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Köln, Germany — 20 December 2003
Dear All,

The only purpose to flight to Köln from Hungary was only to see the NOTP and of course TOTO. Before our trip people told us that we are crazy (it was a huge amount for young Hungarian guys - It was our Xmas present for ourselves).

After our trip we told them you are crazy!

If I have to say something about this "Music Fiesta" I would say only one word: charisma. First of all charisma related to Luke, Mike and Bobby. Secondly of course charisma related to Tony (performed I Can't Stop Loving You - We won't forget it and we dont want!!!). And at last but not least charisma of Il Novecentro.

I am 27 years-old, but tell the truth, NOTP with TOTO is one of the greatest events in my life. The other one is the TOTO concert performed in Budapest-Hungary in summer of 2000. "I will remember" till I die.

Thank you very very much, and please, if you will have possibility, please, come to Easter Europe as soon as possible!

As Luke said in Köln: "Marry Xmas, Happy New Year, Happy Channuka, what you want".

Best regards,

Dortmund, Germany — 19 December 2003
Dear TOTO members,
Last night I attended the best concert ever. It was NNOTP's one in Dortmund (Westfalenhalle). Everything was just perfect, that is, the bands resp. artists selected formed a perfect group, the lights were great in that they worked together with the music awesomely well, and the sound - THE SOUND!! - unbelievable. It was just brilliant and not too loud. So, after some two hours or so, not including the break, there they came....the healthy members of TOTO. I hope Simon Phillips will be fit again soon, and David Paich (is he ill as well?) also! After an introduction by the great orchestra, which they used to build up TOTO's equipment (Mr Lawson's drum set came down from the heavens), they blew me away, starting off with "Child's Anthem". Of course I knew it wouldn't take too long, but nevertheless I was sort of captured in time and was happy and grateful like never before. What was on the set list?: Rosanna, Africa, I won't hold you back, Can't stop loving you (Tony Spinner did a great job), Hold the line.
Right after the concert I was even able to get hold of a nice TOTO t-shirt, for just Euro 12 - a nice Christmas treat!!

So......everyone who still has a chance to catch TOTO this year, make sure you do it! Otherwise let's hope that they will come around again next year, having an awesome show of their own!? WILL YOU, LUKE, DAVID, MIKE, SIMON, TONY, and BOBBY????????

Cheers from Germany, and a Happy New Year!

Frankfurt, Germany — 16 December 2003
I come home from the Night of the Proms in Frankfurt right now and I have to share my feelings with the rest of the world, otherwise I can't sleep tonight!!!
I went to the Night of the Proms one time before, and I went to many TOTO-Concert before. I found it great each time, but TOTO AND Night of the Proms in one show... There are no words to discribe how great it was (whether in german nor in my bad english). It was a fantastic orchestra playing these wonderful songs with the best band in the world. And of course there was Tony singing "Stop loving you"......fantastic, as always.
Well, what can I say, you all did a great job.
And at the end they threw their flowers and I was able to catch Bobby's and my best friend caught Tony's (hey Tony, hope you remembered us).
The only bitter aftertaste was, that Simon could not be here. Get well very soon!!!
I wish you all a merry Christmas, a happy new year, health (especially to Simon), and please come back on tour soon!!!

Munich, Germany — 11 December 2003
Hello Toto!

Let's me say with words of "Abba": "Thank You For The Music"! Yesterday I was guest with my girlfriend at the Night Of The Proms in Munich. The whole Concert was fantastic; a it was a wounderful trip between classic, rock and pop. All aritsts were very motivated and the audience were swept off their feet.

I know Toto since many years and I love the music, the power, the inspiration. See you next time.

The Best to all, especially for Simon's Health and David's Family!

Happy christmas and a very good year.

