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Verona, Italy — 17 July 2011


Verona was such a special event that it is hard to describe.

We assisted 1 month ago to the opening concert in Brussels and while driving there, I was thinking that this would be our last Toto concert ... after the show of Brussels we organized our trip to Verona to see them again.

The castle of Villafranca Di Verona is such a brilliant location in the middle of town, with lot of Cafés around and great Italian fans

Show started exactly at the announced time, just as the first raindrops felt down but we only had 10 minutes of rain during the concert, so nothing bad.

The band was great, you could really see that they had as much fun on scene ass we had, the lightshow ass well was great.

Interesting too was to see all the technical staff and items about the film-shooting ... waiting for the DVD

So as we had the chance to assist at the first (Brussels) and the last (Verona) concert in Europe of their 2011 Tour, both were brilliant, exiting, emotional, great sound and always the same indescribable emotions ... waiting for the DVD release to live this amazing evening again ... and again... and again...

In these days my mind and the heart are continuosly returning back at 17th in Verona where one of my preferred Band blessed me a gorgeous evening.

They not need loud scenes, light jokes, back video, special effects...

They only use a stage, their big talent, a long train of experience, a great feeling, resulting a refined music jam.

Usually I prefer Funk, Classical and Jazz music then Rock because this is too often close to a white noise.
Toto's rock instead it is pretty various and offer a superb counterpoint and dialog between the instruments with funky, disco, soul, ethnic influences.

So, their music was within me in several periods of my life through tapes, vinyl, cd, mp3.

I thanks Toto for this concert hoping it will not the last tour as earing, but I'd like to have further possibilities to meet them live again, maybe in a teather where this sound should be better delighted.

'I blessed the rain ... TOTO'

Extraordinary place the Scaliger Castle of Villafranca, for the Italian leg of the Tour of TOTO 2011. The castle where the right place to honor the sword that stands against the backdrop of the stage tucked in the ring celebrating his career from 1977 to 2011.

Approximately ten thousand people flock to the elegant town, the people of rock musicians and old fans , as well as adventurous bikers descended from northern Europe.

The trucks prepare for Sony's film what will be the new gift of this Reunion that has inflamed the hearts of all of us, and comforted the pain for the Mike Porcaro Illness.

But that energy that characterizes them superhuman forces them to give a new demonstration of how to trigger the envy of the gods. So we have passed unscathed through the rain and unaware of some earthquakes that hit the Padano-Venetian area .

Maybe Jeff from 'high has broken through space-time weather raises us from the world of humans and letting his' brothers' blood, and music to make yet another offertory to the altar of music.

Comes from the plant at low volume 'The Wall' by Pink Floyd and someone think it might be a perfect location for their reunion.

Parade through the of historical tours TOTO T-Shirts, but also of Dream Theater who preceded them in recent days. Some Kiss T-shirt and P.F. And it is wonderful the presence of new generations of musicians, probably conceived to the tune of 'Hold The Line'

David Paich and Steve Porcaro, like last year latelari define the boundaries of the stage, in the center with the wonderful Simon Phillips Nathan East acquired a taste that seems to us, smiling, lithe, elegant and timely loading of grooves and tones to the ears of connoisseurs leave that Joseph Williams, in striking form, Jenny Douglas, Mabvuto Mabvuto choirs complementing the Round Table, knights crusaders in the epic of music ...

It is the battle of 30 years and almost more, some loss, some wounded but always ready to fight for their queen.

Unlined tools such as swords, of joy, colors, bold emotions that take us all there under the 'Home Of The Brave' ...

Nothing to remove, nothing to add. I have heard only the perfection, the measure, a dynamic sound to do also enjoy my tired feet.

They use every year give us a special review of classical pieces and I think this year is that the primacy of 'Georgy Porgy' which I think should be a new single. Fresh, enriched by the mellow sound of Nathan East, sophisticated and masterfully covered in a luxurious dress today ... a song that never gets old, like haute couture gowns.

The lineup starts with 'Childs' Anthem' and 'Till The End' all in one breath, still meandering on reggae of 'Somewhere Tonight' and here comes Mavuto and Jenny Douglas eagerly awaited by me.

It 'a grewing of beats that precedes each song, and Lukather' fiercely defends' the fortress of the band. That damn 'Gift Of Faith', that fantastic solo piano, keyboards, red carpets and the rain does not seem to get wet when Steve Lukather introduce a song of Steve Porcaro and ... 'If They Say, why? Why? Tell'em is Human Nature 'seems to give us the answers we seek.

Lukather end up with an intermission-only-blues, worn under the notes of an 'Africa' that never ceases to be the perfect song ... ended in near silence and pampered by 'Lea'!

We renew our profession of faith on the 'Rosanna shuffle and raise fists for 'Home Of The Brave' as he prepares ... in yet another final to the tune of 'Hold The Line' and no mistake ... our Love is always on time.

All ready for the great expectations of the DVD ... LIVE IN ITALY!!


