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Friant, CA, USA — 17 September 2012

My wife and I had my dad stay at our house and watch our three children as we drove up to Friant to see the best concert of our entire lives---TOTO 2012 summer concert. We had a blast! Joseph Williams sounded 20 years old again...that voice was a powerhouse of emotion and cutting raw power with warmth and grace. Getting to see Steve Porcaro FINALLY and David Paich FINALLY (we Californians don't get the treat of seeing our beloved boys of Toto much!) on the same stage with Luke and Simon and this amazing backup band was tremendous. The band was so accessible. We shook hands with Porcaro and Williams and were just thrilled.

Songs played were: Only the Children, Run Manuela Run, Africa, Hold the Line, Rosanna, I Won't Hold You Back, Hydra, St. George and the Dragon, Human Nature, and a host of other classic tunes we cherish. The band was electric, had more energy and passion in their music than the best and youngest bands of today. Luke's hysterically funny comedy in between songs had us in stitches laughing...

We hope and pray that Toto will come to Fresno/Friant again....truly the greatest band in music history and the best live show you'll EVER have the pleasure to see. I saw Toto in 2007 here and it was solid, a real blast, but this show was infinitely better with Paich and Porcaro back.

Shaking hands 2 times with Joe Williams and once with Steve Porcaro, both heroes of mine.....words can't suffice...

We left the place on cloud nine and had a spring in our step the next day. Thanks to Toto for bringing us the joyful, timeless, unique music to us that only they can create that left us feeling good about life in general when we walked out!

Come back guys! We love you!!!

Scott and Kate
Visalia, CA

It was amazing for me to see Steve Pocaro and David Paich back with Luke. I had a great viewpoint. I was able to see both Steve P. and David's hands do their thing and it was exciting. Of course with Luke up front watching his hands was a treat. The venue was nice-enough and comfortable. But Simon's placement on stage could have given us a better line of sight to his remarkable playing. Sad thing about last night was, I believe, the boys thought that us Californians only wanted hits like Africa, which wasn't the case with me, I needed some newer material to feel thoroughly satisfied. We got a ninty-minute show and it wasn't enough for me. Too bad. Oh, one last thing, I don't know what was wrong at the beginning of the set but I believe that, perhaps, Steve P.'s keyboard sounds were monitor sounds and were not coming through the main speakers but I could be wrong. I could hear his keyboard but it was faint and not full-sounding. But halfway through the second or third song, WHAM, there Steve P. was as big as all-get-out and the band came together like they could do no wrong. I saw Steve p. say something to Simon and to Luke and I could see disgust on Luke's face but like the professional Luke is, he blew it off and dazzled us with his musicianship. Maybe he kicked butt afterwards but I'll never know. That's the way the show goes. All in all, the band was great, the back singers were great and it was nice that I could buy a hat as a concert memento. I love TOTO. Come again. You're the best.

Pinkpop, Netherlands — 25 August 2012

Within one week 2 amazing TOTO shows. It started on the warmest Sunday of the year (August 19) in Köln. This 2 hours show was amazing. And then last Saturday (August 25) Pinkpop Classic. TOTO was the headliner, although never performing on Pinkpop but if you are on the wish list of Jan Smeets then...anything can happen. This 1.5 hours show was as expected also amazing. For way more than 20 years I have been visiting TOTO concerts (± 45 in total) and never I have been disappointed. Every show has something special (and believe me I know as also 2 days in a run there are differences) but the most important thing is that you as TOTO members as well as the people in the crowd enjoy and have fun. It shows off on the concerts

Unfortunately Jenny will not present on the tour next year. All of you are great but she brings something additional. Hold the line alive so she can come back maybe in 2014.

Arbon, Switzerland — 24 August 2012

Well, just came back from the Summerdays Festival in Arbon featuring Toto. It was a great concert and the band was in the perfect mood to play. I had already the pleasure to see them on their 25th Anniversary Tour in Tahiti/Papeete almost 9 years ago. And now this band plays in my "driveway", unbelievable! Great concert, thank you so much guys. We have had an awesome party tonight with you! See you again somewhere some day ... ;o)

Vienna, Austria — 22 August 2012

Hi ToTo guys!

I don't know where to start first, but for sure I know you are perfect guys!

So, after 6 years me and my wife we were to see ToTo in Vienna, Austria again. The same city, same venue, but this one been special for us and I tell you guys why.
In July we celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary, in August were also my Birthday and we had chance meet with you guys personally.
That was perfect gift for us!!! Big Thank you!

The show was amazing! Wery good performance from all of you, clear sound, nice stage, fantastic setlist and we got nice weather also.
Africa, Hold The Line, Stop Loving You, Only The Children, Home Of The Brave, Rosanna, Pamela, Manuela Run ... love these songs.
When we heard Lea, that brought our nice memory 10 years back ( Our Wedding song ). We just love ToTo!

