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Biri, Norway — 24 July 2010


Just a short review..

After a, sadly enough, somewhat poor "warm-up" by Manfred Mann, I could see the minibus with TOTO pulling up behind the stage.

Using Childs Anthem as the first song, was nothing short of genius.

Hearing the timing and perfection coming from the speakers...

The sound was great, and the performance was even better.

And after "Childs Anthem" the hits just kept on rolling.

Joseph Williams performed better than expected, since we all know why he left TOTO in the first place.

But that’s not all..

Seeing Steve Porcaro enjoying the stage – again.

Watching the grin on Nathan East’s face as he played.

Even seeing Simon Phillips puttin’ on a smile.

Paich beein’ the "clown" – He spray painted the Piano and his wine bottle with white spray - and the great piano player he is..

Luke.. Well it’s Luke. The funkmaster, the GOD, and the leader of the pack.

And a couple of backing vocals that worked, and watching Williams back for the extremely high notes that he didn’t hit.

When checking up Jory Steinberg.. Going from American Idol to TOTO..

Seeing the band jamming along, everybody smiling and laughing on stage, made me enjoy this even more..

A little sub note.. As a guitarist, it’s good to see, and hear, that even GOD himself can make mistakes.

Med vennlig hilsen

This was my 20+ Toto concert since 1988 and a perfect way to do a summary with Joseph handling the vocals. We drove 500 km from Gothenburg, Sweden and then back to Stockholm 600 km after the show but it was, of course, worth it big time. As you all have heard, the band was absolutely on fire during this tour and I could easily say that this was a top 3 Toto concert ever for me! The band have always been tight as a solid rock and now our heroes can add the perfect lead vocalist in Joseph again. And what a comeback he did! The high notes was there all the time no matter if it was Pamela or Home of the brave, he just nailed it during the whole concert! Very impressive! I have never seen Luke so fit and in good shape and his playing and singing was just perfect. To see Paich and Steve Porcaro again was just wonderful and together with Nathan East (what a smooth and great player he is - thanks for being there for Mike!) and Simon, this was a very joyful evening. If the guys decide to do a comeback it would be great. If they don´t I will remember this as the perfect summary - they could not have done a better ending of their fantastic career!

Copenhagen, Denmark — 20 July 2010

Hi...There was something in the air that night. I think it was Jeff Porcaro smiling down from the haeven. He made it all happen. Steve Lukather was dansing as He always do.Nice to have David Paich back on stage and Simon Philips was, as always, playing the beat tight. I love to hear what He do with the fills in "Africa". I have never before heard Steve Porcaro and Nathan East live, but I'm impressed. All my thought go to Mike Porcaro. Jory Steinberg and Mabvuto Carpenter also did a fantastic gig. I look forward to the DVD appear, and hope that my "TOTO-tatoo" on my left arm will be there. Finally I'll say thanks for a wonderful show.Hope you'll come back to Denmark some time. God bless you all.

Was very excited – it was my 17 show through the years – Could Toto once again surprise me! The answer is easy to tell – absolutely yes. Even before the band entered the stage the crowed

Exploded in a very hot arena. Steve Lukather suddenly was 20 years younger – healthy and in fantastic shape, and as always the angels cry when he plays his ass off. Nice to have Paich back and Steve Porcaro on piano – did a great job. Joseph Williams sang fantastic – still able to reach the high notes after all these years. Nathan East is fantastic he delivers the whole package – Prayers for Mike.

And from Britain Simon Philips, as always running the engine. It was a long sing sing along night, with lots of old classics, and most intense was when Luke sang I´ll remember from the Tambu album –

There was something in the air – think Jeff smiled down from his cloud and think the crowd caught the heart of Mike Porcaro.