Zürich, Switzerland — 16 July 2011

Hi guys

Wanted to thank you for the great show in Zurich. We had so much fun and it was great to see that you guys had fun too. After playing this fantastic music for so many years you're still getting better every time. I've been to all of your concerts in Switzerland since 1984 and i'm really glad you guys came around once more. It's always a pleasure to see and hear such great professional musicians as you are. Many greetings to you all and of course specially to Mike.

Best wishes

Hamburg, Germany — 12 July 2011

A great evening in Hamburg. In comparison to the previous year that was once again an absolute increase. The enormous voice of Jenny I missed the last year very much - now she was there again. The performance of "Hold the LINE" was as always unique and the voice of Joseph Williams reminded me of old times. Thank you! Sam Porcaro at the bass was naturally an ingenious addition! We love his Groove. I hope that this was not the last tour. On this way loves greetings at Mike: We miss you! God bless you.

Vejle, Denmark — 10 July 2011


We were in Vejle d.10.07.11. that was a blast, We have never in our life been to a concert with so good sound. We were in Copenhagen last year and saw Toto there, but this show was much better. Steve Lukather is as usual in a good mood and entertained people with his small talks, great. And David Paich he was making a lot of fun when he didn´t have a part to play like he always does, so cool. The show was amacing we were standing in the middel 4 rows from the stage. We have had a lot of eye contact with all of them, they are all so cool, and so fantastic musicians. We thank god that TOTO came to our hometown. There is nothing to put a finger on, it could´t get better, your are the best in the world to rock and roll. We were so lucky to run into the sons of Mike Porcaro outside the Theatrepark, they are indee nice young men, we had have alot of talk with them, and we gave them our best wishes to there father.
We all pray for Mike.
We can`t wait till you are back next year, so we are looking foreward to the dvd this year from Verona.
Big love from the Toto family in Vejle, Denmark

What an evening!

What a great concert in Vejle.
For me as a old fan since the start of TOTO I was so glad to be able to see TOTO in my hometown.
Good performance, full of enegy - well done all of You!
Your music on records is fantastic and I hoped and expected the you would be able to add something more in a concert - and you did.
It can be difficult to describe music in words, but tonight TOTO swept my feet away - thank you and hope to be able to see you again.

best wishes

Kristiansand, Norway — 9 July 2011

I have been a Toto fan since The Seventh One was released, and this was to be my 4th concert with the band. As I know what these guys can do, I had high expectations, and I was especially looking forward to see Joseph and Steve P with the band for the first time. I guess I should have been warned by reading some of the fan reviews on toto99 from concerts this summer, as many of them were saying this was the best Toto concert they had ever been to. But still, I had no idea about what was to come.

This was by far my best concert with Toto, and that says a lot! The opening with the Anthem set the standard and is a great choice for a starter, and then, enter the man who was introduced by Luke as Bob Dylans grandmother, my favorite Toto lead singer Joseph. Very nice to be presented with Till The End and its cool groove, though Joseph needed that first song to warm up his voice, he struggled a bit with the high notes. After that, he delivered strong vocals the rest of the evening. For me who became a fan in the Joseph era, the many songs from his two albums Farenheit and Seventh One was a huge blessing. The band did so well on Pamela, Lea is a beautiful song that was a real treat with Joseph and Steve P, and Home of the Brave was a highlight of the evening, blowing the crowd away. 2 of the 3 concerts I have been to earlier were without Dave, and even though Greg is great, you will allways miss mr.Toto himself. It was wonderful to see him back on stage, doing his magic on the keys and being as crazy as only he can be. And he sang beautiful, on Lovers in the night, Africa and Home of the Brave. I have to be honest, I am not a big fan of the solo sections but when Dave`s solo ended up with a keyboard duel with Steve P, it was another highlight of the evening. Simon on drums, what can you say. His drum kit is a monster, and he does nothing to tame it. Luke, well, his playing goes from extremely beautiful to extremely fast and heavy, and he can do just anything he wants, there semes to be no limitations for that man. And his presence on stage, he always makes you feel that you as as fan is a mate of him that he just enjoys to hang with. Nathan East is as brilliant as a bass player has to be if he is to step in for Mr. Please himself, Mike P who all Toto fans love and pray for. Also, Nathan just smiles all the way through the evening, really enjoying to be playing with the band, that is easy to see. And then Steve P. For a long time Toto fan it is an emotional thing to witness that there is still a Porcaro on the stage, with all the tragedy that family has been through. His playing is as magical as on the records, and his presence on the stage, his communication with the fans, makes you really sorry that he left the band in the first place. It was a highlight for me to finally get to see Toto with Steve P in the lineup. Jenny and Mabvuto spices the thing up, really nice to see and hear them as well.

The band just seemed to be in a form and enjoying the tour as never before, it was just a perfect evening, I was so happy and thankful to have been there. This just can`t be the last tour, these guys can do ten more years, I am sure. So come back to Norway next summer please, and put some songs from Kingdom of Desire and Falling in Between on the setlist, those two killer albums were the only thing I missed when I went home yesterday evening.

God bless you Toto, and God bless Mike and his family.

