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Steve Lukather
Birth day: 21.10.1957
Guitars / Vocals

Last Update: 2005-12-05

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Artist Title # Tracks Company Year
Airplay Airplay   RCA 1980
Alessi Long Time Friends   Qwest 1982
Allen, Peter Bi-Coastal   A&M 1980
Alpert, Herb Magic Man   A&M 1981
Alpert, Herb Greatest Hits   A&M 1982
Alpert, Herb Blow Your Own Horn   A&M 1983
Alston, Gerald Open Invitation 1 Motown 1990
America Alibi   Capitol 1980
America View From the Ground   Capitol 1982
America Highway: 30 Years of America     2000
America Definitive America     2001
Anderson, Jon In the City of Angels 1 Columbia 1988
Anderson, Michael Michael Anderson   A&M 1990
Andreas, Teddy Innocent Loser     1996
Anka, Paul Walk a Fine Line   CBS 1983
Asia Then and Now   Geffen 1990
Asia Very Best of Asia: Heat of the Moment     2000
Asia Anthologia: 20th Anniversary     2002
Asia 20th Century Masters     2003
Asia Gold     2005
Atkins, Chet Stay Tuned 1 CBS 1985
Austin, Patti Every Home Should Have One   Qwest 1980
Austin, Patti Very Best of Patti Austin   Qwest 2001
Bade, Lisa Suspicion   A&M 1982
Ballard, Russ At The Third Stroke   Epic 1978
Beacco, Marc Scampi Fritti   Verve Forecast 1994
Beck, Robin Trouble or Nothing   Phonogramm 1989
Benson, Gary Moonlight Walking   Aural Explorer 1982
Be Five Trying to Forget   Qwest 1999
Benson, George The George Benson Collection   Warner 1981
Benson, George Greatest Hits of All   Warner 2003
Berger, Michael Beausejour 2   1980
Berger, Michael Dreams In Stone   Atlantic 1981
Bertucci, Anne I'm Number One   Canyon 1981
Bertucci, Anne I Need You   Canyon 1982
Bertucci, Anne Ann Bertucci   Phonogramm 1989
Bertucci, Anne Cool Hand   Ultraphone 1983
Bishop & Gwinn This Is Our Night   Infinity  
Bishop, Stephen Bowling in Paris   Atlantic 1991
Bissonette, Gregg Siblings 1 BMI 1992
Bissonette, Gregg Gregg Bissonette 1 Shrapnel 1998
Blake, Karen Just One Heart   Canyon 1984
Bolton, Michael Soul Provider 1 Columbia 1989
Bolton, Michael Timeless - The Classics Vol.1   Columbia  
Bolton, Michael Timeless - The Classics Vol.2 4 Columbia 1999
Boylan, Terence Terence Boylan 2 Elektra 1977
Branigan, Laura Branigan   Atlantic 1982
Breaux, Zachary Uptown Groove 1 Zebra Records 1997
Bridge 2 Far Bridge 2 Far   WTG 1989
Brooklyn Dreams Joy Ride   Casablanca 1979
Brooklyn Dreams Music, Harmony And Rhythm   Casablanca 1996
Brothers Johnson Winners   A&M 1981
Browne, Jackson Lives in the Balance 3 Asylum 1986
Bugatti & Musker The Dukes   Atlantic 1982
Cadd, Brian Yesterday Dreams   Capitol 1978
Caldwell, Bobby Carry On   Polygram 1982
Carlisle, Belinda Runaway Horses   MCA 1989
Carmen, Eric Tonight You're Mine   Arista 1980
Carnes, Kim Cafe Racer   EMI 1983
Carter, Raymone Raymone Carter   Reprise 1971
Carter, Valerie Wild Child   CBS 1978
Cerrone Cerrone V - Angelina   EMI 1979
Cetera, Peter Peter Cetera   Full Moon 1981
Champaign Women In Flames   Columbia 1984
Champlin, Bill Single   Epic 1978
Champlin, Bill Runaway 7 Elektra 1981
Champlin, Bill Burn Down the Night 2 Turnip the Music 1992