Toto thanxxs from the bottom of my heart for a fantastic night...god bless...and until next time

Yes - this is it!
I'm so grateful and absolutely at peace with this concert as the end of long-lasting, loving relationship. I danced to "Hold the Line" and "I'll Supply the Love" in the 8th grade. I attended my first Toto concert in 1986 (Fahrenheit tour), I met the guys (and got Jeffs Autograph) in Lulea, and this must have been my 10th visit. At 45 years of age I couldn't remain in my seat. Two bars of "Childs Anthem" and I'm running for the floor. Jumping, dancing, singing and shouting. Sweat mixing with tears. This was really it. Not having to promote any album, the concert turns into a wonderful sampler plate where you realize that these guys have a song book thicker than you can imagine.

Fantastic to me was that Steve P. and Joseph was back just like the Fahrenheit tour. Nathan East was out of this world. Luke & Paich in their best mood and Simon - the Rock - holding it together. I felt so wonderfullly at peace with this as a grand finale. Of course part of me would like to see Toto every year but I can imagine that the energy of this tour will be hard to gather once more. But if the guys can find the motivation once again - I'll be there!

Copenhagen July 20, 2010 - Fantastic - the best ever.
I have seen many Toto concerts in Denmark, but this time it was back to the roots - not promoting of a new album.
Just simple a concert with all the best numbers given the concerttime.
I always miss "English eyes" and "Hydra" in your concerts and the new song "Bottom of my soul".

I love your music.

Best regards

Concert review Berlin the 18 and Copenhagen the 20.

It was a great evening on both of the concerts, i just drove approx 3200 km. both of this concerts and it was very fun to be at 2 totally different shows regarding the weather and so.
In Copen hagen it was very hot but the setting was awsome.You guys fired up like you have never done anything but this show. I'm waiting for saturday to see the last show here in Norway and hope that you are just as fired up as me for this show. See ya there.

I'm just back in Norway after an unforgettable concert experience in Denmark. Flew in, in the afternoon and went directly to the venue. Was a bit worried about not finding a nice place to stay, because the queue was already quit big when i came, but i managed to find a place in second row, just in front of Joseph. I heard allot of different languages in the audience and met 3 other norwegian guys.

Toto entered the stage at 20:30. The setlist was the same as the other shows. The sound was very good from the beginning and really not to loud. The thing that impressed me most was how stunning Joseph sang. I have to admit that I was a bit worried about his voice after two weeks of touring, but he was on fire. He sang those high notes like he did on the albums almost 25 years ago. And when he knew he didn't manage (like the last note on Stop Loving You) it was taken care of by the background-singers. The most touching thing to see was how everyone seemed to have a great time on stage. You could tell this was old friends gathered. Simon looked a bit tired though, but it was extremely hot in there. At one point the security guys started giving us water.

I have seen Toto live seven times earlier the last ten years, but this was a very different experience. This is of course mainly because of the very different lineup. This reminds me of the Absolutely Live-album in a way.
It would be cool if they could find a place for Tony Spinner (hey, he could sing some Bobby-songs) and percussion-player in there to.
I'm not able to go to the show in Norway, so I really hope this was not my last chance to see the band.

And of course, I'm not forgetting the reason the band had for doing this. My thoughts goes to Mike. I hope he is doing Ok.

IF, this was the last time i saw TOTO live (18'th time) i have only one word for it , WOW, what a bang to go out with, tonight TOTO was recording the show for DVD, all i can say is, look forward people, on a personal note i was very happy to see Steve P, back on the stage, Joe sang his ass off (as Luke would say) and Nate did a great job, let's not forget the reason he was there, all my thoughts goes to Mikey, this was in the top 5 of all the TOTO shows i have ever seen, one can only hope and pray you boys get the urge to do a come back tour in a few years time, as Abba would say "Thank you for the music"