Borgholm, Sweden — 5 July 2011


WOW!!! Me and some friends went to Borgholms slottsruin 5/7 2011 and had an amazing experience. I've been at TOTO concerts before but this one was magic. The decision to bring in Joseph Willams ment the world to me. He still sings like he is 25 years old. Amazing!!! And Nathan East is just a pleasure to listen to, even if it is on behalf of Mr. Cool - Mike Porcaro. And then to see Steve Porcaro with the band again makes it even better. Thank you for a great show!!!!

Kind regards -

Helsinki, Finland — 3 July 2011

Or actually the gig was in Riihimäki, but at least in Finland anyway. I had bought Platinum VIP-pass for my son Lauri, who is in wheelchair and our evening appeared to be real VIP-treatment. We went to the place as noted and went at first to see soundcheck. I rolled Lauri´s wheelchair just to the frontbarrier but in a minute somebody came and ask us to follow him. Very politely we were guided to the backside of the stage and then via ramps to the stage right besides Steve Porcaro! So we listened the soundcheck at stage and Steve Porcaro, Nathan East and Joseph Williams came to say hello when they could. The soundcheck was really fine and guys and THE girl seemed to be in fine form and relaxed.

After that we went to M & G where we got autographs to our posters and other stuff we had with us. Luke seemed to like my choice to bring Santamental for his signature and showed that to Nathan and promised that he will hear it sometimes. We chatted for a little while and guys were quite taken (at least I think) when I showed them my old ticketstubs. My first Toto-gig had been 24 and ½ years ago in cold Helsinki in Fahrenheit-tour and I had missed only their supposed to be last tour in 2007, when they were performing in Tampere. After that we went to take photos with the band. And Lauri got also photo taken with him & Luke and in some moment Luke also gave his pick to Lauri. Simon also went to pick up his sticks and gave them to Lauri, so he got a real treat. Then when the photos were taken, we got a little bit of food specially reserved for Platinum VIP´s and when I asked, could I also meet Jenny Douglas, because I had a tourbook from Kingdom Of Desire-tour with me and I would like t ohave also Jenny´s signature in it. Then suddenly while we were eating, Jenny came beside us and when I showed her to book, she was "terrified" and wrote "A Blast From The Past Mad Love Jenny".

Then about an hour before the gig was supposed to start, we went on the right side of the stage just to the frontbarrier, so Lauri could see at least something from the gig. Suddenly the guy who was organizing the meeting came to us and said "The band and stage manager has invited us to the stageside to see the gig" We were really in 7th heaven and could not believe it. So about 15 minutes before the start, we were allowed to come to the stage and this time they had reserved us a place on David´s side of the stage. There we were behind David´s keyboards and besides Jenny´s and Mabvuto´s riser.

The gig was, as always with this band, amazing and we really enjoyed and rocked there. To me, who had banged his friend´s drums as a teenager, the best was to see Simon´s playing so close. All I can say "A true master and his art" Then after gig we changed few word with some guys in the band and got hugs and kisses from Jenny. Then we were then helped back to the living from that "dream". It was something that from both me and my son Lauri can say I WILL REMEMBER the rest of our lives. and as I´m writing this I think he is listening songs from that gig in Youtube, or at least now is coming Home Of The Brave.

On behalf myself and my son Lauri, hopefully you guys agree and I can say this : THANK YOU brothers Luke, David, Steve, Simon, Joseph, Nathan and Mabvuto and THE sister Jenny!!!!

PS: Hopefully there ain´t too much misspellings and everything else.

Sincerely Yours :


It`s unbelieveable!!!You just keep amazing me..Everytime!! Have been in every concert that You`ve done in Finland and..what can I say.. This one was just mindblowing good!! Every piece in music and performing was on its right place. There was so much joy and energy on the stage! Next time You come here(!!!)just make the concert longer!! So many songs was not to come this time.."I will remember","How many times", "Kingdom of Desire" etc etc Waiting anxiously for the next time! See You then.

Copenhagen, Denmark — 30 June 2011

Hello Everyone!

I went to see the show in Copenhagen 30/6-2011.
What a great show, the songs that they played where so good. I have seen Toto many times and I can say the vocals have never been better, (if you ask me). Today I am 33 years old and I got my first tattoo when I was 18. The tatoo I made was the sword from the seventh one album, Still today my favorite record. Last year my dream came true, when Joseph came back to the band, with perfect vocals and energy that the band needed.
I can hounestly say that Ii didn't think he would make a good job, but I couldn't been more wrong. Joseph has always been my favorite Singer (I love Bobby too) and I am so happy for him that he is back. I hope that the band will make a new record with Joseph on lead vocals.

Thank you Toto for the best show ever!!!

I felt that the one song at the show that stod out from the rest this Night where: stop loving you..... Great vocals.

Just as you thought you'd seen it all and I've seen quite a few shows over the years (the first one on the TOTO IV nearly 30 years ago) this was my 16th show, probably the best ever (I used to think the XX show in front of about 200 people in Copenhagen back in 1988 was the best).
Tonight the band outdid themselfves, and the Led Zeppelin thing during Si's solo was absolutely brilliant, I said to my mate before the show "look there's an extra Amp. on the stage, I bet you Trevor will show up during the encore", and of course he did. Steve I beg you, don't pull the plug on this one, ok, do your solo stuff in between, but promise me/us that TOTO will come back agin at some point, since the DVD recorded in Copenhagen last year won't be out, I guess we'll have to wait for the one you guys record this year, and if tonight's show is anything to judge by, we're in for a real cracker, well done TOTO best show ever in my humble opinion.
Thanks for a great evening, come back soon !