David: Master of piano. Brilliant!
Nathan: Smilest, coolest bassplayer. Perfect! Steve P. Magic sound, very good dancer also. Perfect!
Steve L. Guitar god! Brilliant!
Simon: The best Drummer on all planets! Brilliant!
Joseph: Nice powerful voice! Perfect!
Jenny: Incredible!
Mabvuto: Very good job!

Thank you guys for unmemorable night!
God Bless you and see you Live in 2013! Hope in Slovakia also!

Flown from Tenerife, Spain, to Vienna, Austria, on August 22nd, just to see you on stage. Was amazing, me & girlfriend enjoyed very very much.
Would go wherever again to enjoy your music live, but I wonder... are you thinking in coming to Spain sometime? Maybe not specifically to Canary Islands but wherever...
Thank you so much for making our lives better!

Hello to the best band with the best musicians - Hello TOTO

First of all i want to say THANK YOU, and of course AUSTRIA loves TOTO !!
Vienna was the 5th TOTO Gig for me, me and my friends enjoyed it so much.
For me as musician there is only one band in the world which gave me all the power, feelings and love which music needs, and there is only one band which is able to do this, and it´s TOTO.
I play drums in a Party Coverband and it´s horrible what we have to play, all the young party people doesn´t know anymore what real music is, so for me it´s hard to be a musician, i don´t know what´s going on in the world of music. What should we do without those great wonders like TOTO, QUEEN, The Beatles, U2...and many more. You know what i mean ?? We need you, we need a happy messages like "TOTO is touring in your country", we need these few hours of powersound, a fuckinghappycoolrocking Music, we need Killer-TOTO !!!
Please don´t stop touring, i know it´s hard and i know it´s boring to play "Hold the line" for 120 years ;-)
Thank you also for this great Setlist, only Child´s Anthem and Till the end i missed ;-) and man, Hydra was killing me ;-)
Thanks to everyone of you for so much inspiration and so much good vibes.
A TOTO Concert is more than a experience, it´s a feeling and it´s a kind of magic ;-)

Mr.Steve "Luke Cool" Lukather: Rocking god of guitars, more than words can say. Thx for bring back TOTO

Mr.Joseph Williams: In Austria we say "Hammer"
Mr.David Paich: Master of keys "The Wizard"
Mr.Steve Porcaro: Master of dancing keys and magic sounds
Mr.Simon Phillips: My idol an the god of drumming, you can´t see him but you can hear and feel him ;-)
Mr.Nathan East: Hot grooves and the coolest bassplayer since Lee Sklar ;-)
Mr.Mabvuto Carpenter: Louder baby louder
Mrs.Jenny Douglas: Incredible

THANK YOU TOTO, we hope to see you very soon, back in Austria !!!!!!!
TOTO...I will remember

Hi folks,

Yesterday I've been to my 11th TOTO concert within the last 14 years. It was incredible! Perfect sound setup, perfect setlist and an enormous performance of TOTO. I cannot state who was best because there were so many parts that impressed me. We were happy to hear Simon's drum solo because we missed that part at the last tour 2010/2011. Many congratulations to TOTO for that great show and try to keep up that level we are used to.

Many greetings from Salzburg

Budapest, Hungary — 21 August 2012

Hi my favorite rock band - TOTO !!!

It's hard to tell and write you what I'm feeling !
I'm filled by emotions !
This was your 3rd concert in Budapest ! I've been there in 2000, 2006 and now. I'm very happy and thank you that you were in Budapest again !
The concert was unbelievable,unforgettable,powerful and dynamic from the beginning ,,till the end" !!! We got a magic evening and you are together again oh my God what a feeling ! Thank you so much !
Master Steve " Luke " your own guitar playing and your voice always overawes me ! You are the best guitarist me on Earth !
Dave you were so sparkling and perfect on piano and there's no show whitout you and your stovepipe hat !
My dear Porcaro brothers what a musicians, what can I say, when I saw you Steve I was thinking of Jeff and Mike ! They are always missing me but You, Simon and Nathan made a brilliant rock on High Level like Jeff and Mike !
Joseph your voice superlatively and wonderfull ! I was singing whith you everything.(Lea and I won't hold you back were so beautiful) It was a great experience !
Thank you Miss Jenny ( your voice in "Hold the line" left me deep impresson) and Mabvuto the background vocal !
"Carmen" and "Home of the Brave" was running through my body like High Voltage but the whole Setlist was so powered !
There's no better ROCK like TOTO ! Be together forever ! Don' t stop ! NEVER ENOUGH TOTO !
The VIP event, a personal meeting and a photo with you was a great moment in my life ! Thank you so very, very much ! You were so lovely and gentle !
I will never forget ! "I will remember " !
Please come back as you can. I, Budapest, Hungary are always waiting for you !
Thank you everything once more !
Your great fan with love : Adrienne from Hungary

Köln, Germany — 19 August 2012


Last Sunday in Cologne you really made my day. I had goos bumps during the whole concert by listening to your live music in studio quality (at least for my ears). All of you performed amazingly and full of joy. It was a real pleasure to see and hear you playing live. The arrangement of "Hold the line" and "Home of the Brave" was a real blast and I would love to have them as a live version on CD. Real music from real musicians, simply perfect. There is nothing more to add. Thanks a lot for a great and unforgettable event. Looking forward to seeing you next year again. Take care & all the best to all of you.


last Sunday I saw your concert in Cologne. What an amazing show! You proved to be one of the best musicians on earth! The way you interact with each other on stage is brilliant. I already saw many TOTO concerts. This one was special to me, because it was the first time, I had the pleasure to see Joseph live on stage. His voice is incredible. Guys, please keep on rocking and please don`t let us wait too long for you to return to Germany.

