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Zoetermeer, Netherlands — 27 February 2009

How much can you tell to find a word much more better than fantastic ? I don't know.
This concert was already sold out for months and I didn't had a ticket for this concert. Just this afternoon a few hours before the concert, somebody called me there was a ticket left over. Great !
Enthousiastic before the concert AND enthousiastic during the concert. In a concert of about 2 hours and 20 minutes, yeah, really 140 minutes non-stop music, you could enjoy a lot of well-played music.
It's seems to be a good team of musicians, because it's the first time I see 4 members making Steve Lukather embarrassed during playing.
Sometimes they really took the lead, where normally Steve says what to do. It all seems like it was ok for Steve too. He's really a professional musician.
You could hear a lot of songs from the new record of Steve Lukather as well as from the Los Lobotomys and Toto-albums. Really a complete show. There was a tribute for Jeff and Simon as well. I will remember this concert as a dynamic high level one. Thanx

Church Falls, USA — 24 August 2008

What are the odds that Steve Lukather would select Washington, D.C. on his limited US tour promoting "EVERCHANGING TIMES"? As he said at the end of his truly dynamic set, "We may never see each other again, but you'll always be in my heart!" , after all, why would anyone want to take their son to DC for their 21st birthday when they could go to Las Vegas? (There's a vast difference in each town's debaucherie{sic}) From the moment the hair on the back of my neck tingled, both at the news of his bands coming to town & at the eagerly anticipated first riff of the show, to the final dying chord...... the audience was drawn into LUKE's world. (Party on!) Rock 'N Roll, blues,jazz, you name it everything was fair game. My girlfriend was somewhat disappointed that there weren't more songs that she recognized, i.e. Toto epics, but after all these are Everchanging Times, a shift in relationships with new worlds to conquer. As for me, I was truly delighted to see that gleam, that spark, that "je ne sais quoi" that Luke's legions have grown to know and love for over three decades. The raw power and confidence in full force! Smiles, grace, and humble ease----- no real pretention, just a love of performing this time with a heap more spotaneity than the more orchestrated Toto gigs. It is so wonderful to see performances of the many terrific tunes that have made Luke's career so rich with "tasty goodies" in every musical genre. In smaller venues such as the State Theater in Falls Church, VA , he was able to share his impressions of these songs through story and artistry. The sound system wasn't the greatest but the memories will haunt me eternally. A long-in-coming change, great smiles, heartbreaking realization that this could be the last time------ a night when Rod Stewart controlled so much of the musical spotlight at the big venue in town,and the town's favorite passion getting spanked by Carolina the smallish, yet extremely boisterous crowd (yes there were more than three people) were treated to one of the true rock'nroll giants yet still one of the best-kept showbiz secrets in his element - playing with passion and entertaining with humble sincerity. WOW what a show! Maybe in five years Luke will look back wondering why he didn't do this earlier as a sideline to his career, and also see that maybe "stepping back" is a way to regenerate energy, while finding new mates and ideals to build on. Just maybe the old paths can once again be lit, this time just for the fans! What a great show and entertainer, God Bless you Luke!

Amsterdam, Netherlands — 8 July 2008

Ever Changing Times in Amsterdam!!!!

WOW Luke, you just blew me away!!! What an emotion, what a passion, what a great GREAT night in Amsterdam!!!

I had the luck to meet you after the show....and I have to say I am ADDICTED to you as a person and your music!!! Ohw, hahaha what did I just say?! Nope, I aint worries about that, hahaha!!!

Me and my WIFE just had a GREAT night in Amsterdam. THANK YOU once again!!!!

See you on the road again!

Wishing you all the best, love and respect,