids dan!e around - they love it too... the Toto legend lives on into another generation.

This was truly the BEST OF TOTO! Simon Phillips is "The Pride of London" - I am British musician and presently living in Colorado; but travelling 500+ miles for this concert was the best decision I ever made. I have been listening to Toto since the very beginning and they just get better and better. I do not want to duplicate what has already been said in the reviews but, hey, all serious musicians and fans MUST take the opportunity to hear these guys during their brief tour this year. Roll on the 30th Anniversary next year; it's going to be great! Thank you, Toto, for being who you are, and for the great music.

Bobby, Greg, Lee, Luke, Mike, Simon, Tony, & Crew,

My wife and I recently saw your show in Kansas City and were blown away. This is the first time I've ever seen you in concert and can truly say it's the best show I've ever been to. The sound, lights, and passion of the performance was better than anything I've seen. As a guy who grew up in the eighties I can say I have been a fan for sometime but not like I am now. It was nice to hear some really great music and not just noise. Unfortunatly a lot of the stuff coming out these days is just that...noise. Please keep up the passion and the great work. We'll look for you again the next time you're in our area.

Oh yes, this time the drive was only 200 miles but again, Toto proved themselves as the top musicians and the best band that anyone could see. I mean where do you start with the compliments? Starting off the concert with the new tunes and hearing the audience sing along only shows that these guys are relevent for today and that the people know it. A very nice set list to include many of the "Kingdom of Desire" songs, a nice batch of tunes from "Mindfields", "Tambu", even "Isolation" ... I think the only albums they didn't do songs from were "Turn Back" and "Through The Looking Glass". What a night full of variety! Steve, again you always make it look so effortless and sound so awe inspiring. Greg, you're still the best addition to the band since Simon and the two of you "Phils" absolutely FILL any voids that would be there without Dave and Jeff. Tony, you're still the best utility player in the game and I have all four of your albums and let me tell you that Missouri is proud of you and what you have to offer. Lee, you are filling in flawlessly for Mike and he certainly knew what he was doing when you asked you to tour for him. Everyone in the band is such a perfect fit and then of course there's the voice, and that of none other than Bobby Kimball, who keeps bringing it night after night, giving us that wonderful emotion and soul from a man that is truely singing his heart out each time he's on stage. People, you have got to see this band, you have got to let them know that America does want to see and hear them whenever possible, and show that real music created by real musicians who have an undying love for the music is being desired by old and young alike as I know my teenage sons were singing right along with me from the third row on Friday night. God bless you guys and thank you for taking time out for your U.S. fans. We're still here and always will be and can't wait for the next opportunity to see "real deal"!

This is the 5th time I have had the pleasure of seeing Toto live. The first time was in 1982 in Kansas City during the IV tour. I also saw them in 1992 and twice in 1999 during the Mindfields Reunion Tour.
We had excellent seats in this small venue, 5 rows back and right in front of the middle of the stage. Steve and Bobby could almost sweat on us!
They started the show with 2 songs from Falling In Between and jump started the night.
Musically, the group was very tight and in sync. The vocal mix was a bit to be desired though as the instruments seemed to overpower them.
The vocals of Steve, Greg and Tony were just impecable. Bobby did what he could, but he just can't hit the high notes without having to scream. Still the showmanship overshadowed that.
The set list from what I can remember, since I didn't write it down, drew from all of their albums including a couple of my favorite cuts. Isolation was played during a medley of 'changed up' songs and a very welcome addition to the list. I was hoping that Steve would kick out the jams for Gypsy Train...and boy did he ever! They also played Don't Chain My Heart from Kingdom Of Desire.
Although, Mike Porcaro is dearly missed, Leland Sklar is awesome as a tour replacement and thumped his way into the hearts and toes of the Kansas City crowd. He even was out in front of the venue before the show, chatting it up and taking pics with the fans. A very nice guy he is! The obligitary hits, Hold The Line, I'll Supply the Love, Africa and Rosanna, brought the crowd to its feet and the intro to Rosanna was probably my favorite moment of the night as they the first verse and chorus of the song in a slowed day, jazzy ballad kind of way... then kicked into the regular version. I kinda wished they played the whole song that jazzy way, but oh well.
Other songs on the list in no particular order were, King Of The World, Caught In The Balance, Cruel, Hydra during Simon's drum solo, Gift Of Faith, Drag Him To The Roof, Bottom Of Your Soul, Stop Loving You, and Pamela. Steve's sister was in the audience, so it seemed he was on his best behaviour, if you know what I mean!
All in all, it was a great night for excellent music and this touring version of the band is as good as any in the past.