You are simply the best!!

Thanks, thanks, thanks!
You guys just ROCK! The first time I saw ToTo was back in '92 at the "Kindom Of Desire"-Tour.
It was an awesome show back then (my first Rock concert ever!) and it was a tear-dropping show 2012!
Being together in the perfect lineup for playing "The Seventh One" - which is and will always be the music to hear to be in a positive and emotional mood - you moved every single hair of my body....
Thanks to Steve Porcaro for rejoining the band and bringing back the Porcaro vibe the whole experience! Toto wouldn't be the same without one of the family.
David Paich just singing the tunes of Africa is something a person has to experience in his/her life.... wonderful!
The backing section was just perfect - the duet at "Hold the line" was the way you should record and present as a new life single! Timeless!!!
Joseph sounded more powerful than ever - damn! It is awesome you have him back in the band!
Man and Simon Philips - seeing him with ToTo and Los Lobotomys - he is just one of the best drummers ever. Thanks for all the records and the rhythms you filled my ears with!
My biggest emotional thanks goes to Steve Lukather... Your voice has always been the inspiration for singing myself....
"I won't hold you back" just made me shiver, your tunes and the whole positive attitude towards the love to ToTo as well as past and present band members are present every single second!
The whole concert was a blast of positive energy - thanks to everyone involved for a wonderful show.

Oh, what a night!!!
It all started with a smile! Luke and his guitar talked to us and "Only The Children" opened an unforgettable evening. Every smile showed the joy of playing of a phenomenal band. And when Joe Williams started to sing, the blistering heat was turned into beads of sweat of pure energy, musicianship, fun and the heart and soul of one of the greatest bands of all times!
The Setlist was outstanding. It was dancing and dreaming and listening and rocking and inspiring and... even discovering! "St. George And The Dragon" and "Carmen" are two Toto-Gems which are sparkling stars. Energetic and powerful. "We Can Make It Tonight" never was one of my favourites, but now it is! It’s rhythmic and melodious and classical Toto!
"Human Nature" slowed it all down for a moment. It was the most contemplative moment of the evening. To see "a Porcaro" performing the song made me thinking of his brothers Jeff and Mike. Almost exactly twenty years after Jeffs passing, it was very moving! And while watching Simon on the drums, I remembered "my" last Toto-Concert in 2007, when Si told us the story, when he met Jeff in 1992. It was the last time he saw him... R.I.P. Jeff!!!
The Rest was pure Toto! "Stop Loving You", "Hold The Line" and the encores "Africa" and "Home Of The Brave" were just fun, entertainment and musical highlights!
Luke is nothing but great and the heart and soul of Toto. His voice is rough and bluesy as ever. And his multifaceted playing is simply awesome!
The stunner to me was Joe Williams. This was the first time I saw him on stage. What an incredible voice!!!
To see David Paich and Steve Porcaro together in stage made me goosebumps! The "Piano-Man" meets the "Visionary of Synthesizers". To see Steve performing and dancing made me smile - and dancing too!
The rhythm section speaks for itsself: Simon Phillips and Nathan East. There is nothing left to say but brilliant!
Special thanks to Mabvuto Carpenter and Jenny Douglas (specially for "Hold The Line")!
Very special thanks to "Groovemeister" Mike Porcaro!
The sound was amazing. Not very loud, but straight, transparent, balanced and powerful.
It gave the appetite for more!!!
See you in 2013!!!

...and it ended with a smile...

Again a brilliant show - no other band I a have evers seen is able to perform in that perfect studio sound quality with outstanding good vocals.
Pampered from the great shows of the years 2003-08 I was hoping the band would have an opportunity to enchant the great Cologne Tanzbrunnen open air location.
Unluckuly the stage was appearing very much "festival standard" and the stage setup allowed only a quite narrow angle for the spectators to see all musicians and singers at the same time. Especially Dave with his large equipment and hat covered much of the audience view on Simon and the backround vocalists - hey! I wanted also see the ladies singing and dancing. Hearing this great Simon Philips is a privilege, but I also want to see this cool perfectionist concentrating on his incredible groove.