Champlin, Bill Through It All   Turnip the Music 1994
Char U.S.J.   Seesaw 1981
Cheap Trick Dream Police   Epic 1979
Cher Take Me Home   Casablanca 1979
Cher Prisoner 3 Casablanca 1979
Cher I Paralyze   Columbia 1982
Cher Cher 1 Geffen 1987
Cher Love Hurts 10 Geffen 1991
Cher Heart of Stone   Geffen 1991
Cher Best of the Casablanca Years     1996
Cher Chornicles     2005
Chicago Chicago 16   Warner 1982
Chicago Chicago 18   Warner 1986
Chicago Very Best of Chicago: Only the Beginning     2002
Chicago The Complete Greatest Hits 1967-2002     2003
Child, Desmond Discipline 5 Elektra 1991
Choir, Yves By Prescription Only   New Musidisc 1989
Christian Tolle Project Better Than Dreams 2 CTM 2000
Claudia Claudia   Scotti Bros. 1981
Clapton, Eric Behind the Sun   Warner 1985
Clapton, Eric Chronicles (Best of) 1 Reprise Records 1999
Cliff, Jimmy Give Thankx   Warner 1978
Clooney, Rosemary Still On the Road   Concord 1994
Cocciante, Riccardo Sincerita'   Virgin 1983
Cocker, Joe Civilized Man 4 Capitol 1984
Cocker, Joe Best of Joe Cocker   Impact (France) 1993
Cooper, Alice From the Inside   Warner 1978
Cooper, Alice Trash 1 Epic 1989
Cotton, Paul Changing Horses 3   1990
Crane, Stephan Stephen Crane 2 MCA 1984
Crane, Stephan Kicks   MCA 1984
Crawford, Randy Secret Combination   Warner 1981
Crawford, Randy Best of     1996
Crawford, Randy Best of Randy Crawford & Friends     2000
Crawford, Randy Windsong   Warner 1982
Crawford, Randy Nightline 4 Warner 1983
Criss, Peter Pete Criss   Casablanca 1978
Criss, Pete Out of Control   Casablanca 1980
Criss, Pete Let Me Rock You   Mercury 1981
Crosby, David Oh Yes I Can 2 A&M 1989
Cross, Christopher Another Page   Warner 1983
Cross, Christopher Very Best of Christopher Cross     2002
Crusaders Healing the Wounds 1 GRP 1991
Cross, Christopher The Definite Cristopher Cross 2 Warner Bros. 2001
Cummings, Burton Sweet Sweet 2 Alfa 1981
Cummings, Burton Save My Soul   Atlantic 1982
Currie, Cherie & Marie Messin' With the Boys   Capitol 1979
Dal Bello, Lisa Lisa Dal Bello 4 MCA 1977
Dal Bello, Lisa Pretty Girls   Talisman 1978
Dee, Kiki Stay With Me   Rocket 1979
Desario, Teri Caught   Casablanca 1980
Diamond, Neil Headed For the Future   CBS 1986
Diamond, Neil Best Years of Our Lives   Columbia 1988
Diamond, Neil In My Lifetime [Box, 3 CDs]   Columbia 1996
DiMaggio, Robin Blue Planet 1 Favored Nations 2001
Donohue, Dane Dane Donohue 2 Columbia 1978
Dore, Charlie Listen 10 Chrysalis 1981
Earth, Wind & Fire I Am   CBS 1979
Earth, Wind & Fire Faces 2 CBS 1980
Earth, Wind & Fire Elements of Love: Ballads   Columbia 1996
Earth, Wind & Fire Greatest Hits     1998
Earth, Wind & Fire Essential EArth, Wind, & Fire     2005
Easton, Sheena A Private Heaven   Capitol 1984
Edelman, Randy You're the One   Arista 1979
El Grupo El Grupo Live     2005
ELT Songs from LA     1999
England Dan & John Ford Coley Dr. Heckle & Mr. Jive   Big Tree 1979
England Dan & John Ford Coley Best   Big Tree 1980
Essex, David Be Bop the Future   Mercury 1981
Evans, Linda You Control Me   Ariola  
Eye to Eye Shakespeare Stole My Baby   Warner 1983
Fabian, Lara Lara Fabian 3 Epic 1999