London, UK — 26 June 2011

London’s hottest day for the year also saw London’s hottest gig with Toto putting on (yet again) a fantastic show in front of a packed house at the Apollo. Despite few early-in-the-tour technical issues, we were treated to tight harmonies, brilliant musicianship and of course the best music you’ll ever hear. A few unexpected treats too, with the amazing interwoven vocals of "Lea", a rendition of "Human Nature" which outshone Michael Jackson’s version and Trev Lukather joining the guys for the "Hold The Line" encore. My favourites "Rosanna", "Pamela" and "Can’t Stop Loving You" brought tears to my eyes.

I had to wait 30 years to see Toto in Sydney on the "Falling In Between" tour and got to see them again last night in London. It was wonderful to hear Joe Williams, David Paich and Steve Porcaro live at last. As a bass player I wish I could have seen Mike, but Nathan East is simply brilliant and effortless. Simon Phillips was again mesmerising on the drums, especially in "Africa" and Luke was his usual brilliant self, clearly enjoying himself far more this time around.

Let’s hope that this won’t be the last time around for this astounding and peerless band.

My fifth time to see Toto, brought three bods with me - two who got to feel the Toto experience for the first time. What can I say beyond superb, excellent, WOW! Each time is the best ever, and you always feel that it cannot be topped. And guess what? You boys delivered so gracefully once more. And with Joseph singing, "the only man who has seen the inside of John Williams' penis" - ha! Just another great night, and all four of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. What amazes me is that apart from the three obvious, you have enough songs to do three whole sets. I just love your songs, love to hear you play, and you smiled all the way through a balmy, hot London evening. Well done, and love to Mike x

Though a totally Toto obsessed admirer of this band I had somehow not seen them live for 15 years as I figured they would always be there... How wrong I was and the band split hit me hard. When this probably final opportunity for a London show became known I speedily grabbed a ticket; I was also privileged to have a Platinum VIP Experience package bestowed upon me by an understanding mother.

My VIP day was certainly wonderful: I got to attend Toto’s sound check and experience a ‘living room’ type intimacy with the band who made us feel welcome, sharing their time and humour. There was none of the ‘Them and Us’ feeling, in fact the only blight to my day was my own terrible shyness (which upon Luke’s kind and friendly question of "Hello, how ya doin’?" during the subsequent ‘Meet & Greet’ earned my highly unimaginative and completely inadequate whisper of "Starstruck.") Had I behaved in my normal, scintillating and saucy way and let rip with my filthy humour, I’d have fitted in nicely with Lukather’s blue jokes, Paich’s conspiratorial comments to the VIPs to make us feel involved and Joseph Williams’ comedy mime antics in the background. These guys were relaxed, complimentary and so human (perhaps that was what blew my mind and caused the painful shyness, to meet my heroes and find them even better up close!)

The evening show was superb, a mixture of earlier album tracks always great to sing along to. The spectacular intro and overall lighting was awe inspiring, the band were so ‘together’ and performed with their usual underrated and peerless professionalism. Ageless and with unrelenting energy, these guys steamed through an awarding long set and had smiles for everyone. All the vocals were top notch (and despite William’s askance for crowd assistance for his ravaged throat, he had NOTHING to be afraid of and performed as if he’d never been away - he should feel proud!); Nathan East, a highly valued ‘hidden weapon’ was a choice addition in place of the much beloved Mike Porcaro; John and Jenny’s fun dance moves and highlighted vocals proved them to be an essential part of the performance and so much more than the bald term ‘backing singers’. It was also a real pleasure to see both Steve Porcaro and Simon Phillips showcase their artistry with obvious manic delight and aplomb and David Paich’s genius and charisma never lets him down! For me though, a special mention has to be for my pin up idol, the gorgeous Steve Lukather - always a pleasure, every look, every note, every move - a poem of perfection in every single way and made my day - I could say more but children might read it!

I have never met a friendlier, more self-effacing and truly lovely group of people - every single person smiled and made me feel at home. I would recommend the VIP experience to anyone; yes it is expensive but if you really love and appreciate these guys as much I do, get your wallet out and sign up for it! Even if you act like a cretinous vegetable like I did, it’s still worth it!

Last night’s concert at the Hammersmith is a testament to the band’s phenomenal ability. From start to finish the concert rocked and the energy and enjoyment they displayed kept every single person engaged from the first minute.

The playlist was excellent and it flowed all the way through with some fantastic twists and turns as one song blended into another.

Thanks for yet again another mind blowing experience and guys you simply have to stay together; it would be a tragedy if TOTO was no more.

