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David Hungate
Birth day: 05.08.1948

Last Update: 2006-11-22
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Artist Title # Tracks Company Year
Adams, Bryan Bryan Adams   A&M 1980
Airplay Airplay 10 RCA 1980
Alabama In the Mood: The Love Songs     2003
Alessi Brothers Alessi   A&M 1977
Alessi Brothers Driftin'   A&M 1978
Alexander, Ashley No More Blues     1981
Alexander, Karen Isn't It Always Love   Asylum 1975
Alpha Band Statue Makers of Hollywood   Arista 1978
Alpha Band Arista Albums     2005
Anderson, John Blue Skies Again     1987
Anderson, John Christmas Time   BNA 1994
Andrews, Vince Teacher     1996
Angelo Midnight Prowl   Fantasy 1978
Atkins, Chet Work It Out   CBS 1983
Atkins, Chet Stay Tuned 9 CBS 1985
Atkins, Chet Street Dreams   Columbia 1986
Atkins, Chet Sails     1987
Atkins, Chet C.G.P.     1988
Atkins, Chet Read My Licks   Columbia 1994
Atkins, Chet Chet Picks on the Grammys     2002
Atkins, Chet Essential Chet Atkins     2004
Baille and the Boys The Lights of Home   RCA 1990
Ballard, Russ At the Third Stroke   Epic 1978
Barmby, Shane Jukebox Symphony   Mercury 1990
Barnett, Mandy Mandy Barnett     1996
Barrows, April My Dream Is You     1996
Bellamy Brothers Crazy From the Heart     1990
Bellamy Brothers Latest & the Greatest   Bellamy Bros. 1992
Barnett, Mandy Mandy Barnett     1996
Berger, Michael Dreams In Stone   Atlantic 1981
Bernard, Crystal Girl Next Door   River North 1996
Bishop, Stephen Bish   ABC 1978
Bishop, Stephen On & On: Hits of Stephen Bishop   MCA 1994
Blake & Brian Another Perfect Day     1997
Blunstone, Colin Never Even Thought 6 Rocket 1978
Bogguss, Suzy Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas     2003
Brody, Lane Pieces of Life     2002
Brokop, Lisa Lisa Brokop   Patriot 1995
Brooklyn Dreams Sleepless Nights   RCA 1979
Brooklyn Dreams Music, Harmony, and Rhythm     1996
Brooks & Dunn Borderline     1996
Brooks & Dunn Greatest Hits     1997
Brooks & Dunn If You See Her     1998
Brown, Marty Wild Kentucky Skies   MCA 1993
Brown, Marty Cryin', Lovin', Leavin'   MCA 1994
Browne, Severin New Improved   Motown 1974
Byrd, Tracy Tracy Byrd     1993
Byrd, Tracy No Ordinary Man   MCA 1994
Caldwell, Bobby August Moon   Polydor 1983
Campbell, Glenn Show Me Your Way     1991
Campbell, Glen Somebody Like That   Capitol 1993
Campbell, Glen Jesus And Me     1997
Campbell, Glenn Home for the Holidays     1998
Carnes, Kim Romance Dance   EMI 1980
Carroll, Bruce Great Exchange     1990
Carroll, Bruce Walk On     1993
Carson, Jeff Butterfly Kisses     1997
Carter, Valerie Wild Child   CBS 1978
Cash, Rosanne Rhythm & Romance   Columbia 1985
Cash, Rosanne Hits 1979-1989   Columbia 1989
Cash, Rosanne Very Best Of     2005
Cerrone Cerrone V: Angelina     1979
Champlin, Bill Single   Epic 1978
Chater, Kerry Part Time Love   Warner 1976
Cher Bittersweet White Light 10 MCA 1973
Cher I'd Rather Believe In You   Warner 1977
Cher Take Me Home   Casablanca 1979
Cher Best of Casablanca Years     1996