Falk, Dieter Dieter Falk   Myrhh 1989
Far Corporation Division One   Atco 1985
Far corporation Solitude   BMG (Eur) 1994
Farina, Sandy All Alone In the Night   MCA  
Feehan, Tim Tim Feehan   Scotti Bros. 1987
Feehan, Tim Full Contact 1 MCA 1990
Fields, Brandon Other Places 1 Nova 1990
Foster, David River of Love 1 Atlantic 1990
Foster, David A Touch Of David Foster   WEA 1992
Frampton, Peter Breaking All the Rules   A&M 1981
Frampton, Peter Shine On: A Collection   A&M 1992
Frampton, Peter 20th Century Masters     2003
Franklin, Aretha Aretha   Arista 1980
Franklin, Aretha Love All the Hurt Away 4 Arista 1981
Fuller, Craig & Eric Kaz Craig Fuller & Eric Kaz   Columbia 1978
Gardestad, Ted Blue Virgin Isle   Epic 1978
Garfield, David & Friends L.A. Keyboard Project 1 Intercord 1997
Garfield, David & Friends Tribute To Jeff 2 Pony Canyon 1997
Garfield, David & The Cats I Am The Cat,...............Man 2 Intercord 1998
Garfield, David Giving Back 2 Creatchy Records 2003
Garfield, David L.A. Keyboard Project     2004
Garfunkel, Art Lefty   CBS 1988
Gebhard, Nicky No Cry, Just Music     1998
Gianco, Ricky E' Rock'n'Roll 4 Fonit Cetra 1991
Gil, Gilberto Realce [Highlight]   Elektra 1989
Goffin, Louise Kid Blue 3 Asylum 1979
Goodrum, Randy Caretaker of Dreams   Nova 1993
Goodrum, Randy Words and Music   Polydor 1994
Goodrum, Randy Songbook 5 Beverly 1995
Gorky Park Moscow Calling   Ariola 1993
Grimaldi Redidive     1980
Gruska, Jay Which One of Us Is Me   Warner 1984
Guitar Workshop Tribute to Otis Redding 2 JVC 1989
Gurtu, Trilok Hathak 1 Cream 1998
Hadley, Tony The State of Play   EMI 1992
Hall and Oates Along the Red Ledge   RCA 1978
Hamada, Shogo Home Bound   CBS,So 1980
Hancock, Herbie Lite Me Up 1 CBS 1982
Harnen, Jimmy Can't Fight the Midnight   WTG 1989
Heimlicher, Matthias Running Back To You 1   2003
Henderson, Finis Finis   Motown 1983
Henley, Don I Can't Stand Still 3 Elektra 1982
Henley, Don Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits   Geffen 1995
Hodges, James & Smith What HAve You Done For Love     1978
Holland, Amy On Your Every Word   Capitol 1981
Horn, Jim Work It Out   Warner 1990
Houston, Whitney Exhale [CD5]   Arista 1995
Howell, Kurt Kurt Howell 8 Reprise 1992
Hungate, David Souvenir   CBS 1990
I-Ten Taking a Cold Look   Epic 1983
Iijima, Mari Right Now 3 Mari Iijima 2001
Ingram, James It's Real   Warner 1990
Ingram, James The Power of Great Music: The Best of...   Warner 1991
Iwasaki, Hiromi I Want to Break Your Heart   Victor 1984
Jabara, Paul Keeping Time   Casablanca 1978
Jackopierce Finest Hour   A&M 1996
Jackopierce Decade 1988-1998   Crystal Clear Sound 1997
Jackson, Jermaine Precious Moments   Arista 1986
Jackson, Michael Thriller 3 Epic 1982
Jackson, Michael History: Past, Present & Future Book One   Epic 1995
Jackson, Michael Blood on the Dance Floor: History in the Mix     1997
Jackson, Michael Ultimate Collection     2004
Jackson, Michael Essential Michael Jackson     2005
Jacksons Victory 1 Epic 1984
Jans, Tom Champion 1 Canyon 1982
Jarreau, Al Breakin' Away 2 Warner (GB) 1981
Jarreau, Al Best Of Al Jarreau   WB 1996