Berlin, Germany — 18 July 2010

What can I say??!? Perfect weather, perfect location, perfect music and the best musicians on the planet earth. The audience was thrilled, because the band was playing with so much fun on the stage.
The lost voice of Toto (Joseph Williams) was in an incredible good shape. Nobody can sing the ?Fahrenheit? and ?Seventh One? classics (Somewhere Tonight, Till The End, Pamela etc.) better than Joseph Williams does. In the past 20 years the Toto songs were never performed live as good, as on this tour 2010. In addition, Joseph sings the classic Kimball songs live better than the original singer.
I have seen Toto since 1982 about 50 times on the various stages. And now, on their last concert as the Supergroup Toto, they sound again like the band from the eighties.
The main reason is, because of the return of Steve Porcaro with his excellent keyboard sound. Steve P. you were missed for 20 years! David Paich's performance was also brilliant. Heavy D., what have you done with your voice in the last 2 years? You never sung as good as in Berlin. Simon, Luke and the entire Band were in a very good shape and Nathan East was the perfect replacement for Mike ?The Groovemeister?. For me and my wife, it was one of the best concerts in years!
What happens with the Porcaro family? All prayers for Mike Porcaro and his entire family! I wish them the strength to endure all this!
If this tour really is the end of Toto, it was a perfect end?
? but if you are planning to come back to the stage, your biggest fan is waiting!!!

All the best to you!!!

I have lost count - cannot tell how many times I have seen you guys play live. This was as always a great performance with great musicians - good to see you all together on stage again! And when you started with child's anthem I got very emotional and was almost moved to tears as I had to think of my little son Laurin who died last february... As if you played just for us... Thank you for having him with us when listening to your music.

All the best and kind regards,

Recipe for an unforgettable evening: a legendary band with a very honorable cause for a final reformation, a great historic setting, an enthusiastic audience and some fine weather as a bonus... that's what happened last night in Berlin!

For me, who had never seen a TOTO live concert before (and who believed that the chance to do so had passed forever), it was a wish come true. Thanks to all of you, who made this a great experience and a night to remember!!

2 months of waiting for the day - nerve-racking.
4 hours on the autobahn - tedious.
30°C heat all day - stifling.
Seeing you perform - worth _infinitely_ more than these petty griefs.

Thank you so much

Kind regards

Berlin was a fantastic show. The Band started powerful from the first tune, and did so for a full 1 3/4 hours. The Zitadelle in Berlin was the right place place for this great evening. The sun was shining above this old citadel from 1813 with its nice center surrounded by old trees. Standing directly in front of the stage it was great to see how much fun you guys had to play. It was worth it to travel all these hours and miles from the other side of the country to Berlin to have the change to be part of this piece of history. Also the fireworks after the show was awsome. My neck still hurts from staring into the sky. But who cares if one experienced such a wonderful concert on such a nice day. ;-) Thank you for this really unforgetable evening. Hope you will have lots of success to support Mike with this tour.

Kind regards

Benediktbeuern, Germany — 17 July 2010

WE WILL REMEMBER! In many ways it was an incredible concert within the holy walls of the Abbey of Bendiktbeuern, the atmosphere gooseflesh causing, and we had the impression that heaven cried a river facing the sad reason why all our old Toto-Mates came together again for this very welcome Tour. Everything was perfect: A Dream-Lineup (also great Bass and Backvocalists!), Sound, Setlist, the Feeling on stage, the Music! Only (quoting a friend) the weather was an asshole...we almost experienced our first Underwater-Concert. But we loved each single raindrop for quantity of water was equal to quality of music. And it made us hungry for more! MIKE, we missed you there. Cheers to all of Toto.

Dear guys & Jory. Thank you so very very much for filling up my heart with music and inspiration ! You're doing this anyway with your DVDs which I watch almost every day. Yesterday i had to tweak myself from time to time to make me believe this great sound is currently played live ! Unbelievable !! It was the best compensation for the really ugly weather we had ;-) So sad that you probably won't come back live :-(( But thanks very much for all the great music, messages and entertainment !
Last not least all the best to Mike ! May he always be accompanied by good friends and vibrations !!

With the steadily pouring rain, it was an event which might have been topped by Woodstock only... It was great, sheer fun and excitement to view and to listen to these giants of pop in a lineup both fresh and legendary.