Oberhausen, Germany — 7 December 2003
hey guys...
once again your old friend chris is writing from essen, germany ;)
last night i went to the night of the proms actually for the first time in my life. i´ve read some reviews and so i went there with high expectations. and i shouldn´t get disappointed..
i guess the classical part was a li´l too much for me..but the changes between pop, rock and classic was entertainig and felt fresh to me.
i really was surprised ´bout "gallileo", this guy sings like an female AND male opera-singer..amazing. you should tel him to go on tour with phantom of the opera only by himself.. in times like these there ain´t much money to spend for more musicians-singer-actors.. so he could sing all charakters :)
john miles ..what can i say.. the gentlemen of pop music. great voice. but only one great song .. sad.
en vogue.. well.. i had in mind, that en vogue are five chicks... not three? it ´bout the moneyproblem i mentioned before? *hahaha* great voices actually and nice hip-swingin´moves :)
huey lewis..hmm.. my expectations on him have been a li´l higher..cuz a friend of mine, told me, that he is really awesome. yeah, he IS a cool cat. but his voice had some boundries that night. but i don´t mind cuz i knew, the best was yet to come..
the tiny chinese guitar-player.. not spectacular but she was very smooth and enjoyable for me.
in a review before, someone says, that it was like x-mas time, when all those little light were blinkin´.. man you´re damn right. felt like bells were ringin ans santa´s singin :)
then there was that magic moment.. the orchestra was playing something, that felt like i heard it before..
then i realized that there was that little keyboard-phrase from home of the brave hidden in this arrangement.. so i knew what was coming..
WOW--childs anthem with an orchestra.. this was really blowing. hey luke.. lost some weight don´t cha´? looks good ;)
it was sad, that si and dave could not be there..but the other guys did a great job. i´ve seen greg before and i knew that he is really good. and, what a punch in his feet ;)
the guitar (s) could ´ve been a little louder, but i guess this is a sad part, that you have to deal with when you play with an orchestra isn´t it?
i thougth that the choir would play a bigger role in the toto-arrangements.. perhaps next year or next time??... i love the new version of i wont hold you back.. it is a very wonderful and of course a very sad song.. (does anybody listen to the lyrics??? soooo sad.. ) but i fell in love with it :) the strings and cello parts gave it a wider toch.. you know what i mean? it was like open a window when they started to play. and bobby... bobby rules.. it makes me smile everytime i see you on stage bro´.. i know you are singin really from the heart no matter where you are singing.. thats very impressing and i hope, that other musicians see you as a role model like i do. luke... seems to me, that you are THE man on the stage everytime you enter it... and i really like your voice. but where was that mystical cup??? ;) saw you drinkin water last night? am i right??
i have to tell you that YOU are the reason why i play guitar ( well..and that whitesnake video in the early 80s with that great chick in coverdales car..hahaha) and why i wan´t to get better every day. mike was groovin´as usual but h is bass wasn´t loud enough..just like the guitar.
all in all it was a happening, that i enjoyed very much. i will come back in the future.. of course only when you are part of it again :)
so i wish all the best to you guys.. merry christmas and a happy new year to everyone.. hope that si gets well soon. see ya on the road.
your buddy..

Hannover, Germany — 6 December 2003
Hallo, Toto-members,
verry great show, bombastic Intro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luke is an excellent musician and -WOW- a good, good, GOODDII SHOWMAN. Tony Spinner made a fabulous job to sing "stop loving you"!!! Toto - the very best Rock-, Pop-, Jazz-, "Barmusicband" I'd ever seen.................but Toto is not Toto without David and Simon!!!

Thanks for another, new experience of Toto concert. I've seen you in every concert, you came to germany.

The best wishes to all of you, merry christmas and a happy, good, good, new 2004!!!

God bless to all of you

Bremen, Germany — 4 December 2003
Yesterday a dream came true. TOTO live on stage at the NOTP. A great warming up with En Vogue (very nice girls), Galileo - i can not believe that he sings Sopran in Bariton in one person, Huey Lewis rocked - great and TOTO, wow they kicked really ass, great sound, great show - and the crowd was really rockin'.

Rotterdam, Netherlands — 30 November 2003
I still cannot use my hands as well as I want to, they still hurting because of al that clapping! But it reminds me of last night, haha!
It was our first time at the NOTP. We always wanted to go, but it depended on wich artists were coming, and finaly Toto made it happen. Funny thing for me is that I became a Toto-fan because of the NOTP-show back in 1994, showed on TV.
So the circle was round, so to speak.
We had a great place, almost in front, just a few rows before us.
The atmosphere was great, the choir was warming the crowed up by clapping, yelling, making the wave, etc. And all those little lights, felt like christmas!
I liked the classical parts, I had high expertations of En Vogue and they made worth. INXS rocked, funny guys.
But I´m sorry to say that Ilse DeLange is not my cup of tea, nice girl though, but that´s it.
And than Toto!! I screamed my longs out.
My moment of the evening was that at one moment my friend took me on his shoulders and because we were very close to the stage I had I eyecontact with Mike! Since I was the only one 'who was rising up'! Maybe it was because of my shirt, with a big guitar on it, I don´t know, but I enjoyed the moment!
So, next year we go again, no matter wich artists are coming, just for the atmosphere!