Jay Graydon / Rake & the Surftone Surfers Drive Woodies   Pioneer(Japan) 1996
Jefferson Airplane Jefferson Airplane   Epic 1989
John, Elton Victim of Love   Rocket 1979
John, Elton 21 At 33   Rocket 1980
John, Elton The Fox   Geffen/MCA 1981
John, Elton To Be Continued     1990
Jones, Booker T. Runaway   MCA 1972
Jones, Quincy Superdisc   A&M 1979
Jones, Quincy Dude   A&M 1981
Jones, Quincy Back On the Block   Qwest,Warner 1989
Jones, Quincy From Q with Love     1999
Jones, Quincy Q: The Musical Biography of Quincy Jones     2001
Jones, Quincy Ultimate Collection      
Jones, Rickie Lee Pirates   Warner 1981
Jones, Rickie Lee The Magazine 1 Warner 1984
Jones, Rickie Lee Duchess of Coolsville: An Anthology      
Jordan, Marc Mannequin   Warner 1978
Jordan, Marc Blue Desert 1 Warner 1979
Jordan, Marc A Hole in the Wall   Sound Design 1983
Jürgens, Udo Leave A Little Love   BMG Ariola 1981
Karizma Dreams Come True 3   1987
Karizma Cuba   Half Moon 1989
Kassav Dife   Epic 1995
Katsuragi, Yuki L.A. Spirits   Radio C. 1982
Kawai, Naoko 9 2 Columbia 1985
Kaz, Eric Fuller/Kaz   CBS 1978
Kennedy, Ray Ray Kennedy   American 1980
Khan, Chaka I Feel For You   Warner 1984
Kipner, Steve Knock the Walls Down   Elektra 1980
Kisugi, Takao Zigu Zagu   Kitty 1977
Klimas, Larry Retro Spec(t) 1 Creatchy Records 1999
Kunkel, Leah Leah Kunkel   CBS 1979
Kunkel, Leah I Run With Trouble 2 CBS 1980
L.A. Blues Authority L.A. Blues Authority 1 Roadrunner 1992
L.A. Keyboard Project Joined Together   Sohbi 1990
L.A. Workshop Norwegian Wood 2 Denon 1988
L.A. Workshop with New Yorker Norwegian Wood II 4 Denon 1989
LaBounty, Bill Bill LaBounty   Warner 1982
Ladd, Cheryl Cheryl Ladd   Capitol 1978
Ladd, Cheryl Dance Forever   Capitol 1979
Lake, Greg Greg Lake & Gary Moore   Chrysalis 1981
Lake, Greg Manoeuvres   Chrysalis 1983
Lake, Greg From the Beginning: Retrospective   Rhino 1997
Landau, Michael Tales From the Bulge 2 Sobhi 1990
Larsen, Neil Through Any Window 1 MCA 1987
Larson, Travis Burn Season     2004
Lean Ware Lean Ware   Electra 1982
Lee, Tommy Never a Dull Moment     2002
Leslie, Kelly & John Ford Coley Leslie, Kelly, & John Ford Coley   A&M 1981
Loggins, Kenny High Adventure   Columbia 1982
Loggins, Kenny Vox Humana   CBS 1985
Loggins, Kenny Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: The Greatest Hits     1997
Loggins, Kenny Essential Kenny Loggins     2002
Los Lobotomys Los Lobotomys 9 Creatchy 1989
Los Lobotomys Candyman 12 Viceroy 1994
Longfellow, Barron Barron Longfellow   Master 1983
Lover Speaks, The The Lover Speaks   A&M 1986
Lukather, Steve Lukather 11 CBS 1989
Lukather, Steve Candyman 12 Columbia 1994
Lukather, Steve Luke   Columbia 1997
Lukather, Steve / Carlton, Larry No Substitutions - Live In Osaka 5 Favored Nations 2001
Lynn, Cheryl Start Over   Columbia 1977
Lynn, Cheryl Cheryl Lynn   Columbia 1978
Lynn, Cheryl Got To Be Real: Best of Cheryl Lynn   Columbia 1996
MacGregor, Mary Mary MacGregor   RSO 1980
Man Doki People In Room 8     1997
Man Doki So Far   Red-rock Music 1998
Man Doki Legends of Rock     2005
Manchester, Melissa Hey Ricky   Arista 1982
Manchester, Melissa Greatest Hits 3 Arista 1983