The sound increased with every song and left finally a good impression at a moderate volume. Especially bass and bass drum were resolved perfectly, which is not too easy to achieve with modern P.A. systems. After sunset the modest lightshow covered the secenry with more glamour.
I was surprised by the voice of Joseph Williams who was able to deliver properly without failure through the concert. Honestly I like Bobby Kimballs unique stage presence, despite he was sometimes struggeling to hit every tone. Joseph was performing very solid and could also transport the good mood of Toto from the stage to the audience.
As a guitarist surely I would have preferred a more guitar rocking setlist, but this one was finally also well assorted with more focus on keyboardish songs of the 90ies. As usual Steve was again very present, but this time the setlist left more room for the rest of this excellent band.
Please don't stop touring one day. I hope I can visit many more shows of this exceptional band.


To the Guys,
What an amazing performance you showed us, together with my girlfriend we had the luck to meet the band.
We have seen so many bands but this was unf....gbelievable what a power.
Even we are what you consider the young generation we loved every second and the dynamics you all showed can be an inspiration for a lot of bands.
Steve, you made with your ballad tears in our eyes and even though during the sound check you could not play Anna I never forget the show.
You all create fans for life thanks a lot.
We will see you again next time.
Love to all of you.

Hi there,
last night I saw the third TOTO concert in three consecutive years - and it was the best yet!
Great arrangements, fantastic sound (in the beginning I thought "can someone please turn up the volume???" - but then I found the volume absolutely perfect!!!).
There’s one thing that’s been upsetting me in these three years, though - not regarding the music or the band, but the merchandise!
In the past three years I went to the merchandise booth, willing and ready to spend quite a bit of money on a minimum of two T-Shirts.
But... the largest they were selling (each year, mind you!) was XL.
Sorry, but there are bunches of people who need shirts bigger than "just" XL.
I am a dedicated concert-goer and get shirts in my size EVERY concert I go - except for the TOTO shows.
That’s kinda sad because I love wearing my musical taste on my shirt!
But regardless... Keep up the great work, keep rocking and keep coming back to Germany!!!
Greetings from steaming hot Germany,

Leaving from The Netherlands with my father we went to the concert in K"ln on 19 August.
Even though it was super hot (about 39°C) the concert was awesome!

The band was shining and brimming with energy.
With ofcourse the hit songs (Rosanna, Pamela, Africa ect.) and ''older'' songs (Carmen, How many times) the audience was going crazy.
Joseph really grew in terms in stage and vocal performance. His voice sounds less stressed when he hits the high notes.
The background vocals were amazing and incredibly inspiring! Loved the improv of Jenny during Hold the Line.
I was hoping for a cool vocal improv from Mabvuto but sadly there wasn't..
Steve L., Steve P., Simon, David... you guys are just awesome! I loved every minute of the concert. It was the best birthday gift!

I hope to see you guys next year!


PS: Forgot to add that Nathan East is awesome as well! (hope you can forgive me Mr. East)
I really think he honors Mike Pocaro by being part of Toto..

This was my 4th Toto gig, and just like all those before, it was fantastic.
On an unbelievably hot night Toto were in top form.
Highlights for me were I Won’t Hold You Back and the amazing How Many Times.
The hot temperatures caused a few guitar issues which Steve managed to just laugh his way through !
What really stood out for me this time were the vocals, Joe in awesome form, and with Jenny on Hold the Line, just superb.
Fellow Englishman, Simon, was incredible on the drums.
A great, very hot, night, can’t wait for next year guys, keep it going and Thanks for all the amazing memories.

Coburg, Germany — 18 August 2012

I follow Toto since the beginning and have visited quite a few gigs.
Most remarkable till now was the Singen-Hohentwiel concert 2010 with the thunderstorm approaching and all the fans remaining despite the heavy rain and the thunderbolt.

For the first time, we booked a vip ticket and it was worth while as we were able to take pictures of the sound check and could talk to you guys.

My son Kristian (26) is playing the drums since his early days and Simon is one of his few favourite drummers. Thanks to Simon and the fellow who guided the "meet and greet" for the drumsticks.
We do appreciate this.

The concert by the by was awesome. Great compliments to the band, it was all perfect, overwhelming, but last but not least, it seemed honest.

Take care of you guys and god bless you.

We will never forget the ones who have left us for good and the ones who are combating disease.

Cu again

Dear Toto,
your concert in beautiful Coburg the 18th of august was really overwhelming. With the stage right opposite the castle there was a special kind of atmosphere. The crowd was unbelievable. The sound was fantastic and you were all in such a good mood. I guess you enjoyed the show as much as we did. David was particulary cheerful and was joking all the time right in front of me. Fitting to the scenery there was David dressed up royally ;) singing and playing like a king and Simon sitting enthroned behind his majestic drum set. Steve Porcaro with his one-man-orchestra filled up the whole square if not the entire town with his full sound. Luke was in excellent form, even better than at his brilliant performance at "Rock meets Classic" in Nuremberg(, which I loved). Joe (my childhood-"Lion King"-hero) was at his best and gave his all with a lot of feeling. But Jenny even outdid him in their duet. Mabvuto´s background vocals rounded off every song. Nathan´s solo for "Africa" made the song come alive. The music was breathtaking, especially my favorite "I won´t hold you back". It was very emotional and moving. This is the kind of enchanting moments you get goose bumps all over. You brought the "castle" down that night! Jeff and Mike would have loved to be there, I am sure.
I thank you very much for the unforgettable concert. The first memories of music that I have of early childhood are those of Toto - you mean a lot to me!
Take care! Can´t wait to see you again!
Best wishes
from Mona (the little girl with the big hat in the front row ;) )
P.S.: We could already hear the soundcheck for "Lea" when we were on a guided tour in the castle - magical!