Chesnutt, Mark Almost Goodbye   MCA 1993
Chieftains Another Country   RCA 1992
Chieftans Further Down the Old Plank Road     2003
Childs, Andy Andy Childs   RCA 1993
Christian, Chris Chris Christian   Boardwalk 1981
Clark, Lyons Prisms   Shelter 1976
Claypool, Philip Circus Leaving Town     1995
Claypool, Philip Perfect World     1999
Cocciante, Riccardo Sincerita     1999
Cocker, Joe Civilized Man 3 Capitol 1984
Cody, Phil Phil Cody   Warner  
Collie, Mark Born and Raised in Black and White   MCA 1991
Collins, Judy Hard Time for Lovers   Elektra 1979
Collins, Judy Forever: An Anthology     1997
Commander Cody Flying Dreams   Arista 1978
Cooper, Alice From the Inside   Warner 1978
Cox Family Just When You're Thinking It's Over     1996
Cross, Christopher The Definite Cristopher Cross 1 Warner Bros. 2001
Crouch, Andrae Take Me Back     1975
Crowell, Rodney Rodney Crowell Collection     1989
Crowell, Rodney Small Worlds     2002
Cunningham, B.B. Jr. Hanging In     2003
Currie, Cherie Beauty's Only Skin Deep   Mercury 1978
Dahlstrom, Patti Your Place or Mine   20th Century 1975
Dailey, Pat Underwater Land     2002
Dal Bello, Lisa Lisa Dal Bello 1 MCA 1977
Dalton, Lacy J. Dream Baby   1983
De Young, Cliff Cliff De Young   MCA 1975
Dearhoff & Joseph Dearhoff & Joseph   Arista 1976
Dee, Kiki Stay With Me   Rocket 1979
DeGarmo, Diana Blue Skies     2004
DeGarmo, Diana Dreams     2004
Dekle, Mike Fine Tuned     2000
Denley, John In My Arms     2003
Denley, John Nashville to Boston     2004
Devoursney, Tom Behold The Lamb     1996
Diamond, Neil Beautiful Noise   Columbia 1976
Diamond, Neil Tennessee Moon   Columbia 1996
Diamond, Neil In My Lifetime     1996
Diffie, Joe In ANother World     2001
Dodd, Deryl One Ride in Vegas     1996
Dodd, Deryl Pearl Snaps     2002
Donovan Slow Down World   Epic 1976
Donovan Troubadour: The Definitive Collection   Epic 1992
Dudek, Les Les Dudek 2 CBS 1976
Dunn, Holly Leave One Bridge Standing     1997
Dunn & Rubini Diggin' It   Prodigal 1976
Easter, Jeff and Sheri Silent Witness     1995
Elliott, Brian Brian Elliott   Warner 1978
Ellis, Darryl & Don No Sir     1992
England Dan & John Ford Coley I Hear Music   A&M 1976
England Dan & John Ford Coley Best   Big Tree 1980
English, Michael Hope   Warner Alliance 1993
English, Michael Healing     1995
Ewing, Skip Until I Found You     1997
Fagan, Richard Richard Fagan 1 Mercury 1979
Family Brown Life and Times     1989
Flying Burrito Brothers Double Barrel     1996
Foster, David Touch of David Foster     1998
Fountain, Pete Big Band Blues     2001
Freemans, The Highway     2001
Frizzell, David My Life Is Just a Bridge   RCA 1993
Gardestad, Ted Blue Virgin Isle   Epic 1978
Garfield, David & Friends Tribute To Jeff 1 Pony Canyon 1997
Gayle, Crystal Cage the Songbird 9 Warner 1983
Gifford, Kathie Lee Sentimental   Warner 1993
Gifford, Kathie Lee It's Christmas Time   Warner 1993
Gillman, Billy Dare to Dream     2001
Grant, Amy Never Alone     1980
Grant, Amy Home For Christmas   A&M 1992
Grant, Amy 20th Century Masters     2003
Gray, Chris From Where I Am     2005