What can I say...It was fantasic to see David Paich, Steve Porcaro an Joseph Williams again on Stage as at my first TOTO Concert in the eighties !
Together with Luke an Simon and the band you could see, how much fun was on the Stage. By the way, the very best to Mike !

Have a great time in Europe and see you back soon, don't stop. It's great, and the fans in Benediktbeuern (Germay) stood 5 houres in the rain to see this great concert with its super set-list. Really, the best BAND IN THE WORLD !!!

Thank you very much for this great event and God bless you all !

Rain in Benediktbeuern

Singen, Germany — 16 July 2010

I saw my first Toto concert 1982 in Hamburg. Are saw I innumerable concerts in all of Europe. But this concert in Singen, at 07.16.2010, was somewhat completely special. David Paich, Steve Porcaro and Joseph Williams to see on the stage in europe, was very beautiful. The sky cried large tears, but none wanted to go home. all felt the Beat and sang also.

This concert was somewhat completely special. The cause was however very sad!

All the one could feel more, for whom in this evening so madly one played: For Mike! Guys, it was great. God bless you all

I will miss the times of the original TOTO

Dear Mike,

feel our helping thoughts and holds on! We miss you!!!

Alles Gute.

This was my second time to see Toto live and it was just amazing.
The venue in Singen was really unique, below a castle very high up on an extinct volcano !
Everything about the performance was just class, and vocals were the best ever.
The backing vocalists were excellent and really added value to Toto.
Great to see Steve Porcaro and David Paich ( King of the Castle ) together on keyboards.
There was a massive thunderstorm, with torrential rain, which started during Africa but this just made the atmosphere even better.
I travelled a long way to see Toto again, but, it was worth it as this was an unforgettable night.
I really hope Toto continue to tour, and hope to have the chance to see them live again.

TOTO rocked the Hohentwiel/Singen in Germany. The band was in excellent shape. Joseph Williams is back. He sang his a.. off. The song selection was fabulous as well. Luke, Nathan East, Steve Porcaro, Simon Phillips & David Paich were the masters. Mabvuto Carpenter and the beautiful Jory Steinberg did a fantastic job ! Let's hope that TOTO will carry on.........

Locarno, Switzerland — 15 July 2010

Great Night of Moon and Stars in Locarno.

Locarno is a nice city of Swiss . Comfortable and well equipped to accommodate two super bands like Earth Wind and Fire and TOTO.
So the expectation of thousands of fans who thought never see TOTO again on stage. And especially not to see with David Paich and Steve Porcaro playing together.
The atmosphere is warm and hearts are thrilled with Earth Wind and Fire in original formation almost complete. An unmissable lineup, but mostly missed is their energy in a few minutes can do shake the square and no one present is able to sit still. The groove grabs the crowd, including TOTO leaving the dugout and enjoy Philip Bailey and friends, respect and happiness. Remain at Mixer side to avoid disturbing t, and capture the attention of fans cause like me they sould have me, changed the direction of their gaze.
So one meter by David Paich Steve Porcaro commenting and launches into wild dancing funky, Joseph who grants a snap with a little girl and photographing the crowd. Simon is already a bit 'that wanders backstage to flow in this eye. And I stand there as if I were in an old church to worship my saints Till The End ... In the wake of Gateway, Reasons, After The Love Has Gone, Boogie Wonderland, and all hits that fiery dance steps in my youth '.
Horn section imposing and majestic, impressive vocal harmonies. Next year celebrates 40 years in music, but they are already doing. The square becomes a splendid banquet for all music lovers.
The TOTO watching crowd is warming up on the notes of an excellent performance.
Moments to change the structure of the stage. The keyboards Paich and Porcaro determine the boundary of an amphitheater properly prepared to host an almost intolerant Simon Phillips, seems to have taken poetic license and have 'broken' and 'reconstructed' the rhythmic patterns, leaving gaping present, Nathan East enjoys impeccably perfect smiles and warm. He honors the void left by the absence of Mike Porcaro ... which is absolutely live in the hearts and minds of every member of the band, Lukather pronounced the memory of Jeff who continues to look at his friends from the sky.
Child's Anthem opens the dance with powerful energy. Steve Lukather is in wonderful shape, alert, attentive, and obviously excited. Finally on stage with Porcaro and Paich. Joseph Williams gives one of his best performances, opening with Till The End, with force and clarity. Lukather precise in every note, riff and just drag the crowd by dedicating Georgy Give to Earth Wind and Fire.
The sound is hot and persuasive as the Nathan East bass that makes it so 'undulating'. Africa startles bodies already overheated, a beautiful new dress for a immortal song . And I understand that the songs belong in the hands of the authors. It 'a whole other thing to hear it sung by Paich.
Also 'Pamela' is dressed as a party, the musicians in a final swing and slide show that perfect mastery of the instrument that takes your breath away from every present musician present. Phillips and Nathan did not even need to look too, carry the weight of the rhythm in a visceral, Nathan almost collapses at the foot of the battery, his body dance with his bass.
Steve Porcaro seems to have the music instead of blood, there is a moment where he seems an extension of his keyboards, and keyboards the vital link . Wiggles in the spirit of a distant time. But the years are unnecessary at this moment.
Lukather is in a state of grace, demanding, and with no rhythm guitar, but as we all know does not allow any hole, the sound is impeccable and timely grants a truce only when greeting Hold The Line solo part ... the imperfections live in the humanity and humility of the greats. May God bless you always, was one of the best nights of my life. Thanks TOTO!