Mosbach, Germany — 17 August 2012

It was my third TOTO concert and I must say AMAZING.
The tickets were a gift from my wife for our weeding day and so we both traveled to Mosbach. We were surprised and flashed by the sound , the light, the crowd and the "young at heart" band members.

David Paich: Thanks for your long, long support to the band !
Nathan: your are so likeable and a grooving bass player !
Steve P. : powerful "conductor" - good to have you back !
Steve L.: My Hero in the first row, Thanks for your nice speeches to the crowd!
Simon: TOTO rhythm-maker ! so powerful and on the point !
Joseph: The voice - "till the end" your power pushes us all forward!
Jenny: amazing - we would like to hear more !
Mabvuto: you made the sound perfect !

We all got goose pimples when you started "Only the children".

Thanks TOTO for the wonderful concert! One of the best days for me in 2012.
God Bless you and see you hopefully in 2013 somewhere in Germany again!

Went from Portugal just to see you guys in Germany - 6.000 Kms in 3 days!!!!!
Amazing show, setlist, fantastic musicians, great friends!

LUKE - Nothing else to say. Just the best guitar player in the world.
DAVID - You bring musicianship to this band.
SIMON - From another world.
STEVE - This band is not the same without a "Porcaro".
JOE - Your voice is better than ever.
NATHAN - Your energy is contagious.

TOTO is like Porto Wine - just gets better and better. Please don`t stop - Never enough TOTO!!!!



"Now it`s a band again" (Steve L.). And the whole audience can feel this. I saw the band maybe 5 years ago and there is a huge difference between now and then. A brilliant sound, much better vocals, a nice setlist with well known (Rosanna, Pamela) and long forgotten girls (Carmen, Lea), the beautiful summernight and it seems that the band still have fun.

The local press titled "As good as it gets". I hope to see you soon back.

To cut a long story short: I have visited a lot of Toto's concerts in the last 28 years - to me, this is Toto at it's best! Setup, setlist, performance, light, sound - matured, relaxed and honest!

Altusried, Germany — 16 August 2012

I saw Toto last year in Villafranca and it was such an amazing experience. This time in Altusried they were out of this world again. Thank you, Toto, for such an incredible and memorable night: we love your songs, your musicianship, your live performance and your sheer energy. Thanks for the awesome night, see you soon, and keep on rocking our world!!!

Smögen, Sweden — 11 August 2012

I took the opportunity to go the concert in Smögen.
It’s been 17 years since I saw a Toto-concert and I must say that I had almost forgotten how much I love this music!
Last time I saw you in 1995 Toto consisted of Steve Lukather, David Paich, Mike Porcaro, Simon Phillips and 2 background singers if I remember correctly.
So, both Steve Porcaro and Joseph Williams were new for me this time. It was nice to see the way I thought Steve worked along with David Paich, great! I was also very happy about the fact that Joseph’s voice did sound as good as it did back on the records!

The show was great and the set list suited me like a glove I must say.
Mr Toto (David Paich) played a fantastic solo!
Mr Toto (Steve Lukather) played, as always, my mind away. Just love that energy!
The insane (in a good way) drummer Simon Phillips does impossible things all the time and the drum solo was a killer!
All the songs that we "must" hear were there and I still love them all!!!
The big surprise for me was Manuela Run. I didn’t know that song were so perfect to play live!
Something happened with the crowd in that song... everybody from the stage and back started to sway from side to side, I hope you noticed that.

Finally I must say that it seemed like you guys had a good time on the stage! You acted like this was a very special night, and you have my respect for that!

Come back soon!!

For the very first time I had the fortune to come and listen to one of your concerts, and it was great!
It broght back memories from lovely times with friends in sweet summernights just after finishing school, in my teens :)
The show was filled with songs from the first to the seventh one and I knew all of them by heart.
The highlight of the show was "Hold the line", but for me also the very songs that I love the most "Could this be love" and "We can make it tonight".
But a LOT of the songs were also really good, like "Pamela", "Africa", "Rosanna" and not the least, "Lea".
Finally, I really enjoyed listening to the old new Joseph Williams and also David Paich, solo on Piano.

With love from Ulrika

Sandnes, Norway — 8 August 2012

The concert in Sandnes, Norway, 8 August was my second. Last time I saw the band in Trondheim, Norway, 4. August 2007, the Falling in between tour.