Graydon, Jay Past to Present - the 70s 6 Sonic Thrust Records 2006
Green, Steve Mission     1989
Green, Steve Hide 'em in Your Heart     1990
Green, Steve Find Us Faithful     1991
Green, Steve Hymns: A Portrait of Christ   Sparrow 1992
Green, Steve 16 Bible Melodies for Children     1994
Greenwood, Lee Somebody's Gonna Love You   MCA 1983
Greenwood, Lee Streamline     1986
Greenwood, Lee American Patriot   MCA 1992
Griffith, Nanci Little Love Affairs   MCA 1988
Griffith, Nanci Complete MCA Studio Recordings     2003
Guidry, Greg Over the Line   Columbia 1982
Gurvitz, Adrian Sweet Vendetta 3 Jet 1979
Hall, Dannie Bell Remembering the Times     2001
Hall, John John Hall   Asylum 1978
Hall, Lani Blush   A&M 1980
Hamilton, Dirk You Can Sing On the Left or Bark on the R   ABC 1976
Hamilton, Joe Frank & Dennison Love & Conversation     1976
Hamilton, Joe Frank & Dennison Playboy Years     1976
Hammond, Albert Your World And My World 3 CBS 1980
Harding, Steven Craig Tonight My Heart Rides Again     1996
Harms, Joni Cowgirl Dreams     1998
Harms, Joni Let's Put the Western Back in the Country     2004
Harris, Larnelle Christmas     1988
Hayes, Wade On A Good Night   Columbia 1996
Hill, Byron Gravity....And Other Things that Keep You Down to Earth     1999
Hill, Gary Booga Billy   Capitol  
Hines, Marcia Ooh Child   Logo 1980
Hodges, James & Smith What Have You Done for Love     1978
Holland, Greg Exception To The Rule     1997
Hood, Ray Ray Hood     2000
Horn, Jim Work It Out   Warner 1990
House, James Hard Times For an Honest Man     1990
House, James Days Gone By     1995
Humperdink, Englebert Don't You Love Me Anymore   Columbia 1981
Hungate, David Souvenir 9 CBS 1990
Hutchens Knock, Knock     1995
Hyatt, Buddy Evidence 3 Gateway 1997
Imperials Big God     1991
Jabara, Paul Keeping Time   Casablanca 1978
Jans, Tom Champion 2 Canyon 1982
Jansch, Bert Santa Barbara Honeymoon   Charisma 1975
Jarvis, John Balancing Act   Libery 1993
Jiosa, Denny Moving Pictures   Blue Orchid 1995
Jones, George You've Still Got a Place In My Heart   Epic 1984
Jones, George And Along Came Jones   MCA 1991
Jones, George Bradley Barn Sessions   MCA 1994
Jones, Rickie Lee The Magazine 2 Warner 1984
Jones, Rickie Lee Duchess of Coolsville     2005
Joyce, Billie Love Tone     2002
Keith, Toby Honkytonk University     2005
Kipner, Steve Knock the Walls Down   Elektra 1980
Knight, Gladys (& the Pips) Miss Gladys Knight   Buddah 1979
Kunkel, Leah I Run With Trouble 2 CBS 1980
Lace Lace     1999
Lake, Greg Greg Lake & Gary Moore   Chrysalis 1981
Lake, Greg Manoeuvres   Chrysalis 1983
Lake, Greg From the Beginning: Retrospective   Rhino 1997
Lamb, Bill Riff Rockin   1983
Lares, Shelly Shelly     1996
Larson, Nicolette Rose Of My Heart   MCA 1986
Larson, Nicolette Very Best Of     1999
Leavell, Chuck What's in That Bag?     1998
Leblanc, Lennie Say A Plays   Heart Land 1983
LeDoux, Chris Cowboy     2000
Lee, Johnny Workin' For A Livin'   Warner 1984
Lee, Larry Marooned   Columbia 1982
Lofgren, Nils (& Grin) Night Fades Away 1 MCA 1981