The Land we call The Home Of The Brave

I never thought to see this band again. But when I saw, that Toto will perform at the Moon and Stars in Locarno, it was a MUST for me to go there. And I was sure, the boys will perform at their best. They are simply too good not to do that. On this really hot evening in Locarno Toto fulfilled all my expectations. What a performance! Perfect weather, perfect band, perfect music, perfact crowd. I'll never forget that evening! Thanks boy for giving me tha chance to see you again. I hope it wasn't the last time! All my best wishes to Mike as well. He'll be one of the band forever......

Heerhugowaard, Netherlands — 13 July 2010

After seeing you guys at the Heineken Music Hall in march 2007 I thought I would never have the joy of seeing Toto live again (besides on the DVD’s) and then came the announcement of the summer tour. I didn’t hesitate to get tickets. Unfortunately the reason for the gig was sad especially because Mike was the one who made me start playing Bass but I knew I was going to enjoy this and boy I did.

I loved to see, and hear of course, Joseph live for the first time in my life, since the 1990 The Hague gig was my first Toto gig. Seeing Steve Porcaro and David Paich once again behind the keys was a real joy and yes I did miss Mike but Nathan surely stood his ground that evening and delivered some pleasurable moments next to his playing - loved the Marcus Miller bit, ha ha. But what I loved most of all is seeing you guys enjoy yourselves so much on stage, having fun with each other and with the crowd just as a Toto gig always was and always should be. Thanks for another really great experience and I hope it won’t be the last.

One question though. Will it be possible to get me one of those blue tour shirts somewhere, they were just sold out in front of me L.
Btw, I really miss a merchandise section on the website.

Wow what a show you guy¹s put together in Heerhugowaard on the 13th of July!! I would not have missed this for the world! Thank you for coming together for one last time to support Mike and to honor Jeff!!

There are not enough words to describe my appreciation for the music you gave us and for keeping it real! I can tell you this, near the passage of Home of the Brave and Hold the Line I found the balls to ask my girl Stephanie to marry me!! She said Yes! Thanks so much for giving me the most amazing music in my live for over the last 20 years or so!!

Jeff still gives me drum lessons every time I play!!

God bless!!!

Since my first love gave me a very old Toto tape when I was 18 years old (23 years ago) I love the band and their music. For every mood there is a song and singing along with the CD gives me a lot of energy ( I hope my neighbours think so too). Last week I went for the 7th time to their concert, in Heerhugowaard. It was such a big surprise that I was able to see them another time, althougt the reason of the concert could be better of course.