Manchester, Melissa Mathematics   MCA 1985
Manchester, Melissa Essence of Melissa Manchester     1997
Manhattan Transfer Extensions 1 Atlantic 1979
Manhattan Transfer Mecca For Moderns 3 Atlantic 1981
Manhattan Transfer Anthology: Down In Birdland   Rhino 1992
Marian Marginal Love   Columbia 1981
Mars, Steve Somebody Somewhere   Columbia 1982
Martin, Eric Eric Martin   Capitol 1985
Marx, Richard Repeat Offender 2 Capitol 1989
Marx, Richard Rush Street 3 Capitol 1991
Marx, Richard Flesh And Bone 1 Capitol 1997
Mason, Harvey Groovin' You   Arista 1979
Mathieson, Greg (Project) Baked Potato Super Live 7 CBS-Sony 1982
Mathis, Jonny / Williams, Deniece That's What Friends Are For   CBS 1978
Matogrosso, Ney ...pois e 2 Polygram 1982
Matsui, Kazu Time No Longer 1 RVC 1981
Mayall, John (& the Bluesbreakers) Bottom Line   DJM 1979
McCartney, Paul Give My Regards To Broad Street 1 EMI 1984
McClusky, David A Long Time Coming   GRT 1978
McDonald, Michael If That's What It Takes 1 Warner 1982
McDonald, Michael Sweet Freedom   Warner 1986
McDonald, Michael Very Best Of     2001
McDonald, Michael Voice of Michael McDonald     2001
McDonald, Michael Ultimate Collection      
McIan, Peter Playing Near the Edge   Columbia  
Meat Loaf Live Around The World   Tommy Boy 1996
Midler, Bette For the Boys     1991
Miles, Jay 9 Hours     2005
Milsap, Ronnie Heart & Soul     1987
Mitchell, Adam Redhead In Trouble 4 Warner 1979
Mitchell, Joni Wild Things Run Fast   Geffen 1982
Mitchell, Joni Dog Eat Dog   Geffen 1985
Mitchell, Joni Hits   Reprise 1996
Mitchell, Joni Complete Geffen Recordings   Geffen 2003
Mitchell, Joni Songs of a Prarie Girl     2005
Mizukoshi, Keiko I'm Fine   Tourus 1982
Nash, Graham Earth and Sky   EMI 1980
Newman, Randy Trouble in Paradise   Warner 1983
Newman, Randy Land of Dreams   Reprise 1988
Newman, Randy Guilty     1998
Newman, Randy Best Of     2001
Newton, Juice Well Kept Secret   Capitol 1978
Newton-John, Olivia Totally Hot   MF 1978
Newton-John, Olivia Physical   MCA 1981
Newton-John, Olivia Greatest Hits   MCA 1982
Newton-John, Olivia Soul Kiss   Polystar 1985
Niacin Deep 1 Magna Carta 2000
Nicks, Stevie The Wild Heart   Warner 1983
Nicks, Stevie Time Space [Best Of]   Modern 1991
Nicks, Stevie Enchanted     1998
Nielsen-Pearson Blind Luck   EMI 1983
Night Plane Night Plane   Hand Shake 1982
(Nitty Gritty) Dirt Band Make a Little Magic   United Artists 1980
(Nitty Gritty) Dirt Band Jealousy   Liberty 1981
Noguchi, Goro Last Joke      
Nolan, Kenny Song Between Us   Polydor  
O'Kane, John Solid     1991
Odd Man Out Greatest Hits     2005
Okumoto, Ryo Makin' Rock   SeeSaw 1980
Okumoto, Ryo Coming Through     2002
Omura, Kenji Kenji Shock   Alfa 1978
Osbourne, Ozzy Prince of Darkness     2005
Ozaki, Ami Hot Baby 8 Canyon 1981
Pasquale, Joe Prey 1 MCA 1988
Pasquale, Joe Riccochet   Pioneer 1994
Les Paul and Friends American Made, World Played     2005
Peeples, Nia Nia Peeples   Charisma 1991
Pockets Take It On Up   Sony 1978
Powell, Cozy The Drums are Back 2   1992
Preston, Billy The Way I Am   Motown 1981
Rake & the Surftones Surfers Drive Woodies     1996