Rotterdam, Netherlands — 27 November 2003
Hey Guys,

I went to NOTP on thursday the 27th of November. Toto was offcourse the reason I came, I couldn't wait for them to come on stage and play, but when they did I found out that Simon and David were replaced!! It broke my hart.. But the 'replacement guys' played very well, so afterall it was a great performance. Only Africa got just a litlle too much of an R & B sound in it because of the replacement of david's voice by the new guy (sorry don't know your names yet). It was very refreshing I must say but I liked it better the old way. That was just more my kind of music.

So although my hart was broken ;).. I have had a great evening! BTW I never knew that Steve had such lovely blue eyes until he looked me in the eyes, surprise! still I think I could only love you all (Toto) for the music you make, cause that's a great gift to us all -the fans- (although we have to pay for it, you're the ones that make it possible for us to listen to it).
David I really missed you at the NOTP and i wish you all the best for your family! Simon, I've missed you too, get alot of rest soo you won't be ill your whole life! ;) (i know that ain't possible, but that's what I'll wish to you)

TO EVERY ONE: IF YOU HAVE THE MONEY YOU MUST REALLY BUY A TICKET AND GO TO SEE THIS SHOW FOR YOURSELVES. (if you of course just like the other bands a litlle bit too - which I did- else you might be too disappointed because of the two missing/replaced bandmembers)

With love,

Rotterdam, Netherlands — 20 November 2003
Just another day in Rotterdam, Just another Night of the Proms.........
MY ASS!!!!
Yesterday Toto kicked butt in Ahoy (like always).
The first part of the show was very good, with an excellent John Miles, 3 angels of En Vogue and some 80's sentiment with INXS (who sounds exactly like 20 years ago).
But after the break...........
Ilse deLange (I'm in love), when En Vogue are angels, Ilse is Aphrodite herself.
An amazing version of La Sagrada Familia (Allan Parsons) en then Kick down the walls en drag of the roof !!!!!.
Didn't know that there is better than best when you put a few strings, some blowers and a little choir in the background.
I want to go again!!!!!
If you haven't seen the show yet, you don't know what you miss.

P.S. Bobby I'm Jealous of you, I would like to stand on the stage beside Ilse deLange.

Rotterdam, Netherlands — 19 November 2003
Hi everybody,
It was my first Night Of The Proms concert this night. I have to say that the atmosphere is very good and different from other concerts. Although I don't like the classical parts so much I had a great night. It was great to see Toto rock the stage! Ilse Delange and En Vogue were also very good and of course John Miles. A thank you to a specific part of the crowd that let us know when Holland scored against Scotland! (6 times!) And another thank you to one of the stageguys who gave me a plectrum (is it right in english?) of Luke after the show! Sorry Luke, I'll pay you when I see you again next time in Holland!

Antwerpen, Belgium — 14 November 2003
Hey guys,
I have been to the concert of the night of the proms on 14 november 2003, and you were fabulous!!
I enjoyed very much.
Thanks for making my evening so beautiful.
We love your music and your show on stage.

Antwerpen, Belgium — 1 November 2003
Dear readers, let me tell you, Toto ROCKED Antwerp. I saw the show on November 1st. After warming up with En-Vogue and the new INXS. Toto came on. I was stunned. The Orchestra began playing Fahrenheit in a way I've never hearded it before. And than the fatastic, powerfull and mindblowing Child's Anthem. I just jumped up from my seat and I really got ghoostbumps all over my body. I've never let myself go this way. The band played if they where from another planet. The whole Sportpaleis ROCKED.
Then they played Africa, and David really put his soul into the song. I showed everybody arround me, that I was enjoying the show. "I won't hold you back" played next. Another great performance.When Toto started playing "Stop Loving You", no one stayed seated. Everybody got up dancing and chearing. After a few spoken words from Steve, whom I saw plying in Maastricht a few weeks before, "Hold the Line" was the grand finale. An inmance feeling of goin' out of control, came upon me. The music, the sound, the moment, it all was so perfect!!! I really had a great evening, enjoying a greater expereance!!! See you in Rotterdam!!!!

