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What is RSS

RSS is an alternative way that we can provide you the latest TOTO News.
RSS, which stands for "Really Simple Syndication" (sometimes called Rich Site Summary), has been adopted by news services, weblogs, and other online information services to send content to subscribers.
Using a program, called an RSS reader, you can subscribe to our RSS feed. Every time that we update the news page page with a new News Message your RSS reader program will be alerted. The News as well as a link to it on the website will be provided.

To subscribe mark the link below and then copy and paste it into your RSS reader program.


Example RSS viewers include:
  • FeedDemon (Windows)

  • NetNewsWire Lite (Mac)

  • Mozilla Firefox
    Web Browser (Windows, Mac, Unix). Firefox has a feature called Live Bookmarks that lets you subscribe to an RSS feed within the browser. For even more flexibility, you can install a Firefox extension called Sage to read and manage RSS feeds.

  • Bloglines
    Bloglines is a free, web-based service for managing news feeds. There is no need to download or install software, and you can access your feeds from any computer connected to the Internet.