Rankin, Kenny Hiding In Myself 1 Cypress 1988
Raymond, Brett Only Love   Sixty 1986
Richie, Lionel Can't Slow Down 1 Motown 1983
Richie, Lionel Dancing On the Ceiling   Motown 1986
Richie, Lionel Louder Than Words 1 PolyGram 1996
Richman, Jeff The Way In   MGR 1989
Ritenour, Lee Feel the Night 2 Elektra 1979
Ritenour, Lee & Friends Live from the Coconut Grove 2 Image Entertainment (DVD) 2000
Roberts, David All Dressed Up 10 Elektra 1982
Rodgers, Michael I Got Love   WTG 1989
Rogers, Kenny We've Got Tonight   EMI-Manhattan 1983
Rogers, Kenny Heart of the Matter   RCA 1985
Rogers, Kenny They Don't Make Them Like They Used To   RCA 1986
Ross, Diana Baby It's Me 2 Motown 1977
Ross, Diana Ross   Motown 1978
Rundgren, Todd Todd Rundgren & His Friends     2002
Rundgren, Todd Remixes     2003
Russell, Brenda Love Life 7 A&M 1981
Sager, Carol Bayer Too   Elektra 1978
Sager, Carol Bayer Sometimes Late at Night   Epic 1981
Sands, Evie Suspended Animation   RCA 1979
Saunders, Fernando Cashmere Dreams   Grudge 1989
Sayer, Leo Thunder In My Heart 5 Warner 1977
Sayer, Leo Leo Sayer 5 Warner 1978
Sayer, Leo Here 3 Chrysalis 1979
Sayer, Leo World Radio   Warner 1982
Sayer, Leo Have You Ever Been In Love   Chysalis 1984
Sayer, Leo All the Best   Chrysalis 1993
Sayer, Leo Leo     2002
Scaggs, Boz Down Two Then Left 1 CBS 1977
Scaggs, Boz Middle Man 9 CBS 1980
Scaggs, Boz Hits   CBS 1980
Scaggs, Boz Other Roads 2 CBS 1988
Scaggs, Boz Starbox     1993
Scaggs, Boz Boz The Ballade   Sony 1992
Scaggs, Boz My Time: The Anthology     1997
Scaggs, Boz Dig 2 Virgin 2001
Schascle (Chess-EL) Haunted By Real Life 2 Reprise 1991
Sharretts, The You Turn Me Around   Dayspring 1978
Schmit, Timothy B. Playin' It Cool 4 Asylum 1984
Schultz, Ben Tri Ality   TVT 1992
Sciuto, Tony Island Night   Epic 1980
Seals, Dan Stones   Atlantic 1980
Sedaka, Dara I'm Your Girl Friend   Canyon 1982
Seger, Bob The Fire Inside 2 Capitol 1991
Seger, Bob Greatest Hits 1 Capitol 1994
Sherinian, Derek Inertia 7 InsideOutMusic 2001
Sherinian, Derek Rhapsody in Black     2001
Sherinian, Derek Black Utopia     2003
Sherinian, Derek Mythology 1 InsideOutMusic 2004
Sherwood Ball 'n Chain White Light   Ball Records 1995
Sinclar, Bob Cerrone by Bob     2001
Sorrenti, Alan Sorrenti   RCA 1981
Soundtrack (film) What Have You Done For Love   London 1978
Soundtrack (film) Fast Company     1979
Soundtrack (film) Arthur   Warner 1981
Soundtrack (film) In Harmony 2   Columbia 1981
Soundtrack (film) Zapped! 1 Regency 1982
Soundtrack (film) Two Of A Kind   MCA 1983
Soundtrack (film) Dune   Polydor 1984
Soundtrack (film) Footloose   Columbia 1984
Soundtrack (film) Wildcats   Warner 1985
Soundtrack (film) St. Elmo's Fire   Atlantic 1985
Soundtrack (film) Back To School   MCA 1986
Soundtrack (film) Raw Deal   Varese 1986
Soundtrack (film) Road House   Arista 1989
Soundtrack (film) For the Boys   Atlantic 1991
Soundtrack (film) Straight Talk   Hollywood 1992
Soundtrack (film) People     1995
Soundtrack (film) Dune   PEG 1997
Soundtrack (TV) Balko   Ultrapop 1997
Soundtrack (film) Pokemon 2000     2000
Spinal Tap Break Like the Wind 3 MCA 1992