Lonestar Crazy Nights     1997
Lovett, Lyle SMile     2003
Luchsinger, Susie Count It All Joy     2005
Lynn, Cheryl Got To Be Real: Best of Cheryl Lynn   Columbia 1996
Lynn, Lorretta Who Was That Stranger     1989
Lynn, Lorretta Honky Tonk Girl     1994
Lynns, The Lynns     1998
Manchester, Melissa Don't Cry Out Loud   Arista 1978
Manchester, Melissa Greatest Hits 1 Arista 1983
Manchester, Melissa Essence Of Melissan Manchester     1997
Manchester, Melissa Joy     1998
Mandrell, Barbara Christmas At Our House   MCA 1984
Mandrell, Barbara Ladies' Choice   Epic  
Mandrell, Barbara / Lee Greenwood Meant For Each Other   MCA 1984
Manhattan Transfer Extensions 4 Atlantic 1979
Manhattan Transfer Anthology: Down In Birdland   Rhino 1992
Manhatten Transfer Swing     1997
Manilow, Barry One Voice   Arista 1979
Marcin, Dean Nashville Sessions   Warner 1983
Marks, Miko Freeway Bound     2005
Massey, Wayne Wayne Massey and Black Hawk     1989
Mathis, Johnny That's Whay Friends Are For     1978
Mavericks From Hell To Paradise   MCA 1992
Mavericks Trampoline     1998
McAnally, Mac Live & Learn   MCA 1992
McClain, Charly Still I Stay   Epic 1987
McCoo, Marilyn Me Nobody Knows   Warner Alliance 1991
McCormick, Maureen When You Get a Little Lonely     1995
McEntire, Reba Just a Little Love     1984
McEntire, Reba Whoever's in New England   MCA 1986
McEntire, Reba What Am I Gonna Do About You   MCA 1986
McEntire, Reba Last One To Know   MCA 1987
McNally, Mac Nothing But the Truth   Geffen 1983
Mecca Mecca     2001
Michael, Louis Living for the Music     1991
Midler, Bette Broken Blossom   Atlantic 1977
Miller, Roger Off the Wall   Windsong 1978
Milsap, Ronnie Keyed Up   RCA 1983
Milsap, Ronnie Back to the Grindstone   RCA 1991
Milsap, Ronnie Greatest Hits, Volume 3   RCA 1991
Milsap, Ronnie True Believer     1993
Milsap, Ronnie Just for a Thrill     2004
Mizukoshi, Keiko I'm Fine   Tourus 1982
Moore, Tim White Shadows 1 Asylum 1977
Morgan, Lorrie Greater Need     1996
Morgan, Lorrie RCA Country Legends     2002
Morris, Gary Greatest Collection     2004
Murphey, Michael Martin Best Of     1982
Murphey, Michael Martin Cowboy Christmas     1991
Murphey, Michael Martin Cowboy Songs 4     1998
Newsler, Mark I'm Just That Way     1998
Newbury, Mickey After All These Years   Mercury 1981
Newton, Juice Well Kept Secret   Capitol 1978
Newton, Juice Trouble With Angles     1998
Newton, Juice American Girl     1999
Newton-John, Olivia Music Makes My Day   Pye (UK) 1974
Newton-John, Olivia Totally Hot   MFSL 1978
Newton-John, Olivia Physical   MFSL 1981
Nichols, Joe Revelation     2004
Nichols, Joe Revelation     2004
Nichols, Joe Traditional Christmas     2004
Nichols, Joe III     2005
Nightingale, Maxine Lead Me On   Windsong 1979
Nolan, Kenny Song Between Us   Polydor  
O'Connor, Mark New Nashville Cats   Warner 1991
Oda, Kazumasa K. Oda 8 Fun House 1986
Oh, Andrew Andrew Oh     1997
Olney, David High, Wide and Lonesome   Philo 1995
Olney, David Real Lies     1997
Omartian, Michael White Horse   ABC 1974
