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Birthday Update
Originally posted Friday, February 7, 2003 on by Simon

Well, I know it's been a long time since I posted anything to my site, but as I sit here in my hotel room in Milan on a much needed day off, and feeling the effects of the first day of my 46 years I felt it necessary to write something. Those of you who were in Mannheim last night at the Toto show would have seen the theatrics of what went on to celebrate my birthday. I believe there may be some photos going up on the Toto site in the next few days. Well it was quite a night - the show lasted 2-3/4 hours - which is probably an extra 25 mins. I was stunned at the amount of production that went into it - a big thank you to all the Toto team.
It has been a very busy last few months - we started our tour back in September in Brussels and since then have been all across Europe and Scandinavia - over to the Far East playing Japan, Korea and Bangkok - arriving back in Los Angeles just in time for Xmas. I took a break with my girlfriend to French Polynesia for a couple of weeks and no sooner had I come back we had the NAMM show in Anaheim and then on another plane to Paris to start this leg of the tour. We have 9 more shows left to go and then I'll be back to LA to start mixing the DVD that we'll shoot in Amsterdam on 17th Feb at the Heineken Music Hall.
We have some shows lined up for the US in April - check the Toto sight for details - and then we looking at some touring in the summer. On a more serious note - there is a lot of unrest in the world at the moment and I am sure all of us have an opinion as to how they feel what should be happening. When I am on tour I read the papers every day and of course every hotel room has CNN and/or BBC World plumbed in. My personal stance is I really hope that diplomacy will rule - war maybe inevitable, but still avoidable and all avenues to prevent it should be pursued. I have faith in Hans Blix and his team but I do feel there is an enormous game of cat & mouse going on in Iraq - and Colin Powell is trying to prove that without showing his hand. Wouldn't it be enlightening to be a fly on the wall of the Oval Office, NORAD or the Pentagon - and even Iraq's opposite offices of strategic planning. I think one would hear a very different story - but unfortunately you wouldn't live out the rest of the day to be able to tell your mates given the short life expentancy of a fly! I have had requests to finish my biography so I will endeavor to do so when I get home - it's just amazing how time flies on by so my apologies for not getting on that one yet.
Thanks for all your support and I have some more Q & A answers to post soon.
Caio for now - SP