Hi everybody in there!
I won't be long I promise... I saw TOTO in Antwerp at the Nights of the Proms (Nov. 1st) and what to say? It was undoubtedly the best concert I've seen in my life. After fabulous music by John Miles and INXS among others, the time came for Toto to play. The introduction (featuring "Child's Anthem") was so powerful and intense, I was really impressed. The drums coming down from the ceiling... Simply unbelievable! My favourite moment was "Africa" with the verse by Dave and the vocals on the chorus, great job! Fabulous! You guys really rock. See you soon!

Antwerpen, Belgium — 29 & 30 October 2003
Hello guys !

Wouawwwww !! I'm just back from Antwerpen ! I come From France to this place only to see Toto in a so fantastic event ! My wife and I saw the show two times. It was unbelievable ! A fantastci audience, great musicians and a fabulous demonstration of Toto :-) ! Il Novecento orchestra plays a medley a Toto's hit ( including parts of Dune, Home the Brave...) when the piano with Dave's keyboard was coming up to the stage. The fabulous way was the coming on the famous Simon's drum... still "the sky" !!! Then the band with Il Novencento plays Childs Anthem. Next songs was Rosanna, Africa (with a little way of Mike :-) ) the new version of I won't hold you back. Then Tony sings Stop loving you in his really nice and dancing version :-). At last... what to say !!! Hold the line ! It was a great sensation to be there with several thousand people to sing Toto's hits with the orchestra and the great back vocals of the band Fine Fleur. Just a word about the drummer Ricky Lawson. This guy have a nice beat, a nice groove. the first show we saw (wednesday 29.10) was probably difficult for him, but the second (thursday 30.10) ... he was excellent !!!! The second night for us finish with a wonderful meeting with Mike, Tony, Dave and Luke. We go back to the hotel with many dreams in our minds....
Thank you so much for all you did for us ! God bless Toto

Antwerpen, Belgium — 19 October 2003
Dear TOTO-fans,

Sorry for all those who will not be able to join a night of the proms. Such a pitty. The first time the band performed on the proms, I wasn' t there either so I know what you're going thru now :-) ...
Last sunday, I was there and I can tell you it was great. TOTO, programmed as top-act, didn't missed their entrance : while the orchestra played short samples of TOTO-intros, Simon's drums were "falling" down from the ceiling and Dave's keyboards raised from the basement.
TOTO took over the orchestra's intro by playing Childs Anthem, the start of a nice set : "Rosanna", "Africa", "I won't hold you back" (the "restyled" version), followed by "Stop lovin' you" (what a version !!!! When are you finally going to release "Stop loving you" once live ?? ). The TOTO-act was closed by "Hold the line".
Altough my presence in Antwerp as great TOTO-fan (but also a regular proms-visitor), I must say that the other acts (INXS, En Vogue, John Miles, a chinese female classical guitar player and of course the orchestra) also made the afternoon more that worthwhile. It was a great experience for me to see TOTO live performing supported by classical musicians playing all the TOTO hits specially arranged. I hope this will not become a once in a lifetime experience !! Even for those who like TOTO live the most "as they are" really, I can surely recommand the "classical TOTO experience". Soon their will a selection of their songs on DVD or CD. I already looking forward to new TOTO-material !!

Well done guys. Thanks ! And good luck on the following proms-concerts.

Antwerpen, Belgium — 18 October 2003
Hi guys,

I went to NOTP on October 18th with my husband, my daughter and my best friend. It was the 6th times I saw Toto in live.

NOTP is the occasion to see you in a different way. The show is very long, but your performance passes so quickly!

The girls from En Vogue have amazing voices.

INXS are very great; I listened to their songs with pleasure during late '80. Jon Stevens 'voice is really near M.Hutchence's voice, and it's very confusing.

A great gift for me: hear "MUSIC" performed by Mister John Miles himself: huge emotion, 'cos this song is one of my alltimes fave!

After a beautiful intro by the orchestra, I was so happy to see you, finally. I appreciate the setlist, I'm aware that you have to content peoples who don't come only for you.

I just regretted not to be near the stage. We were seated because our daughter is too young (7) to stay up in the middle of the crowd. I'm so happy when I'm near the stage to give you back some of the energy you give to us.

I wish you all good things for the next NOTP gigs, and take care of Simon.

I really enjoy all your shows. Thanks for always give us the best of yourself.

See you soon, Take care.