Omartian, Michael Adam Again   Myrrh 1976
Orleans Grown Up Children   MCA 1986
Oslin, K.T. Love In A Small Town   RCA 1990
Oslin, K.T. RCA Country Legends     2002
Overstreet, Paul Time     1996
Owens-Collin, Jamie Laughter in Your Soul Growing     1999
Paris, Twila Where I Stand   Sparrow 1996
Parrish, Paul Song For a Young Girl   ABC 1979
Parton, Dolly Say Forever You'll Be Mine   RCA 1976
Parton, Dolly Here You Come Again     1977
Parton, Dolly Heartbreaker   BMG 1978
Parton, Dolly Treasures     1996
Parton, Dolly Something Special     1995
Patty, Sandi Songs From the Heart 1 Word 1984
Patty, Sandi Morning Like This   Word 1986
Patty, Sandi Finest Moments   Word 1990
Pearl, Leslie Words & Music   RCA 1982
Peck, Karen For His Glory     2003
Peek, Dan All Things Are Possible   Lion & Lamb 1991
Peterson, Michael Modern Man     2004
Pierson, Billy Let Me Take You on a Country Cruise     2004
Pistilli I Still Get Dressed on Sundays     2003
Pointer Sisters Energy 6 Planet 1978
Polnareff, Michael Michael Polnareff   Atlantic 1976
Pomeranz, David It's In Everyone Of Us   Arista 1975
Preston, Billy The Way I Am   Motown 1981
Pride, Charley My 6 Latest & 6 Greatest   Honest 1994
Pride, Charley Platinum Pride: Greatest Hits, Vol 2     1994
Pride, Charley Pride's Platinum, Vol. 2     1997
Pringle, Peter Peter Pringle   Warner 1976
Quateman, Bill Just Like You   RCA 1979
Rabbit, Eddie Step By Step   Elektra 1981
Rabbitt, Eddie Lovelines   Elektra 1979
Rabbitt, Eddie Horizons   Elektra 1981
Rabbitt, Eddie Radio Romance   Elektra 1982
Rabbitt, Eddie Best Year of My Life   Warner 1984
Radioactive Ceremony of Innocence 1 MTM 2001
Rake & the Surftone Surfers Drive Woodies Sonic Thrust Records 1996
Rambler Dreamin     1999
Randolph, Boots Yakety Madness   Laserlight 1992
Rawls, Lou When the Night Comes   Epic 1983
Raye, Collin Can't Back Down     2001
Raybon Brothers Raybon Brothers     1997
Reed, Jerry Pickin'     1999
Reeves, Ronna What Comes Naturally   Mercury 1992
Richards, Randy Randy Richards   A&M 1978
Richardson, Wade I Am     2005
Riders In the Sky Christmas the Cowboy Way     1999
Righteous Brothers Sons of Mrs Righteous   Haven 1975
Ripperton, Minnie Minnie   Capitol 1979
Ritenour, Lee The Best   Epic 1980
Ritenour, Lee Rit 3 Elektra 1981
Rivers, Johnny Outside Help   Soul City 1978
Rogers, Kenny Christmas   EMI America 1981
Roberts, Julie Julie Roberts     2004
Rogers, Kenny I Prefer the Moonlight   RCA 1987
Rogers, Kenny Something Inside So Strong   Reprise 1989
Rogers, Kenny Christmas Greetings     2000
Rogers, Roy Tribute     1991
Rollings, Matt Pickin'     1990
Ronstadt, Linda Cry Like a Rainstorm Howl Like the Wind 4 Elektra 1989
Ronstady, Linda Box Set     1999
Ross, Diana Baby It's Me 5 Motown 1977
Sager, Carol Bayer Too   Elektra 1978
Sands, Evie Estate of Mind   Haven 1974
Sands, Evie Suspended Animation   RCA 1979
Sanford & Townsend Duoglide 10 Warner 1977
Sayer, Leo Endless Flight   Chrysalis 1976
Sayer, Leo Thunder In My Heart 3 Warner 1977
Sayer, Leo World Radio   Warner 1982