Last time in Trondheim the band featured Steve Lukather, Simon Phillips, Bobby Kimball, Greg Phillinganes, Leland Sklar and Tony Spinner. The setlist was quite different than last night's concert.

With more of the original members on stage this time, the band played songs from earlier days. I had hoped to hear songs like, King Of the world and Bottom of your soul, but all in all that’s forgotten now.

The show was great from the beginning to the end. All the band members did a fantastic job. The sound was superb, but the lead vocal was too low in the mix at the start of the show. When that problem was fixed, it was a home run. No doubt Steve Lukather is one of the worlds greatest guitarplayers. It was great seeing Steve Porcaro and David Paich. They both worked very hard on stage. Joseph Williams was great. Nathan Earl was a big smile from ear to ear, and of course, he also delivered.

The band sounded tight, and the songs had a great punch all the way. Hold the Line was of course one of the highlights, but also the ballad, Lea, was played so well, it became one of my favorites this night. The song, Human Nature, written by Steve Porcaro and originally recorded by Michael Jackson, was also in the set list, and was performed beautifully. The crowd of 4000 was well pleased after 2 hours of great music from one of the world greatest band.

Traveling all the way from Trondheim with my family to see this concert, it was worth every norske krone (Norwegian money). It’s no doubt that TOTO still rocks. Hopefully we’ll get a new album in the near future. That would have been great.

Hi !

I was on Toto`s concert in Sandnes, Norway yesterday.
It was fantastic... It was my second concert with Toto, last time was i Haugesund in 2007.
After the 2007-concert I met you and the other guys, and then I you give me your drumsticks.

I have them in a frame in my musicroom, beside pictures of musicians I have met.
I wonder if you could send me a picture of you with an autograph that I can put into the frame with the drumsticks....
You are my drumming-hero....

Could you please do it for me.

If someone in the crew read this, please give it to Simon for me

Best wishes from

Bjørn Inge Vårvik

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Colmar, France — 6 August 2012

Hey guys,

I've stopped counting the Toto gigs I've been to, must be 10+ now. I'm from Austria, but we were making holidays in Alsace and that was an opportunity not to be missed...

This show in Colmar was once again stunning, wonderful atmosphere, great setlist and an awesome crowd of talent on the stage - even if its clear that some will be missed forever. My first Toto show must have been 1988 or 1989 in Austria, and Joseph Williams blasts as if it was yesterday. David Paich and Steve Porcaro together again - to be honest: it isn't Toto, if you don't have these two guys on stage. The last shows without them can't compete with the past years reunited! And I am a fan of Greg Phillinganes! Nate the great and Simon Phillips - man, what can you say! A shining rhythm section every band would like to have in their lineup. I wonder, if drum solos can get much crazier than the one I saw in France - lets wait and see ;-)
Jenny and Mabvuto were once again the icing on the cake and of course Steve Lukather, the man who held it all together. How good to see and hear how this man treats his sixstrings. The setlist contained some old pearls (from Hydra, Isolation and Fahrenheit), for my taste maybe a little too much slow stuff. I'd rather replace them with some tracks of Turn back, which I cant remember to have heard live. But its still 95 out of 100!
So, if youre a fan of classic Toto, go to see them - it will be breathtaking!

cu in Vienna - Herwig Johler

The first time I saw Toto in concert in 1990 it was still with Jeff Porcaro (Past to present Tour) and 22 years later, you are always good. This is like a good French wine, it improves with age. This is my first concert with Joseph Williams on vocals (this was my 13th concert) and the choise of the set list was excellent : We can make it tonight, Lea, Only the children, How many times, etc...

Thank you for coming, thank you Nathan you were excellent, David for coming back on stage, and i hope to see you soon in France, because we LOVE YOU ! God bless you all.

Well, the guys are becoming better and better each year, hard to believe but true..Thanks Dave for being back in full form, and for playing finally the full "Hydra". What a treat! Sadly, due to festival curfew, we heard a shorter set in Sursee, but the VIP-Experience ROCKS, thanks guys! Two nights later at the nice amphi-theater in Colmar we got the full set, and I didn`t dream of hearing Tracks like "Manuela run" and "We can make it tonight" ever live! What about "Jake to the bone" next time???
After my first Toto-show in Zürich back in `92 these two shows my conclusion is still the same as back then: simply the best band in the world and the coolest musicians I have EVER seen and met. Long may they rock on....

If I had to say only one word to describe what I saw and heard, it will be : woooooooow that was f***ing awesome !!!!!!

Ok it's more than one word, but it was (almost) perfect ! Almost because of some technical problems, and perfect because of everything else ! Sound was clear, tracklist was like a delicious journey in my memories, joy and energy on stage..... Great songs, great arrangements, great solos (Simon, seriously, are you from Earth ????), great musicality...