With the rarety in the KC area of ever getting to see these 6 top of the line artists, I wasn't gonna miss this chance & after taking the wife & teenaged daughter you could say the performance had the 3 of us( as well im sure for the other 1500 in attendance)SPEECHLESS!!!

By far & away 1 of the best shows in 40+ years that I've seen. The crowd interaction on top of the performance in itself was 1 of a kind & AWESOME!!!

Luke,David,Greg,Simon,Tony & last but not least, Leland, you guys are Fantastic....Sitting directly behind your sound & light man this night ended with your light man turning around upon request & handing the song list to my wife & daughter leaving them both after the concert & topping it of with the gift, awestruck!! Hope you guys make it back to this area again in 2008. My suggestion to the rest of the U.S. Fanbase to come, Don't miss it if you get the chance to see these guys...Song list for this exceptional performance was as follows: Falling in Between,King of the World,Pamela,Bottom of your Soul,Caught in the Balance,Don't Chain my Heart, Hold the Line Acoustic Set:
Stop Loving You
I'll Be Over You,Cruel
(Greg solo-ending with I'll supply)
I'll Supply the Love, Isolation, Gift of Faith, Kingdom of Desire (Luke solo) Hydra (Simon solo) Taint Yor World. After band Intros & the crowd still standing after 2 plus hour's of an all around top notch performance, the night closed out with Gypsy Train, Africa & Drag Him To The Roof........Best of luck to Toto & Crew for the remainder of the US tour & hope to see you guys again Real Soon!!

I have listened to your recordings for years and have often pondered whether Toto could faithfully reproduce some of that articulate studio work live. I got my answer last night in Kansas City. Gawd guys! Toto just blew the house down.

For over two hours I witnessed a consistent, non-stop standard of performance that was just awesome. The vocal stacks were powerful and right on with perfection. The solo work left no doubt about the quality of the players who comprise Toto. The members of Toto made it all look too easy while scores of musicians who turned out to see Toto live were mesmerized.

I have no idea how tight the live Toto was a few decades back, but the band could not have been better than it is today. Surely, you guys left the stage knowing you owned the place. The crowd was absolutely blown away, on their feet and cheering through much of the performance. Dorothy would have blown both of her ruby slippers off had she been there. It was one pwerful evening - absolutely magic.

I have a feeling Toto will need one big room on the next trip to the KC area. Oh man! Folks are sure going to be talking!

Council Bluffs, USA — 3 May 2007

I saw the 9:00 p.m. show last night (they did 2 shows) and was simply amazed. It was the first time I had the chance to see them live and now I know what I've been missing. The musicianship of each and every guy is outstanding. The set list was fantastic. I had concerns that because of there being 2 shows, they'd only play a lot of hits. I was very pleasantly surprised to hear 2 songs from the new album - WONDERFUL!! Greg took a piano solo that was simply awe-inspiring (I am also a keyboard player). Luke's guitar solos - well, there's just no words right now. Simon's set sounded fantastic and his playing is even better! Bobby always sounds wonderful and Tony is a very welcome addition to the band. It was also wonderful to see them having fun with each other - that kind of thing always makes a show for me. Also, the 'duet' between Luke and Greg on 'Ebony And Ivory' was HILARIOUS!!! I'm actually giving serious thought to driving the 225 miles to Kansas City to see them again tonight!!! Who knows - maybe I'll even go to Minneapolis in a few days!! Thanks, TOTO, for an amazing show.

Sioux Falls, USA — 2 May 2007

I saw the show last night with my kids. It was nice to see everybody in the band at the top of their form. The crowd was good and I thought I sensed a bit of relief from Luke that the kick-off gig for the USA portion of the 2007 tour went well. The crowd was a little stiff for the first two songs ("Falling in Between" & "King of the World") because many people didn't recognize the music but they began to loosen up during Pamela. By the end of the show, I think the majority of the audience had come to realize that they had just watched some of the most talented musicians in the world demonstrate their craft. Good work Toto! And good luck with the rest of your US dates.