Sayer, Leo Show Must Go On: Anthology   Rhino 1996
Scaggs, Boz Silk Degrees 10 CBS 1976
Scaggs, Boz Down Two Then Left 1 CBS 1977
Scaggs, Boz Middle Man 7 CBS 1980
Scaggs, Boz Hits   CBS 1980
Scaggs, Boz Other Roads 1 CBS 1988
Scaggs, Boz Starbox     1993
Scaggs, Boz My Time: The Anthology     1997
Scruggs, Earl Earl Scruggs and Friends     1999
Seals & Crofts Unborn Child 11 Warner 1974
Seals & Crofts Get Closer   Warner 1976
Seals, Dan Harbinger   Atlantic 1982
Seals, Dan Rebel Heart   Liberty 1983
Seals, Dan San Antone   EMI 1984
Seals, Dan Best of Dan Seals   Liberty 1987
Seals, Dan Fired Up   Warner 1994
Sebastian, John Welcome Back   Reprise 1976
Sebastian, John Faithful Virtue: The Reprise Recordings     2001
2nd Chapter of Acts In the Volume     1975
Sedaka, Neil In the Pocket   Elektra 1980
Selah Hiding Place     2004
Selah Greatest Hymns     2005
Sellers, Jason I'm Your Man     1997
Sharp, Kevin Liove Is     1998
Sharp, Kevin Make a Wish     2005
Sharp, Randy Just About Love   RCA 1975
Shaw, Victoria In Full View   Reprise 1995
Shelly Shelly     1996
Shelton, Linda Makin' Memories     2003
Shelton, Ricky Van Wild-Eyed Dream   Columbia 1987
Shelton, Ricky Van RVS 3   Columbia 1990
Shenandoah Shenandoah Christmas     1996
Sheppard, T.G. Nothin on But the Radio     1997
Sinclair, Stephen A+   U.A. 1977
Skaggs, Ricky Kentucky Thunder   Epic 1989
Skaggs, Ricky My Father's Son   Epic 1991
Skaggs, Ricky Solid Ground     1995
Skaggs, Ricky Life Is A Journey     1997
Skaggs, Ricky Essential Ricky Skaggs     2003
Smith, Michael W. Christmastime     1998
Smith, Michael W. Christmas Collection     2004
Sonny & Cher Mama Was A Rock 'n' Roll Singer 10 MCA 1975
Sonny and Cher Live in Las Vegas   MCA 1974
Sonny & Cher All I Ever Need     1996
Sorrenti, Alan Figli Delle Stelle   EMI 1977
Sorrenti, Alan Sorrenti   RCA 1981
Soundrack (film) F.M.   MCA 1978
Soundtrack (film) What Have You Done For Love   London 1978
Soundtrack (film) Grease   Polydor 1978
Soundtrack (film) Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band   RSO 1979
Soundtrack (film) Xanadu   Jet 1980
Soundtrack (film) Arthur   Warner 1981
Soundtrack (film) In Harmony 2   Columbia 1981
Soundtrack (film) Horse Whisperer     1998
Souther, J.D. Home By Dawn   Warner 1984
Souther, J.D. Romantic Night   Warner 1984
Starr, Richard Holiday in Hollywood   Infinity 1979
Statler Brothers All American Country   Mercury 1991
Steely Dan Greatest Hits   MCA 1979
Steely Dan A Decade of Steely Dan   MCA 1985
Stockton, Shane Stories I could tell     1998
Strait, George Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind   MCA 1984
Strait, George Something Special   MCA 1985
Strait, George Merry Christmas Strait to You     1986
Strait, George #7   MCA 1987
Strait, George If You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin')   MCA 1988
Strait, George Beyond the Blue Neon   MCA 1989
Strait, George Pure Country     1992
Strait, George Strait Out of the Box   MCA 1995
Strait, George Greatest Collection     2004
Strait, George Chronicles     2005
