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Album Name: All I Ever Needed

Till Tomorrow

What if love was right
would you stay with me tonight
Oh, that's right
And will there ever be
A chance for you and me
I hope I'm right.

I've waited for so long
For this love you got to give
This cloud above my head is keeping you from me girl
And now I see a chance to make it all come true again
And what I need to know is will you be there for me

I need you, beside me, I want you

I can't wait till tomorrow
Can't we start right now
No more heart filled with sorrows
Won't you be mine tonight

Everytime you're close
I fall in love again
Oh that's right
And what I've got to give
Is a love buit for you
Oh don't fight

Chorus 2X

All I Ever Needed

I fall into a sleep, as she gently weeps.
Been a long lonely time you say

And all you ahve to hide, is love and foolish pride
Gonna bring down the walls this time

And I'll be there by your side
I'll be there every....time you need...time that you need

And if love hots true to fate
You'll be there my side.

You're all I ever know that it's true
I'm forever in love with you
You're all I ever know that it's true
I only wanna be with you

I reach deep inside...I reach for all my pride
Can I take a our two hearts dance
Or will the walls come down tonight


My Kind Lover

Wanted to give you conversation,
Wanted to hold you through the night
So much love I got to tive you, yeah,
So much wrong can come from right

Yeah, you're my kind of lover, under cover over me
Well you're my kind of lover,under cover over me

Passion seizes every moment, ever moment I'm with you
So come on give me your sweet lovin' girl
I'm gonna give you back the things you do


All I wanted was to hold you
Girl your body feels so right
Your kind of lovin' drives me crazy...
I just want to love you 'till the mornin light...


Two Souls

I see inside your heart
A child-like fantasy
Made up of you and me.
I reach for a beam of light
Always wanting more
Knowin' what I see
You're still with me tonight

Is there love in sight
Or foolish hearts that fight
Can you really see
A chance for you and me
I'd sell my soul for you
If I knew love was true
So reach for me tonight
Our love will join the flight

Two souls who believe
Always know where they're goin'
Two lives so in need
To see all the answers
Two souls who believe
Always know where they're goin'
All you have to do is
Just imagine why I feel like I do

For a moment in your mind
All the starts in heaven smilin' at you
Holdin' on to what we've got
Fell the love inside your heart


This Time

The good book says to love they neighbor
But I don't see no love in sight
So lost it's hard to tell where we were
When will we ever see the light

If we don't come to a solution
We won't be 'round to keep the score
It's in the midst of revolution
That we will find that less is more

And hear the truth for what it is
Say you're gettin' nothin' but the biz

This time...You know there is an answer
This time...We're starting with today
This time...You'd better start to worry
This time...We gotta find a way

The truth is all that really matters
But no one seems to get it right
The politicians, made as hatters
Can hardly tell the day from night



I can see the pain inside you
I can hold it in my hand
...As love has passed you by
And did I tell you that I need you
When I looked into your eyes
...It comes as no surprise
It's hard to say goodbye to love

And girl it must be hard for you, to take it all in stride
I know that when love came to me, I felt it deep inside
It's not too late to rescue love, my heart has let me know
But if by chance love talks to you, I'll never let you go
...Never let you go

Oh Kristine
It's true, it's hard to say goodbye to you
Oh Kristine
It's truely hard to say goodbye to love

I would spend my life beside you
If I could make you understand
...That love won't pass you by
And did I show you that I need you
When I reached out to your heart
I knew right from the start
It's hard to say goodbye to love

Bridge 2
Darlin' there will come a day
To let our lovelight shine
And girl without one single doubt
I want you to be mine
The time has come to rescue love
And let emotion grow
And now that loves' been sung to us
I'll never let you go
...Never let you go


Live the Groove

Ain't been thinkin' 'bout the future
I got nothin' left to lose
Been runnin' round in circles...yeah, yeah
What is left for me to do

You need lovin'
I've got the time
We're gonna live the groove
I've got something, waiting here for you
We're gonna live the grove...yeah

Why should we think about it
We both know we're in the mood
Let's try to come together...yeah, yeah
And let's see what we can do


Everybody needs a second chance
But you know you only get it when you try
Oh reach out, reach out to me...
Caus you know you're gonna get it
Yeah you know you're gonna get it when you try...Oh yeah


Do You Ever

Will the water, danctify her needs
As the ocean, breaths reality
Does your heart speak, words soft and true
Do you reach out, does it reach out for you

I know that time will only tell
If I need to find another, will my heart fill with sorrow

Do you ever feel what I feel
Does your heart beat with passion
Do you see what I see
Do you ever feel what I feel
Do you long for what is right in life
Do you know what is real

I realize, everything you need
Still I'm wondering, will you always believe
Deep in your heart, our love is true
Will you reach out, or can I reach out to you


Love's Gonna Find You

Turn away all you want, no worries, don't face the day
Same old scene, from a typical girl in her world
Take a chance, find romance, no questions 'bout it no...
All the same in the end, there's no one to blame

Reach out for someone
Hold out your hand
And I'll be there too...
There for you

Some day, love is gonna find you
It's comin up, there right beside you
Some day, love is gonna find a way

Set your sights, see the lights, no reason to takt it no...
Feel the fight from within, it's time for a change
Holdin' back you still believe, no one could save you, girl
It's all the same in the end, there's no one to blame


Hand In Hand

Like a shadow on my memory
Or the freedom when you fall
That familiar fear of darkness in us all

Like the dust inside this coffin
Or the wind across the sand
There's a fallen angel in this motherland

Deep in the soul of freedom
Lies a will to understand
As every season changes...Hand in Hand

Like a man who's full of fortune
He's an island in the sea
And no one's sure he deserves our sympathy...hey

Like an echo on the night wind
It's a rage of history
There remains a song of peace inside of me