I was really magic, for me the best concert ever. In between singing and dancing I made a video with my flip which you can find here.

Thank you so much guys!!


I've just arrived back home in Scotland after a long 16hr ferry back from Holland and am completely drained, surviving just on the adrenaline and excitement from Tuesday night's packed out show in Heerhugowaard. It was an epic trip for me to make, but I would travel to the end of the earth for one last chance to see Toto because that's what I live for. //I knew the concert was going to be killer because every Toto concert is a killer, and that's what makes them the greatest band that ever lived. But this gig was a notch above again, for 3 reasons. Firstly, Joe blew us away with the opening lines of the "Till The End". A smooth, tuneful voice, pitch perfect that was like a flashback to 1986, in fact I dare say this is the BEST live vocal performance to date. It's so great to see him back to his best. Secondly, Paich and Steve P. made the band as complete as it now can possibly be, and the return of these two geniuses really did rekindle the magic spark of the band. This was my first time seeing Dave and Steve P. in the band and I cherished every moment. Finally, and most importantly, the reason behind the tour (honouring Mikey) added a tangible poignancy that made the experience much more emotionally intense than ever before, and it will be a night I will remember for the rest of my life....


This was my 17th. Toto concert, and what can i say ?
It was simply brilliant and probably the best one yet.
I never thought I’d see this line-up ever again.
A real treat to see Joseph and Steve Porcaro, man can he play !
Fantastic setlist as well, ‘Lovers in the Night’, ‘Lea’, ‘Somewhere Tonight’,
And fantastic renditions of ‘Stop Loving You’, ‘Home Of The Brave’ and ‘Hold The Line’.
The highlights are too many to mention.
So, thanks guys for putting this tour together.
This band is TOO GOOD to not be around !
The very best to Mike.

Yesterday I visited the concert in Heerhugowaard. Since the Seventh One I was a fan of Toto. In Heerhugowaard I watched the band for the first time. The atmosphere was marvelous. The big hits like Pamela, Can't stop loving you, Africa, Rosanna, Hold the Line were performed like in their best days and also singer Joseph was very well by voice. With my wife we enjoyed it very much. We wish you all the best for the following concerts and many thanks for the nice evening you brought us.

It was a hot night, not only the temperature but also the music.
The "old" Guys together for one time.
It sounds wonderful and like every concert, was too short. Ha ha.
We all can’t get enough from TOTO.
This was one of the best performance ever since I visit all the TOTO concerts.
For the first time I heard Stop Loving You in the original way, fantastic.
I do hope that you’ll come together one more time.
Looking forward for Steve his new tour with his band.
Have a great time in Europe and see you soon.
God Bless and much greatings.

Bospop, Weert, The Netherlands — 11 July 2010

I know the reason Toto is doing this tour is very sad. Our love goes to Mike.

However, I must express my deepest gratitude for the fact that Toto rejoined in this line-up. It's so good to see Dave, Steve P back on stage and especially Joe. My God. I became a fan in 1988 when Joseph sang the leads. I thought he had the best voice I had ever heard and Toto played the best music. And then he left and everybody knows the rest of the story... In 1997 I prayed that Joe would stay after the short reunion-tour, but he didn't. Although I loved the fact that Bobby returned after all those years, I was a bit disappointed Joe didn't. And now....HE'S BACK !!!! My god, he sings terrific. No offence to Bobby, but he couldn't handle lots of the the vocals anymore.

Really, it's a dream come true to see Joe life on stage. When Toto's music and Joe's voice come together magic happens. And that was what was happening on that memorable evening In Weert, Holland! I know it's wishful thinking but wouldn't it be great if you guys make just one last record....

Thank you so much and take care!

PS: I met Joe and Dave at Bospop in Holland when I was backstage illegally. I had a short talk with Joe but I was quiet drunk so I hope I didn't look and talk like a fool, hahaha