Streisand, Barbra Songbird 3 Columbia 1978
Streisand, Barbra Wet 4 CBS 1979
Streisand, Barbra Guilty 1 CBS 1980
Supernaw, Doug Red and Rio Grande     1993
Supernaw, Doug You Still Got Me   Giant 1995
Suzuki, Yoshiyuki L.A. Lullaby   Teichiku 1981
Sweethearts of the Rodeo Sweethearts of the Rodeo     2000
Sylvia Snapshot   RCA 1983
Tagg, Eric Dreamwalkin   Canyon 1981
Tagg, Eric Dream Walkin'   Canyon 1982
Takeuchi, Mariya Miss M 5 RCA 1980
Talley, Lauren Lauren Talley     2001
Taupin, Bernie He Who Rides the Tiger   Asylum 1980
Taylor, Livingston 3-Way Mirror   Epic 1978
Taylor, Livingston Carolina Day: The Collection     1998
Taylor, Martin Sarabanda   Gaia 1990
Taylor, Martin Portraits     1995
Taylor, Martin Nitelife     2001
Third Coast Jazz Third Coast Jazz   Artifex 1992
Thompson, Hank Real Thing     1997
Thunder Thunder   Atco 1986
Torrance, Richard Bareback   Capitol 1977
Toto Toto 10 Columbia 1978
Toto Hydra 8 Columbia 1979
Toto Turn Back 8 Columbia 1980
Toto Toto IV 10 Columbia 1982
Toto Past To Present, 1977-1990 5 Columbia 1990
Toto Best Ballads   Sony 1994
Toto XX 3 Sony 1998
Travis, Randy Storms of Life   Warner 1986
Travis, Randy Always & Forever   Warner 1987
Travis, Randy Old 8x10   Warner 1988
Travis, Randy Old-time Christmas   Warner 1989
Travis, Randy No Holdin' Back   Warner 1989
Travis, Randy Heroes and Friends   Warner 1990
Travis, Randy High Lonesome   Warner 1991
Travis, Randy Greatest Hits, Vol. 1   Warner 1992
Travis, Randy Wind In the Wire   Warner 1992
Travis, Randy Greatest Hits, Vol. 2   Warner 1992
Travis, Randy This Is Me   Warner 1994
Travis, Randy Full Circle   Warner 1996
Travis, Randy Inspirational Jouryney     2000
Travis, Randy Rise and Shine     2002
Travis, Randy Trail of Memories     2002
Travis, Randy Passing Through     2004
Travis, Randy Very Best Of     2004
Trevino, Rick Dos Mundos     1993
Trevino, Rick Rick Trevino     1994
Trevino, Rick Learning As You Go   Columbia 1996
Trevino, Rick Mi Vida Eres Tu     1996
Triumvirat Russian Roulette   Harvest 1980
Tucker, Tanya Changes   Arista 1982
Tucker, Tanya Can't Run From Yourself   Liberty 1992
Tucker, Tanya Soon   Liberty 1993
Tucker, Tanya Fire To Fire   Liberty 1995
Turner Nichols Turner Nichols   BNA 1993
Twain, Shania Woman in Me     2000
Twain, Shania Greatest Hits     2004
Twitty, Conway Lost In the Feeling   Warner 1983
Twitty, Conway Still in Your Dreams     1988
Twitty, Conway House on Old Lonesome Road     1989
Twitty, Conway Even Now   MCA 1991
Twitty, Conway Conway Twitty Collection   MCA 1994
Van Shelton, Ricky Wild-Eyed Dream     1987
Van Shelton, Ricky RVS III     1990
Vaughan, Sarah Songs of the Beatles     1981
Vincent, Rhonda Written in the Stars     1993
Various Artists Every Man Has A Woman   Polydor 1984
Various Artists Country Classics, Vol 4     1988
Various Artists Country Classics, Vol 7     1988
Various Artists No Boundaries     1988
Various Artists Atlantic Jazz, The Box     1990
Various Artists Atlantic Jazz: Singers     1990
Various Artists Signatures III: A Song Writers' Album     1992