Thank you for each moment you give us ! Thank you for honoring Jeff each time ! Thank you for playing for Mike ! Thank you for everything !

Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany — 5 August 2012

Thank you for a wonderful evening in Gmünd. Gorgeous music and amazing musicians, you brought the "original Toto feeling" back into my heart.

An awesome concert on this fantastic day, with a very special person next to me.


In memory of Jeff

Being a musician myself (keys), I went to TOTO Concerts now since 22(!!!) years. My first was in Frankfurt in 1990. There was not a single one which was bad or not as much awesome like the others.
But in these days (in the last years) you can feel the free spirit of these fantastic musicians. They can play whatever they want ... it's always pure music!
Thank you a thousand times for that! And please go on and on and on and on and on ... ! ;-)

Sursee, Switzerland — 4 August 2012

Hy all
I was listening Toto at Sursee by the Magic Rock Night together with Saxon, Magnum and....
I`m very impressed of a really great Band and I was very sad as the Concert was finished. It was the second or third time I heard Toto Live, but this one was the one and only. The old Songs like `Could this be love`and many more I never heard before live.
Thank you for letting me be 20 again for a short time...
Thanks to Toto for all time great Music.

Best regards from Swizerland,

No, it was not my first Toto concert. I saw many shows in the last quarter of a century.
Toto is like a good bottle of Bordeaux. The older the better. I particularly enjoyed the joy of playing. The sound was pretty good at really not very nice hall in Sursee. Only Luke's solos partially disappeared in the mix.
The setlist was outstanding. Of course, the classics and top hits were on it, but songs such as Hydra and Manuela Run were rather surprising.
Too bad that the concert time was limited to 90 minutes. I missed songs like Human Nature, Lea or I won't hold you back.
I'm an extremely average bassist. It was a pleasure to listen to Mr. Nathan East. What a bass player! The best substitute that can be imagined for Mike Porcaro.
It was an amazing and impressive concert. Musicianship at highest level. Virtuosity, groove, much dynamics, beautiful harmonies.
A big thank you to the whole band. Come back next summer. I'll be back.

What an amazing performance it was that night - full of ability, creativity, variety - and unbelievable good sound, too.It was full of inspiration und you even played songs I have not known so far (for example "Manuela run" , "I will remember") - great. I'm still wondering about your announcement in 2008 to finish that.Why?Ok, I mean there were tragical happenings concerning Jeff and Mike, but would they want the stop? I don't believe so.TOTO will be needed in public ; I guess there are so many people like me who want to see you again and again, 'cause you're just amazing and probably really the strongest band in the world.

Vienne, France — 3 August 2012

I' ve seen Toto for the FIB tour in 2007 in le Zenith, Paris, France, last year same place, and Luke in l'Alhambra (Paris) l'élysée montmartre (Paris), ozoir la ferrière (south of Paris).
I came all the way to Vienne, the site is magnificent and I truly fell you guys have something more since Toto was supposed to be stopped. These are among the greates gigs of my life, everyone plays fire, friendship can be felt in the air, the set-lists are huge, the sound is perfect (which was not the case in 2007, sound was awful, to much bass drum, bass and voices).

You all love each other and are more than glad to play together and it shows, energy's incredible. It's a great great idea to have Joseph ans Steve back. What can i say, your shows are perfect in every way, energy, mood, music, sound... You are my ultimate band of all times. Truly. Long live Toto and everyone of you, I always have a thought for Mike and Jeff (I also find Simon plays a little differently, like a little bit of Jeff made its way to Simon's groove :-) )

That might sound like I'm a basic unconditionnal fan, which I could be, but once again, I was disappointed coming out of the FIB tour, so I enjoy even more every single note and all the pleasure you can communicate. You have a blast and so do we. I can not thank you enough for what you give us.... And I'm sorry I don't have anything bad to say about your gigs! It's just a fucking rock'n'roll show!!!!

God bless you guys

Hello ! I'm a french young (19) man who was in Vienne at 3rd of August to see a magical concert (I want to see you in action since I'm 6 !!!) ! It was the best night of my life, it was incredible, it was spectacular, it was.... So it was ToTo !!! :*D
I've posted a picture of the stage in the Luke's page, I hope you'll like it ;)

I must just say : "congratulations", this night will be unforgettable, I love this band, and that is for ever =b

For the 5th time, it was with great pleasure that I could hear Toto again. We came from Switzerland, I had my boyfriend discover the band ; for Home Of The Brave he was up, dancing and clapping his hands ! For the first time, I saw Mr Steve Porcaro and Mr Joe Williams on stage, as my first Toto show was in 1999.

Luke, for all of these years you have been in constant progress, trying new things, new sounds, always revitalizing the melodies. Steve, it was finally nice to meet you, (even if we were quite far from the stage), you're such a showman ! I only regret that the soundcheck hasn't allowed us to hear all of your solos... Joe, what a nice high-pitched harmonies ! Nathan, nice grooving sound, I am a bassoonnist so bass lines are what I'm into. David, when I saw the "DAVID PAICH FOR PRESIDENT" banner, I wish I had wrote it myself, for it is so what we need in France. You ruled, your piano solo made me cry. Great backing vocals, Jenny you're a lady and Mabvuto, I loved your headbanging ! And Simon, still so popular, proof is the amount of applause during the presentations...