It was my first Toto concert, after hearing "Africa" since young and being a die-hard fan since 2006. A terrible heat wave in London didn't stop them from putting a solid performance, from beginning to end. I was literally jolted off my seat by "Child's Anthem". The first few songs were unfamiliar (I'm still l not 100% sure of all the songs) but Steve Lukather did an excellent performance of "Afraid of Love", one of my favourite Toto IV songs. "Somewhere tonight" was also wonderful, with a nice twist from Jenny and Mabvuto. Then magic happened with "Pamela" from Joseph, who did it effortlessly. That was simply outstanding, especially after all this years.

My favourite love ballad (the ballad of all ballads) came with Lea, which is extremely special to me. Later on, Steve Porcaro would explain that he messed up the beginning of it, though I didn't spot it at all. David Paich solo was also especially unique; it's good to see him touring again (and his range of headgear!). Then, the classic "Africa". No frills. No quills. It had to be sung and boy was it done with a vigour I've never seen before in any band.

We must of course, remember the reason for this tour (and last year's): all in support of Mike's struggle with ALS. It was nice touching to hear from Steve P. that Mike is still strong. A fitting tribute to him and the other Mike (Michael Jackson) came with their rendition of "Human Nature". It was their song (well Steve P. wrote it) and Joseph sang it as if it was Toto's from the start.

"Rosanna" came all of a sudden (but then again, it had to be performed). Steve Porcaro's magic touch was there, along with the great vocals, Simon Philips special open-handed drumming and everything. I thought "Georgy Porgy" was cool and again Joseph hit it perfect in "Stop Loving You". That was not the end, and Steve's Lukather's son, Trevor, wowed us all joining in with "Hold the Line", yet another excellent piece.

I will say there was a little too much movement by Jenny and Mabvuto but hey, it’s their show.

All it all, it was worth the heat. Cheers to Toto and do come back to the UK (perform beyond London if possible!)

Well, if this is to be the last time it is fitting that it was the best time. In 20 years of seeing this band, London 2011 was simply fantastic. Six singers, Luke & Simon ripping up a storm, Steve Porcaro colouring every song, Nathan East a more than able sub for Mikey, Paich being Papa Toto as usual and Joe Williams singing his heart out. Incredibly hot night and, by the time the band came on to Child's Anthem we were melting. For once, a London crowd was massively UP for this gig. A rare sight to see standing downstairs at a Hammy O gig and we all took full advantage, singing, yelling and generally having a great time. Afraid of Love blasted into Lovers In The Night then things calmed down a bit for JW to sing a beautiful Somewhere Tonight. This was stretched out into No Woman No Cry which No Work! And then, Bang! Pamela. Stunning vocals, six people singing and Luke soloing like his life depended on it. Fantastic. Then, into Steve P's beautiful Lea, one of Toto's most underrated songs (not by me!). Just gorgeous. The crunching intro to Gift Of Faith took the roof off, a keyboard extravaganza and then into the homeward stretch of Africa, Rosanna, Georgy Porgy, Stop Loving You, Home of the Brave and an encore of Hold The Line. The balcony looked like it was physically moving by the end! Slipped in after Africa was a lovely version of Jacko's 'Human Nature', a nice touch as an SP song dedicated to Mikey. As I said, if this has to be the end at least we got to say goodbye. Absolutely wonderful night.

I’ve seen Toto on their last 7 visits to the UK and I’ve got to say this performance tops the lot.
The band was so tight and were clearly enjoying themselves. The audience reaction was fantastic as they sang along to hit after hit.
Pamela, Stop loving you, Rosanna, Africa , Georgy Porgy, Til the End, Gift of faith & many more. Two hours of the best of Toto, finishing off with barnstorming versions of Home of the Brave (Luke’s guitar rift always sends a shiver down my spine) & Hold the Line.
Joe Williams’s vocals were superb, while David Paich, despite a few minor problems with his keyboards, showed once again what a talented piano player he is. Toto without Paich simply wasn’t Toto - great to see him back. Simon Phillips- one of the most underrated drummers around was complemented by Nathan East on bass, and nice to see the return of Steve Porcaro on keyboards too. The backing singers (well that’s probably a bit of an insult to them!) added to the vocals, especially on those high notes! And what can you say about Luke - he just makes it look and sound so easy.
I don’t think they’ve ever gone down so well in London as they did last night. The Hammersmith Apollo was packed, and on the hottest night of the year was probably helped by taking out the seats in the stalls. It made for a muggy but exhilarating atmosphere as the crowd cheered and applauded as one.
The AOR Gig of the Year bar none.

In the twilight of their careers? I don’t think so!

For those of you waiting for the band to come to a venue near you - you’re in for a real treat.

Please come back to the UK soon!

