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In 1997, David Paich produced a new version of the 1984 movie soundtrack "Dune". In contrary to the original release, this new album contains many previously unreleased tracks.


David Paich - Keyboards
Jeff Porcaro - Drums and Percussion
Steve Porcaro - Keyboards
Mike Porcaro - Electric Bass, Acoustic Bass & Percussion
Steve Lukather - Guitars

Album Produced By David Paich and Ford A. Thaxton
Original Recording Engineered and Mixed by Tom Knox and Al Schmitt
Additional Engineering by Greg Ladanyi and Geoff Workman
Adaptation and Additional Music by Marty Paich
Performed by the Vienna Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by Marty Paich and Allyn Ferguson
Additional Orchestration by Allyn Ferguson
Engineered by Oswald Gritch and Franz Pusch
Recorded at Austrophon Studio, Vienna, Austria
Choir: The Vienna Volksoper Choir
Main Digital Transfers: => John Jessel
Digitally Mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland
CD Art Direction: Mark Banning

Dedicated to the memories of Marty Paich, Jeff Porcaro and Frank Herbert

DUNE (1997)
Original Motion
Picture Score
1. Prologue/Main Title

2. Guild Report *

3. House Atreides *

4. Paul Atreides *

5. Robot Fight

6. Leto's Theme

7. The Box

8. The Floating Fat Man (The Baron)

9. Departure *

10. The Trip to Arrakis

11. Sandworm Attack *

12. The Betrayal/Shields Down *

13. First Attack

14. The Duke's Death *

15. Sandworm Chase *

16. The Fremen *

17. Secrets of the Fremen *

18. Paul Meets Chani

19. Destiny *

20. Riding the Sandworm *

21. Reunion with Gurney *

22. Prelude (Take My Hand)

23. Paul Takes the Water of Life

24. The Sleeper Has Awakened! *

25. Big Battle

26. Paul Kills Feyd

27. Final Dream

28. Dune (Desert Theme)

29. Dune Main Title - Demo Version

30. Take My Hand

Liner Notes by David Paich:

My first encounter with David Lynch was in 1983. I flew to Mexico City to bring him a "demo" tape TOTO had made in hopes of doing it in the new movie "Dune." That same demo can be heard on this album, second to last cut.

When I went through customs, it was as if we had a "get out of jail card free." We were quickly whisked past everyone in customs. That evening my presence was requested at a "well known" restaurant in Mexico City which I believed Rafaella De Laurentiis, the producer, had requisitioned for the duration of the movie.

As David Lynch rose and shook my hand the first thing he asked was "would you mind recording in Moscow?" "Sounds interesting," I replied. "Is there a phone around here?" I immediately placed a call to my father Marty to get his thinking on this question. "We can bring in Andre Previn to conduct for us. I know he speaks Russian." I nodded my head to David Lynch. "No problem."

"No problem" was an understatement regarding the task I had ahead of me. I later played the demo for Rafaella and David. They nodded positively. Later that evening at a party, David Lynch put a set of headphones on me with Shostakovich's eleventh playing. He said in a raised voice "do you like that kinda music?" I replied "I love it." He then said "do you know what I want musically?" I answered with a definite "Yes!"

Over the next six months I, with my associates in TOTO composed the music you will hear on this CD. David Lynch's only orders to me were "low and slow." Only once did he raise his voice, (when he heard a harp playing that had leaked through onto the string tracks. He hated harps.)

This album is dedicated to my father Marty Paich who orchestrated and conducted along with Allyn Ferguson the music of the movie and to Jeff Porcaro who created the original percussion concept. Special dedication to Frank Herbert who wrote DUNE. It was a truly unique experience.

I highly recommend against anyone attempting this pseudo-self indulgent quasi-Promethian endeavor on their first movie score.

David Paich

P.S. Billy Idol swears this is his favorite TOTO album.