I regret not to have heard more "new" songs, but nevermind, I didn't think I could see you guys once more, and the songs were still ringing in my head in the car back to Switzerland. I am only 29 but you're part of my life, since I am a teenager.

God bless you all.


PS : I lost my voice for a day !

Lucca, Italy — 29 July 2012 / Cattolica, Italy — 30 July 2012 / Majano, Italy — 31 July 2012

The three italian shows have been a "holiday gift" that me and my boyfriend made ourselves.
It was my second Toto show(s), for my first time was a year ago in Villafranca.
The three shows were wonderful. What hits me is always the amazing sound quality. I was used to go to heavy metal shows, and even the greatest and most famous band played just too loud, and I'm sure I would have ended with hearing loss. At Toto shows I had a sound experience like never in my life.
The three locations were stunningly beautiful, and that added a huge amount of class to the entire show. All the band members were really alive and rocking. I couldn't say who did play best than the others, they're just a great engine into which all gears work perfectly together. They're all great and pro musicians, but no one is a primadonna. I would say Simon Phillips maybe was the brightest star, but I think I would be unfair (I'm a drummer, my boyfriend is a drummer too and we're two great Simon Phillips fans).
I'm deeply grateful to Steve Lukather, David Paich, Nathan East, Steve Porcaro, Simon Phillips, Joe Williams, Jenny Douglas and Mavbuto Carpenter, and to everyone in the staff, for having arranged three great shows.
Being near to August 5th, my thoughts went to Jeff, and the thought I sent him was "Don't worry, the band's in good hands. They're great, aren't they?".
I want to thank Toto and their management for having arranged three shows in Italy, because at the moment very few great bands play here. The crowd is not that good and friendly, and the venues are too expensive. But Toto did believe in Italy, and I think that people showed them their gratitude.
I'm happy and proud to have attended all three shows, having driven for something like 1500 km in four days. Toto deserve our love!

Come back soon, we're waiting for you!

Majano, Italy — 31 July 2012

Great concert! It took me 30 years to be able to see them live!
A thousand and one reasons I was never allowed to cross the road of their concerts.
But Tuesday night in Majano (Udine) finally our paths crossed!
I dare say Magnificent!
An amazing musical talent, personal performance thrilling, two hours of unforgettable music for a superb performance.
Toto turned out in great shape, no trimming, rhythm at full blast, even a moment's pause, the personal skill of each musician to scream .... an amazing concert!
They repeated their biggest hits (Rosanna, the extraordinary Hold the Line, Africa, stop loving you singing from all us .... for a set list of 17 songs) leaving to say their immense musical talent, but also interludes of pure sympathy, great musicians but without presumption.
And in the end it is unfortunately time to say goodbye, many thanks to you, time flew, the lights come on, we go on, but with the endless desire that this night could last forever.
See you friends, as soon as possible.

Hello, I'm Angela from Italy. I live in a region called Friuli-Venezia Giulia and the 31.8.2012 I went to see the concert of TOTO in Majano. It was a wonderful concert, powerful, energetic ... a great lesson of rock! The band has proved really in top form and has given us two hours of great rock music that has excited all the fans. I love TOTO since I was a kid and it was a great emotion for me to listen to them still live. Great power of voice to Joseph Williams, magical sound on keyboards for David Paich and Steve Porcaro, Simon Phillips with powerful rhythmic structure and the great Nathan East. Great voices of Jenny Douglas-McRae and Mabvuto Carpenter. And last but certainly not least my great guitarist Steve Lukather ... His magical touch on the guitar ... Great, great, great! I love you ... I wish that the concert would never end. OTO Thanks for your great music!

Lucca, Italy — 29 July 2012

First date of the Toto Summer Tour 2012.

Set list killed! I danced all night long and had great fun!
The guys were ALL in super-shinin’-shape! Looked happy and pumped up!

Above of all the great moments, my personal highlights were:

  • Could this be love: they didn’t play this one for so many years.. but since from the start the crowd exploded! No one was expecting this tune and my friends & I jumped of joy, from the middle of the second row! It was also sweet to see Luke pointin’ to Paichy to let him notice the response of the audience: you could notice the chemistry that only "friends for a life time" can have!

  • How many times: every tune from KOD is always very welcome, since it’s my fav album! Loved Luke at the lead vocals!

  • Jenny Douglas as backin’vocalist... The one and only Toto’s female voice... I am always so happy when she is on stage with the guys... Listenin’ her version of Hold the line is always the icing on the cake!

Can’t say more about it.

It’s impossible to describre First Class Musicians.. the only way to get your own impression is to go out there and listen to them play! I am sure you won’t regret it.