What an amazing night. On a sweltering night in the capital, this was an unforgettable performance. A stripped down stage, and no pretension, just music that gripped each and every one of the crowd and had us all dancing, jumping and singing along at the top of our voices. The triumphant return of Steve Porcaro and David Paich, coupled with Joseph Williams incredible voice and vocal 'sparring with Jenny Douglas-Mcrae (she is amazing)!!!!lifted the roof off the apollo. I've seen Toto a lot over the years, but this has to be one of the best if not THE BEST performance ive ever seen.
Can't wait to see you guys again....please make the trek up north to Manchester where all your fans are longing to see you, and have been busy bringing up new fans who are ready to fall in love too! Just like everyone in the Apollo last night...I can't stop loving you!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands — 23/24 June 2011

Well, its been a blast, I have been around for quite some concerts but even compared to last years concert at Bospop this was better.
Joe's voice seems to be getting better and better, where he was careful last year he went for the high notes this time around.
Great to have Jenny back as well, she and Joe make a good couple on stage.
With Dave, Steve and Luke performing at their best It all made it a Great show with neat solo's, I think last time I saw a Toto Bass solo was Mike's solo in 2003.
Please give us a 35 Year aniversary next year guys!

With Regards

I went to the "In the blink of an eye tour" at the Heiniken Music Hall in Amsterdam.
This was my first ever TOTO concert i went to, and it was absolutely amazing.
I usually listen to their cd's and play along with the drums quite often, but to see them perform live now, and still with so much passion... pfff

You can just see those guys having fun in what they do, and they are bringing that energy straight to the crowd!

With songs like Rosanna, Hold The ,Line, Pamela and Africa they surely give you the time of your life, fan or not!

Another beautiful thing is that they are supporting the ALS Association.
They explained what ALS is, and i think its more than great what these guys do!
I also want to whish all the best to Mike.

I can't tell you enough how great this show was, how great TOTO is, just MAGIC!

Thank you guys, keep up the good work, and i hope to see you again next year! more words to say. It was my 8th TOTO-Concert and the first one not in Germany....1100 km from Germany (Bayern) to see this great Band the first time of this tour 2011 ! Luke says at the end of the concert " See you next time ".....I promise, we see us, 15.7.11 Ulm ! Never enough TOTO ! The show was great, the birthday of David Paich, Steve Porcaro back on stage, Joseph Williams on vocals as on my first concert ! The best musicians of the world with a wonderful Simon and of course Luke, the best guitar-player of the world ! Nathan East is a fantasic guy and bass-player, back-ground great and nice to see and hear Jenny Douglas. Whow!! Last year you could see so much fun on stage and I had the feeling, it was even better. Please give us more if it is possible. There are a lot of fans in the world, waiting for you ! God bless you all and of course all the best for Mike ! STOP ALS !
Again, thank you very much for this great event...till 15.7. in Germany/Ulm !

Last Friday, June 24th, I (46-year old teenager) was suckered into a suprise by my 20-year old daughter: Toto's second extra concert in HMH Amsterdam. My first rock concert of any band in 27 years... And what a treat! 'From the top of my heart to the bottom of my soul', I thank you guys for setting an example yet again in sheer pure musicality. Band, its setup and playlist were absolutely tight. After almost 35 years there must be a great friendship there, like a good marriage (including the occasional fight). Steve Porcaro's Human Nature was very moving (yes we bought STOP ALS merchandise), voices of all front and background members were great. No gadgets needed at a Toto event, the music says it all. I tried to imagine what it must have been like for both father and son Lukather to rock HMH together at the finale. Our very British Sir Simon Phillips and the esteemed Nathan East were a rock-solid basis of the Toto sound, the chemistry between Mr. Paich, Mr. Porcaro and of course Toto's standup comedian Mr.Lukather was noticeable and felt like a warm bath. The keyboard duet between David Paich and Steve Porcaro sounded very familiar, I seemed to recognise one song of PSP, the solo project of Philippe Saisse, Simon Phillips and Pino Paladino. Anyway, your performance gave me an extra boost of energy and vindicated my decision to pass on the Toto legacy to the next generation, my daughter...

Woowww, We have been to 7 concerts of our favorite band Toto but this concert was insane, unbelievable, perfect, you name it. Sound and light's were super. Toto knows how to make music at it's purest form. These guys ( and 1 girl Hi Jenny ) are so good. I will make a deep bow to all of you because you made my evening ( and of my girl ) to a never be forgotten evening. Thank's a lot, and guy's, promise all your fans in Europe that Toto will come back in 2012.

What a birthday party! For David Paich (whose beloved nearly lost the cake to the audience as she left the stage!) and me! My 11th show over the years and I have to say my favorite since the Falling In Between show in 2007. We were treated to rock, jazz, blues, funk, reggae and even a Stravinsky-esque keyboard duet by a group of musicians who really warmed up their audience and paced the show brilliantly. As always, driven from behind by the understated genius of Simon Philllips, whose throws were beautifully synched with the lighting, and this time by Nathan East's wonderful bass, the band ROCKED! I've not heard David on such good vocal form for ages and those fingers certainly need no oil! Steve Porcaro looked really into it and, although his volume was too quiet at times, I loved his colouring. Joseph Williams sang really well and didn't overdo it with the hystrionics - he could used something to keep those sunglasses on, though! The backing/co-lead vocals were wonderful and the whole band oozed character. Georgy Porgy has never sounded better! Steve's son slotted in perfectly for the encore and then we come to the main man...Steve Lukather... I was lucky to meet him once years ago after a solo gig with Edgar Winter... he was a decent, modest and charming man with a wicked sense of humour then and...nothing's changed! No need for me to say that his musicality and skills still continue to amaze us all after so many years. Finally, I am so sorry to learn of Mike Pocaro's illness and appreciated the way the show and the merchandise supported such a worthy cause as the research into such a terrible disease, ALS. We are all holding the line for Mike. Thanks Toto for all the years of pleasure you have given me and for yet another wonderful birthday!