Various Artists Third Coast Jazz     1992
Various Artists Songs From the Loft   Reunion 1993
Various Artists Christmas     1993
Various Artists Tulare Dust: a Tribute To Merle Haggard   Hightone 1994
Various Artists Common Thread: The Songs of the Eagles   Warner 1994
Various Artists Atlantic Jazz: Best of the 70s     1994
Various Artists Mama's Hungry Eyes: Tribute to Merle Haggard     1994
Various Artists Come Together
America Salutes the Beatles
  Liberty 1995
Various Artists 1996 Grammy Nominees   Sony 1996
Various Artists America's Music: The Roots of Country     1996
Various Artists Three Hanks: Men with Broken Hearts     1996
Various Artists Great Moments in Jazz   Atlantic  
Various Artists Amazing Grace, Vol 2: A Country Salute to Gospel     1997
Various Artists Peace in the Valley     1997
Various Artists Way in a Manger: Country Christmas     1997
Various Artists Atlantic Jazz: Vocal Classics     1998
Various Artists Jazz Central Station, Vol 2.     1998
Various Artists NFL Country     1998
Various Artists Tammy Wynette...Remembered     1998
Various Artists Pop Music: The Modern Era     1999
Various Artists Believe: A Christmas Collection     2000
Various Artists Country Goes Raffi     2001
Various Artists Dancin' With Thunder     2001
Various Artists Banjoman: A Tribute to Derrol Adams.     2002
Various Artists I've Always Been Crazy: A Tribute to Waylon Jennings     1998
Various Artists Just Because I'm a Woman: The Songs of Dolly Parton     2003
Various Artists Universal Smash Hits, Vol 2     2003
Various Artists Amazing Grace, Vol 3: A Country Salute to Gospel     2004
Various Artists Men of Country, Vol. 1     2005
Various Artists Skaggs Family Christmas     2005
Various Artists Sweetheart 2005: Love Songs     2005
Vaughan, Sarah Songs of the Beatles 13 Atlantic 1981
Walker, Billy Joe Jr. Treehouse   MCA 1987
Walker, Billy Joe Jr. Universal Language     1990
Walker, Billy Joe Jr. Walk     1992
Walker, Billy Jr. Untitled   Geffen 1992
Walker, Clay Live, Laugh, Love     1999
Walker, Clay Christmas     2002
Walker, Mike Mike Walker     2001
Walker, Tamara Angel Eyes     2002
Wariner, Steve I Am Ready   Arista 1991
Wariner, Steve No More Mr. Nice Guy     1996
Webb, Jimmy El Mirage   Atlantic 1977
Wells, Paul David Sounds Good to Me   Capitol 1990
Whalum, Kirk In This Life   Columbia 1995
Wheeler, Cheryl Circles & Arrows   Capitol 1990
Wheeler, Cheryl Different Stripe     2003
Whitely, Keith RCA Country Legends     2002
Williams, Deniece That's What Friends Are For   CBS 1978
Williams, Deniece Best of: Gonna Take A Miracle   Columbia, Legacy 1996
Williams, Hank Jr. High Notes   Elektra 1982
Williams, Hank Jr. Strong Stuff   Warner 1983
Williams, Hank Jr. Man of Steel   Warne 1983
Williams, Hank Jr. Major Moves   Warner urb / 1984
Williams, Hank Jr. Lone Wolf   Warner 1990
Williams, Hank Jr. Greatest Hits, Vol 1     1993
Wilson, Anna Long Way     2003
Winans, BeBe Dream     2005
Wirtz, Mark Love Is Eggshaped     2005
Witt, Marcos Tiempo de Navidad     2004
Wood, Lauren Lauren Wood   Warner 1979