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For over 30 years, Toto has flooded the airwaves with classic, timeless hits. Since the first release in 1978, each and every record has delivered a new, memorable experience to fans of all musical genres. Now, together with Sony, Toto have released this limited boxed set showcasing all of the great releases of their early years.

For those fans who have followed the band since its inception, this Collection provides an amazing opportunity to rediscover the magic of Toto's first 10 years, rounding off with the unforgettable "Live In Paris" show on the "Greatest Hits Live...and More" DVD. For new fans, this Collection will be a staple on a CD shelf that will invevitably grow to include the rest of Toto's illustrious musical catalogue.

Together with a new forward by founding band member David Paich, Toto - The Collection is a must-have for fans both old and new.
Featured Albums:


Turn Back




The Seventh One

Greatest Hits Live... And More (DVD)

The box contains the 7 albums in card wallets (with spines and inner sleeves) plus DVD. Inside the card wallets replicate the original album artwork.