Spinal Tap Bitch School     1992
St. Nicklaus, Dick Sweet & Dandy   Epic 1980
Stealin' Horses Stealin' Horses   Arista 1985
Steven T. West Coast Confidential 2 Dream 1978
Stevens, Jon Jon Stevens   MCA 1982
Stewart, Rod Vagabond Heart 2 Warner 1991
Streisand, Barbra Songbird 1 Columbia 1978
Streisand, Barbra Wet 1 CBS 1979
Streisand, Barbra Emotion   CBS 1984
Sugano, Anri Show Case   EMI 1981
Sugiyama, Kiyotaka Kiyotaka Sugiyama      
Summer, Donna Bad Girls   Casablanca 1979
Summer, Donna The Wanderer   Geffen 1980
Summer, Donna Donna Summer 4 Casablanca 1982
Summer, Donna Anthology     1993
Summer, Donna Gold     2005
Sure, Al B. Very Best Of     2003
Syreeta Syreeta [1975]   Motown 1975
Steven T West Coast Confidential     1978
Takeuchi, Mariya Miss M 5 RCA 1980
Tanner, Marc No Escape   Elektra 1979
Taupin, Bernie He Who Rides the Tiger   Asylum 1980
Tavares Supercharged   EMI 1980
Terrana, Michael Man In Machine 2   1998
Think Out Loud Think Out Loud   A&M 1988
Toto Toto 10 Columbia 1978
Toto Hydra 8 Columbia 1979
Toto Turn Back 8 Columbia 1980
Toto Toto IV 10 Columbia 1982
Toto Isolation 10 Columiba 1984
Toto Fahrenheit 10 Columbia 1986
Toto The Seventh One 11 Columbia 1988
Toto Past To Present, 1977-1990 13 Columbia 1990
Toto Kingdom of Desire 12 Relativity 1992
Toto Absolutely Live 13 Columbia 1993
Toto Best Ballads   Sony 1994
Toto Tambu 12 Columbia 1995
Toto XX 12 Columbia 1998
Toto Mindfields 14 Sony 1999
Toto Livefields 19 Sony 1999
Toto Through The Looking Glass 11 CMC 2002
Toto Live in Amsterdam 19 Eagle Rock 2003
Toto Falling In Between 11 Frontiers 2006
Tramp, Mike Songs I Left Behind     2004
Travers & Appice Pat Travers & Carmine Appiece     2005
Triumvirat Russian Roulette   Harvest 1980
Trooper Flying Colors   MCA 1979
Tschuggnall, Michael Michael Tschuggnall 1 Universal 2003
TUBE Sha La La / Remember Me     2000
Tubes Completion Backwards Principle   Capitol 1982
Tubes Outside Inside   Capitol 1983
Tubes The Best of The Tubes 2 Capitol 1992
Tutone, Tommy National Emotion   Columbia 1983
Van Halen Balance   Warner 1995
Van Halen For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge 1    
Various Artists Official Music of the 23rd Olympiad 1 Columbia 1984
Various Artists Hands Across America 1 EMI 1986
Various Artists A Very Special Christmas   A&M,MFSL 1987
Various Artists Guitar Workshop - Tribute To Otis Redding   JVC 1989
Various Artists Guitar's Practicing Musicians II 2 Guitar 1991
Various Artists The Guitarist [2 CD]   Sony 1992
Various Artists Night Of The Proms 1994   EVA,EMI 1994
Various Artists Return Of Westcoast Pop,Vol.I   Beverly 1994
Various Artists Jeffology: A Guitar Chronicle 1 JVC 1995
Various artists People: a musical celebration of diversit   Lightyear, Warn 1995
Various Artists In From the Storm (Jimi Hendrix Tribute)   RCA 1995
Various Artists Jeffology: Jeff Beck Tribute     1996
Various Artists Carols Of Christmas, Vol. 2     1997
Various Artists Best Of Smooth Jazz     1997
Various Artists One Steps Up/Two Steps Back: The Songs Of Bruce Springsteen   Capitol 1997
Various Artists Balko - die Musik zur Serie 1 Edel - ultrapop 1997