Where other artists have to search for the latest trick in video, lightning or clothing, toto just impresses by the pure quality of the music and vocals. The sound in the heineken musichall was fantastic. Especially the (new) sounds of steve were fantastic. His new bogner amps with the musicman luke's were impressing. The definition of the sound from the sissling of the hihat from simon to the lowfeel of nathan's bass was completely perfect. In between the definition of the sound of steve's broad and pure tube sound and the vocals was clear and sparkling . My compliments to musicians and lets not forget the technicians.

It was a very special night... 200 km to Amsterdam to see Toto, but I think it was just worth it. They are back with a new lineup! And they played for their brother Mike and against a horrible disease. ...mixed feelings... I saw them many times before but yesterday it was an unforgettable evening, a thrilling experience! Awesome! What a band! There was so much power and joy onstage! ...and the sound in the Heineken Music Hall was perfect! Wow! Steve, where did you found the "fountain of youth"! :-) All the best for you guys! Kind regards from Germany!

On the 23rd of June Toto gave a concert in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. It was a night full of recognition and nostalgia.

Toto has always had lots of fanatic fans in Holland. Also yesterday at the HMH that was obvious in a completely filled concerthall. The fans were served at its best with many album tracks and favourites. You know what we mean...’Hold The Line’, ‘Rosanna’, ‘Africa’, ‘Stop Loving You’...The vocals were done by Steve Lukather, Joseph Williams and Davis Paich.

Steve Porcaro wrote ‘Human Nature’ sung by Michael Jackson and Toto did a special version of it in a special way and very memorable.

We don’t have to expect a glamorous show or fireworks at a Toto concert. Toto doesn’t need that: their musicality is more than enough.

It was a very memorable show which will be repeated today at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. Don’t miss it!

Here you can enjoy yesterday’s pictures:

Mixed feelings before the concert, but very satisfied after being at the concert yesterday in Amsterdam in the Heineken Music Hall. Two days in a row Toto will play in this Hall with each evening a sold out concert. At least 14.000 Toto-fans could and will (tonight) enjoy a great Toto-sound. After so many years of being a big Toto-fan I knew about the setlist from Brussels this week and it was obvious this concert would be different from the concerts from the past. For Toto-definitions the word was modest, if I use the word correctly. Although I think Bobby Kimball is the voice of Toto, others will say Joseph Williams is. Yesterday evening I enjoyed the different Toto-sound very much. The typical Joseph Williams songs from the Seventh One Album were performed very good. As every Toto fan knows you will always get a very polished show, but yesterday, the peak of the concert was a moment where Steve Lukather brilliantly gave us a moment of improvisation. When the keyboards failed Steve treated us with a fine piece of music. From this moment the ice was broken and I think because of this, it was a great concert. I enjoyed it very much.

Last year I couldn’t visit Bospop and missed my favourite band. I was afraid I would never see them again, because officialy there is no TOTO anymore.

Lucky I was to see that there came new tour in 2011. And yes, with my favourite singer Joseph and happily with David again. This I wouldn’t miss because it is the best line-up there is at this moment.

And the night was unforgetable und for me a great birthday present. They rocked all night so good. Steve L. played so much better than a few years ago.

Joseph’s voice was great and stayed great, David was fresh, Simon as easy and good as always, Steve P. was great and it’s a shame he didn’t tour for so many years and Nathan was the best alternative for Mike. TOGETHER THEY PERFORMED THE BEST SHOW I HAVE SEEN OF THEM IN THE LAST 20 YEARS !!!

So please Luuk don’t pull the tricker out of the band !!! Keep on performing together as long as you can and as long as your fans need you, because we do.

TOTO ROCKS and makes Music very everyone !!!

Hope to see you back in Holland next year!!!

Ah yeah, there was an opening curtain drop! Always a great start. Child's Anthem can’t be beat as showstarter. Paich was very strong in his voice (and his two hats). Luke and the band did a great acoustic ad lib when Steve’s keyboards were suddenly silent at the start of Lea (the only ballad in the set). Another surprise was MJ’s Human nature and Steve’s son Trevor jamming in Hold the line, a nice stretched version. I was hoping for Mushanga, maybe tonight in the second gig at the HMH Amsterdam - you never know. Really great: the instrumental played during band introduction (loved that tune) and the repetitive ending of Stop loving you with Simon's solo. Great stuff. Gonna get there early tonight to watch and feel Nathan's bass solo up close and the rest of the show, including Gift of faith and Georgy porgy, hoping it won’t be the last time. Many thanx for the show and the songs.

After several concert visits in the past, this was my first concert with Steve Porcaro and Joseph on the podium. It was really great to see and hear them. Finally I got to hear the guys from the first Toto album I ever bought, the 7th one.
I really loved Steve Lukather's "ad hoc"-solo on the acoustic guitar, when Steve's Mac got some "crashing" problems. Really good to see the pure musician he is. Simon, David, Nathan, Jenny and Mabvuto , you were great to. It's always a pleasure to see people doing the things they love to do, making music with each other.

Guys, thanks for the great show. I really hope to see you again, and again, and... Hope to see Mike back one day, we miss you man!

Brussels, Belgium — 21 June 2011

Yesterday in Brussels we had the chance to assist in what is hard to describe in words, every Toto concert I think that the top level is reached and than they do better again.
Its was just amazing, 2 hours op pure happiness.
Great and less commercial songs were playeed, the voice of Joseph is top.
Physically we came back last night from the concert, but our minds are still there.
Toto should never stop ..... "WE" can't stop loving you :)
Thank you for all, your songs are part of our lives

TOTO rocks...!! Vorst Nationaal... First tourdate for the band... Opening with the instrumental classic Child's Anthem is a blast... The band set in with Till the End and Somewhere tonight, both featuring the strongvoiced lead vocalist Joseph Williams... Oh wow... Till the End was quite uplifting, like it is on the Fahrenheit... Somewhere tonight took a spin into an improvisational reaggea vocal by the great background singer Jenny Douglas and that was quite fun...
Soon we were treated with Afraid of Love and Lovers in the Night, both great rocking version as they should be... About that time the soundcrew managed to make the overall sound concrete, but never was the sound truely awesome... This my 4th TOTO gig in Vorst and I was never blown away by the sound... which is too bad, because Steve Porcaro came along to streamline the songs with the most beautful stringarrangements and his wizardry on the keys... All that should be like crystal, but it seems the soundadjustment was too lowregistered...
Mind you, It can be done at Vorst!!
But hey, we are not discouraged and enjoy a myriad of old great TOTO songs... Pamela (a bit sloppy though), I Can't Stop Loving You, Lea (!!), Gift of Faith, Stay Away(!), Georgy Porgy, Rosanna, Africa...
I got my personal high from the song Human Nature, written by Steve Porcaro for Michael Jackson's THRILLER album... Perticularly tight at that moment... and a great vocal by Joseph... So together with Lea, that was quite the refined TOTO... and finally some crystal key's on front...
TOTO finished off with Home of the Brave and it's apparent how good we know the songs , playing airguitar solo's and breaks on airdrums and singing our lungs out... This was a party...
And of course they came back for a 'we want more' song, Hold the Line, in which Jenny Douglas starred again...
So the overal impression was more than okay... Lukather started off with : It's been a while... and you could here that, rhythm-wise things weren't always as tight as they should be... but I'm surely expecting too much... This shit is heavy to play... Plus, it's the first one... The audience never heard a thing and was as enthousiastic as ever at a TOTO gig... I'm so glad I went to see them... These guys somehow got into my heart since a long time... Yep, I think this is the best show from TOTO that I've seen so far... with all the great song, from the time that I was a youngster and I was spending hours at my room practising the solo from Rosanna... Good luck to you guys...

First concert of the tour. It was great! I am 14 years old and I was looking forward to the concert since I got a ticket in april. I was going to see Toto live.
I have all CDs and was wondering how Toto would do on stage.
They started with Child’s Anthem. A great opening. We’ve heard classics like Africa, Georgy Porgy, Rosanna, Gift of faith, Till the end, Stay away, Lea (for the first time live), Home of the Brave and at the end of the concert Hold the line. They were amazing! Everyone! All great musicians. I am a drummer and seeing Simon doing his thing was special for me.

It’s so easy to prefer Toto to nowaday’s music.

Thank you Toto, I’ve had a great night!

Hope you bring a new CD soon.

This was the first night of the tour, and after seeing Toto in Holland last year, my anticipations were high.

And the guys delivered BIG TIME!

The setlist was very similar to last years, but there were some great additions.

Never thought I’d hear Stay Away ever in concert!

And in tribute to 2 Michael’s (Porcaro and Jackson), they played Steve Porcaro’s written ‘Human Nature’ from

‘Thriller’. Talk about a SURPRISE.

To kick off the tour so well rehearsed, one can only imagine how well the rest of the tour will be.

And what a treat to have Jenny Douglas back after a couple of years.

Can’t wait for a DVD and/or CD of this tour!

Thanks for another great night guys,

What a beginning of summer !

I saw Toto yesterday live at the Forrest Natiional in Brussels Belgium.

I think it was my 6th Toto concert but this one tops it all !

For the first time I heard Joseph Williams and his voice was excellent ! Sorry to say but maybe 3 times better then Bobby at the last concert in Belgium.

Also the backing vocals gave an extra pigment that made the show just great !

Highlights: Lea and Pamela ! Gift of Faith ! Till the end ! Rosanna ! Africa !

They also played "Human Nature" that Porcaro wrote for Michael Jackson as a tribute to Michael Porcaro ! Beeing a Jackson fan also it was almost I heard Michael sing. Only Josephs Williams voice is so much stronger.

It was a great night that ended with Home of the brave and Hold the Line as encore.

Thank you TOTO ! It ’ s good to have you back !