Various Artists Windham Wonderland     1997
Various Artists Tones of Christmas     1998
Various Artists Merry Axemas Vol. 2
More guitar for Christmas
1   1998
Various Artists Humanary Stew
(Tribute to Alice Cooper)
1 Triage 1999
Various Artists Sounds Of Wood & Steel 2 1 Windham Hill Records 1999
Various Artists Tribute to Aerosmith 1 Cleopatra 1999
Various Artists Pop Music: The Modern Era     1999
Various Artists Tribute to Ozzy -
Bad Head Soup
1 Triage 2000
Various Artists Supergroups of the 80s     2000
Various Artists Stone Cold Queen -
A Tribute
1 Shrapnel 2001
Various Artists Essential Metal Masters     2001
Various Artists Capitol Records 1942-2002     2002
Various Artists Voodoo Crossing - Tribute To Jimi Hendrix 1 Comet Records (Italy) 2003
Various Artists Hazy Dreams - (not Just) A Jimi Hendrix Tribute 1 Edel Records 2003
Various Artists Influences and connections 1, Mr. Big 1 Universal Japan 2003
Various Artists Stairway to rock - (not just) a Led Zeppelin tribute 1 Edel Records 2003
Various Artists Guitar Supreme: Giant Steps in Fusion Guitar     2004
Various Artists Influences & Connections, Vol 1: Mr Big     2004
Various Artists Tribute to Pink Floyd     2005
Various Artists Back Against the Wall     2005
Various Artists Vissions of an Inner Mounting Apocalupse: A Fusion Gui     2005
Walsh, Brock Dateline: Tokyo   Warner 1983
Warwick, Dionne Friends In Love   Arista 1982
Watanabe, Misato Hello Lovers   Epic 1992
Waters, Roger Amused To Death   Columbia 1992
Waters Flickering Flame: The Solo Years, Vol 1.     2002
Watson, Helen Blue Slipper   EMI 1987
Watts, Ernie Chariots of Fire   Qwest 1982
Waybill, Fee Read My Lips   Capitol 1984
Waybill, Fee Don't Be Scared By These Hands   IRS 1996
Webb, Jimmy Angel Heart   Columbia 1982
Webb, Jimmy Suspending Disbelief 3 Elektra 1993
Weisberg, Tim Outrageous Temptations 2 Cypress  
Wells, Corey Touch Me   A&M 1978
Werner, Pe Weibsbilder 3 EMI,Intercord 1989
Wetton, John Voice Mail   Canyon [Japan] 1994
Wetton, John Battle Lines   Cromwell 1995
Wetton, John Anthology     2001
Williams, Deniece That's What Friends Are For   CBS 1978
Williams, Deniece When Love Comes Calling   CBS 1979
Williams, Deniece Best of: Gonna Take A Miracle   Columbia,Legacy 1996
Williams, Deniece Love Songs     2000
Williams, Joseph Joseph Williams 2 MCA 1982
Williams, Joseph 3 1 Kitty 1997
Wilson Brothers Another Night   Atco 1979
Wilson Phillips Wilson Phillips   EMI,SBK 1990
Wilson, Phillips Shadows and Light 2 SBK 1992
Wilson, Nancy Friends In Love   Arista  
Wolf, Peter Progression 2 Groove Works 1999
Wood, Lauren Lauren Wood   Warner 1979
Woods, Stevie Take Me To Your Heaven   Cotillion 1982
Wright, Gary When Love Comes Calling      
Wright, Gary Headin' Home 3 Warner 1979
Wright, Gary Best of the Dream Weaver     1998
Yardbirds Birdland 1 Favored Nations 2003
Yazawa, Eikichi It's Just Rock 'n Roll   Elektra 1982
Young, Jesse Colin The Perfect Stranger 1 Elektra 1982
Zappa, Dweezil Confessions 1 Barking Pumpkin 1991
Zevon, Warren Envoy 1 Asylum 1982
Zevon, Warren I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (Anthology)   Rhino 1996